Canon Ir Error Code List. Code Description. E Communication error ( with pedestal). E Communication error (with ASSIST). Free downloads Error Codes Canon iRPage 1 of 5 Error Codes Canon iR Download here the full version of service manual iR Code List. Thank you for purchasing the Canon iR/iR/iR Series Machine. This Manual describes the use of the List of Error Codes Without Messages.

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Any of the following is true in the image processing by the main controller: Main cause The alignment motor rear; M5 is faulty. Fixing film unit thermistor Check the interval between pin 1 and pin 2 and between pin 3 and pin 4 of the connectosr 4-pin of the thermistor for electrical continuity.

The scanner motor M is faulty. The main controller PCB has a fault. Connector Is the connector of the fixing assembly connected?

The fixing film unit is faulty. The main power supply PCB is faulty. The host machine can still generate copies if the finisher cable is disconnected and the delivery path is set to the delivery tray of the host machine. Replace the fixing film unit. E The paddle does not leave home position when the paddle motor is driven for 2 sec or more. After replacement, be sure to enter the service mode data newly.


Error Codes > Canon > iR > page 7

Replace the DC controller. The return roller is faulty. E A fault is eror in the image memory. E After the main motor drive signal is generated, the clock signal does to arrive within 1.

Replace the rear controller PCB. Foreign matter Is there foreign matter that prevents the rotation of the fan?

Canon IR Error Code List – Copy Care Enterprise

The delivery motor relay harness is faulty. Canon Image Runner Replace the finisher controller PCB. Main cause The paddle home position sensor PI2 is faulty. Action If the error is still errot after disposing of the waste toner, perform the following: Check the interval between pin 1 and pin 2 and between pin 3 and pin 4 of the connectors 4-pin of the thermistor for electrical continuity.

State Does the scanner operate when the power is turned on? Main cause The LAN card is faulty. The stapler harness is faulty. Wiring Is coxes wiring from the scanning lamp to the reader controller PCB normal?

The puncher motor clock sensor PI3P is faulty. If this error occurs frequently, however, a fault on the main controller PCB is a possibility.

Canon Ir 3300 Error Code List

Main cause The DA unit is faulty. Replace the main power supply PCB. The paddle motor M2 is faulty. The sensor is faulty and cannot detect home position. Correct the connection and the cable. Is the proem corrected?


The puncher shift motor M2P is faulty. Remove the foreign matter. The code may be checked in service mode: The waste toner sensor is faulty. Thereafter, turn off and then on the power switch.

E The feeding roller does not leave home position when the feed motor is driven for 2 sec.

Canon IR 3300 Error Code List

The stack handling motor M2 relay harness is faulty. The host machine can still generate copies in book mode if the ADF cable is discontented even while the ADF is out of order. Making Corrections Downloading system software Check the types of the BootROM and the system software, and download system software of the correct type.

E Reror the main power is turned on, the checksum of the finisher controller PCB has a fault.

The HDD is faulty. Fixing film sensor Check the fixing film rotation signal.