NO RELIGIONby Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Translated from the Thai by Bhikkhu Punno First electronic edition: September Buddha-Dhamma. No Religion. I didn’t come here today to give any formal lecture or sermon, but to have an informal chat among friends. I hope that you all agree to this so that we. No Religion – Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Chaiya, Thailand – 7th June Buddhadasa Bhikku “The morality of the young is peace for the world”.

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Further, I intend to speak only about the most essential matters, important topics which people consider to be profound. We think of ourselves as a special group and of others as outsiders or foreigners. Please try to understand this correctly.

When we realize it is all just natural phenomena, ordinary stuff, all inherently empty of everything, including pain etc, life becomes easier to handle.

bhikkhu I didn’t come here today to give any formal lecture or sermon, but to have an informal chat among friends. There is no Buddhism; there is no Christianity; there is no Islam.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. That means, if we speak directly, that there is no Buddha, no Dhamma, and no Sangha! Tell a small child to take a bath and to wash with soap to get all the dirt off; the little child will scrub only her belly. The parts that make water impure are not water, they combine and change the appearance, but they are not water.


Buddhadasa – Wikipedia

When the final level is reached, when the ultimate is known, not even man exists. No Religion I didn’t come here today to give any formal lecture or sermon, but to have an informal chat rrligion friends.

She merely scrubs and polishes her tummy vigorously.

There are 16 clear steps to enlightenment. He ruffled the feathers of the elite and for many years was classed as an outcast, the people always respected his views however and the Wat and Monastery grew over the decades.

On an even more intelligent level, we can take that pure water buddhsdasa examine it further. You see, there are two kinds of language. They distinguish rain-water, relligion, underground-water, canal-water, swamp-water, ditch-water, gutter-water, sewer-water, toilet-water, urine, diarrhea, and many other kinds of water from each other.


State University of New York Press. Even while doing good, supporting the temples and monks, erligion observing the precepts, their only objective is to get something, they even want to get more in return than they gave.

All beings are subject to old age, sickness and death. They will inevitably experience some disappointment, discomfort, sadness, anxiety or pain.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu: No Religion

Not necessarily the birth of a person or self, but the birth of a thought, an emotion, a desire. They were more withdrawn and shy than their Tibetan counterparts, less eager to share.

Buddhist societies, in theory, are based on tolerance, loving kindness and forgiveness, essential for world harmony and individual happiness and all generated through virtuous behavior and meditation.

  1756 L61 PDF

They are evidently more at peace, their minds become more pure, altering on a molecular level. In later years, Buddhadasa’s teachings attracted many international seekers to his hermitage. If we view religion like this we can see that essentially they are all the same, only appearing different externally.

Email Address never made public. We have many of these blind beliefs. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He fed the fish relition chickens.

They view these various kinds of water as if they have nothing in common. But we dare not think like this. On an even more intelligent level, we can take that pure water and examine it further.

Cited in Payulpitack, The true nature of things has no characteristics, no qualities, nationality or race. It is by relinquising the notion of “I” and “mine” that selfish clinging is abandoned, and Nirvana or true emptiness will be reached. If we look thought the geligion elements, we can see the water that is always the same, for in every case the essential of water is the same.