Las ensenanzas de Don Juan: una forma yaqui de conocimiento, es un libro escrito por Carlos Castaneda. Se publico por primera vez en en ingles y en . The Teachings of Don Juan has ratings and reviews. I am going to give the same review to all the Carlos Castaneda books I read in that series. therefore, it seems unreal. CARLOS CASTANEDA (From The Eagle’s Gift; prologue) us to the point of exhaustion. before we open ourselves to it. DON JUAN.

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One of my all-time favorites. Academic critics claim the books are works of fiction, citing the books’ internal contradictions, discrepancies between the books and anthropological data, alternate sources for Castaneda’s detailed knowledge of shamanic practices and lack of corroborating evidence. The first section, The Teachingsis a first-person narrative that documents Castaneda’s initial interactions with don Juan.

His first peyote trip experience is pretty elaborate. Het boek in mijn ogen is een bron van helderheid en tegelijk gooit het wederom zand over onze net juaan inzichten. The book is divided into two sections.

Despite these problems, and the fact that he might have made the whole thing up, it is a valuable book for anyone interested in the use of entheogens in ancient as well as modern cultures.

Aug 13, Eric rated it really liked it. Castaneda describes his experiences with these plants and the realm of the unknown they took him to, which he calls nonordinary reality.

On the other hand, a path with heart is ce it does not make you work at liking it.

Make sure if you read these books, you don’t let it get to your head and know the difference between reality and fantasy. Upon what jusn of “truth” can his view be “wrong”? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

We meet Castaneda on a bus stop, and this bus stop is the first and the last secular space that we encounter in the book. And why oh why subject the reader to the abject torture that caelos the “Structural Analysis”? Tell me that, Carlos! Foremost, most of the drug experiences are terrible, and are used for specific teaching purposes, usually some form of power.


Las Ensenanzas De Don Juan by Castaneda, Carlos

Then ask yourself, and yourself alone, one question. When we read adventures our minds are transported to places we’ve never been, and share wonders as if magic exists. For those who have never tried psychedelic substances, these descriptions must merit the acclaim garnered by Castaneda’s investigation, because I don’t see how the rest holds up to the hype.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Crazy witchcraft I might say.

Enjoyable to read and also full of interesting and inspiring knowledge; I gained a lot of ideas about self-awareness, personal improvement and approaching life with a more respectful and open attitude. It was good for the first twenty or so pages, but eventually i got sick of it. I was reminded of this book by a recent article, and I realized I had never read it when it first came out. By the end of the book, most of my conventional beliefs about human perception, and the order of the world were shattered.

Where am I going with this? My god carols book i’ve re-discovered and forgot I eve read! Las ensenanzas de Don Juan: Just pick yourself up a copy of The Doors czrlos Perception or Hallucinationswhy carllos you?

If you google him you will castsneda cult following, site after sites. I will not for a moment suggest that I have a comprehension of this text beyond a superficial reading. The first half of this book goes into the efforts of trust and s I loved this book but once I researched the author a little more, I found his cult like theories to be weird and creepy.

Nov 01, g rated it really liked it Shelves: The self-confidence of the warrior is not the self-confidence of the average man. Even if one ignores the academic shortcomings and seeks only some quips of wisdom to guide them on their own spiritual or psychedelic journey, these eensenanzas words are found in short supply.


Pretty scary and wasn’t cool anymore after the catlos were written, how disillusioned he was until the time of his death. Before you embark on any path ask the question: In the Islamic world they donn have the Koran with obvious results.

It’s interesting to watch Castaneda fight his logic and rationalism as he experiences these shifts in consciousness. Sep 19, Wesley Gerrard rated it it was amazing Shelves: Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan inCastaneda wrote a series of books that describe his purported training in traditional Mesoamerican shamanism.

Las Ensenanzas De Don Juan

Many people think that Carlos Castaneda was a fraud, and that his writings are entirely fictitious. And stay tuned for a few more Castaneda reviews But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. Get to Know Us. These books really are great, and are suppose to be somewhat true accounts of the authors younger years. Castaneda is a better fiction writer than “Lobsang Rampa” https: No ratings or reviews yet.

Calos and try again.

Las Ensenanzas de Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda (3 star ratings)

We delve into ancient knowledge that is very much different from what we commonly regard as knowledge. Harry Potter Years by J. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Every Seeker has at some point experienced an unexplainable moment. One makes you strong; the other weakens you.