New, first-time color facsimile. Vincenzo Capirola Lutebook Compositione di Meser Vincenzo Capirola gentil homo Bresano. ca. [Ms Newberry Library. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have . Identifier imslp-lutebook-capirola-vincenzo. Sheet Music – £ – Capirola Lute Book is a collection of seven lute pieces by Vinzenzo Capirola, arranged for guitar and edited by John W. Duarte.

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Land estimated the manuscript to date from about It was probably closer to 18; Maria, to her credit, did not stand over me with a stop-watch. It is labeled as Lauitando. First of all, I was amazed how brilliant the colors were.

February 3, at The next envelope is the Table of Contents page. The big name of the time was Robert Carver, who wrote some astonishing music for two to ten voice parts.

I placed the manuscript back into its cardboard box, and dutifully returned it. Retrieved capirkla ” https: But my luck is about to change. The Capirola lute book is unquestionably one of the most beautiful — and strangest — human artifact in all history. I called on Tuesday and confirmed that the Capirola book was indeed there.

He answered “Yes, but this lue what we have on the shelf under this call number.

Maria’s voice instantly clicks in my memory as being the same lady I had spoken with on Tuesday. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Fifth, in addition to his talent with depicting living plants and animals, Vitale had a fanciful free-form talent.


Capirola Lutebook – Wikipedia

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But he told me that the original was on the fourth floor, in the Capirolaa Collections. It’s also easy to see that virtually all the pages are kute a poor condition, so it’s no wonder the library were so wary of letting it see the light.

We have something similar surviving from Renaissance Scotland. I went back over to the librarian. A definitive study of boom book was made in the late s by the Hungarian musicologist Otto Gombosi — The small trails of blood are invisible on the facsimile, but the bright red certainly stands out on the original! Close, but not quite what I wanted. Enter the right man at the right time You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Music Printer to the King: I wanted to see the pictures in it, which are not legible on the facsimile.

The outer edges are darker, and slightly discolored. Then the Reformation exploded. Board index All times are UTC.

Forum guitare classique – Forum chitarra classica – Foro guitarra clasica – Free sheet music for classical guitar – Delcamp. So, he started compiling the Woode Part Books, four- and five-part music by some of the leading composers of the day, and hid it from boom authorities.

Learn how your comment data is processed. April 27, at 7: I can understand this. Clearly Gombosi had done considerable work capiola researching Vicenzo Capirola’s life and family biographies, but the dry fact that his sister’s name had appeared on some obscure ducal tax record in or something of this nature was not of any real importance to me. It is safe to say he was dead by 80 yearsand certainly by a century.


Lions happily chew the heads off of deer, and eagles rip apart hares. I am assigned to table 3.

The Capirola lute-book, years old now (long!) – Classical Guitar

Bear in mind that the security processes have probably been greatly increased in the ensuing 18 years. It was obtained by the Newberry in I am not greedy in general but when I capirol something like this, I really really wish I could have it!

It is approximately 8 inches long and 5 to 6 inches high I didn’t have a ruler with me, and exact dimensions are not important anyway. Ricercare IV offers a doe having its throat torn asunder by calirola hound, as a jaguar tears at its haunches. Let’s give it another half-century, to perhaps.

Capirola Lutebook (Capirola, Vincenzo)

The Lute Appendix iv a In preparation for my forthcoming articles on the life and music of John Dowland for this series, I found myself…. The so-called Capirola Lutebook is one of the most important sources of early 16th century Italian lute music.

Lastly are the mythical creatures, the unicorns and dragons and griffins and centaurs. Notify me of new comments via email.

There is a note on it saying that it is too fragile, and I didn’t realize this. Call number found, I took my little yellow card back to librarian 2. It was rather amusing to actually go to lutw index card file in the Computer Age, I hadn’t used a file like that in 10 years or more.