Cane study guide contains a biography of Jean Toomer, literature essays, quiz questions, Cane Summary and Analysis of “Esther” to “Blood-Burning Moon”. Jean Toomer’s Cane,1 from which “Blood-Burning Moon” is taken, is a collect of short stories interspersed with poems, which makes up a whole. It is divid. An introduction to Blood-Burning Moon by Jean Toomer. Learn about the book and the historical context in which it was written.

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He also becomes both embarrassed and indignant when he thinks about the possibility of trying to explain the relationship to his Blopd friends. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some of them chewed at tomer white pulp of stalks, but there was no need for them to, if all they wanted was to taste the cane. Yelps came from all over the countryside. Tom had had enough. His description of Louisa is lyrical and sweet with the scent of the cane:.

For Tom her song expresses the natural forces of love, while for herself and the other women, as well as for Toomer and the reader, it also stands for the brooding presence of racial bloodlust, the vying of black and white manhood that can only be ominous for them all.

Halfway along, a blindness within him veered him aside. Tom moved in the direction indicated.

Her powerlessness and the consequences of her naivete become for a moment clear to her and exact a price—her sanity. Separately, there was no unusual significance to either one.

Because he maintains the belief in his right to possess Louisa sexually, he is outraged at the possibility that Tom has been with her.

Strong as he was with hands upon the ax or plow, he found it difficult to hold her. All the stories in this first section take place in the rural South, usually with an African-American woman as the focus. He saw Louisa bent over that hearth. As he listened to their folk songs and spirituals, he was deeply moved. Louisa came down into factory town and sank wearily upon the step before her home.


His huge body slipped down to the step beside her. Damned if he knew. But for some reason they jumbled when her eyes gazed vacantly at the rising moon.

Blood-Burning Moon | Introduction & Overview

The mob watches and yells as Tom is tortured and killed. Him, Bob Stone, of the old Stone family, in a scrap with a tpomer over a nigger girl.

He tried his hand at various jobs, including selling cars, teaching physical education, and welding. The literary reputation of Jean Toomer is based primarily on Canea collection of poems, impressionistic prose sketches, and stories on Afro-American topics. In blold to achieve his depiction of racial hatred, Toomer creates a romantic conflict between Bob Stone and Tom Burwell for possession of Louisa.

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Her breasts jdan and up-pointed like ripe acorns. A hound swung down the path before him towards factory town. Follow Us on Facebook. But they had to drag him. Get Blood-Burning Moon from Amazon. As Bob staggers toward the white part of town, those who witnessed the fight go into their houses, except for Louisa and Tom.

Figures shifted, restlesslike, between lamp and window in the front rooms of the shanties. He slapped one hand against his neck. The collection of which it is a part, Cane, is generally considered to be one of the finest as well as one of the earliest works of the Harlem Renaissance of the s—a period of outstanding literary achievement and innovation by such African-American writers as Langston HughesCountee Cullenand Zora Neale Hurston.

Negroes who had seen the fight slunk into their homes and blew the lamps out. burninf


He fell with a thud that dazed him. This is particularly evident when Bob first begins to fight. The moon also plays a part in the imagery of dark and light that pervades the story and parallels its racial conflict between black and white.

Those were the days. By the way the world reckons things, he had won her. They stung him to quick movement. An anti-lynching crusade also began during this time, under the strong influence of Ida B. Tom represents the ultimate development of the aggregate man Toomer gradually draws out through the fictional rendering of the women, a man at once triumphantly emergent and ruthlessly obliterated in the act of expressing his full potential.


He could see them incredible, repulsed. Tom wheeled about and faced them. He started to run. Louisa sang as she came over the crest of the hill from the white folks’ kitchen. Tom side-stepped and flung him to the ground.

His thoughts of her are continually qualified by her blackness, although he is unable to define the difference that her blackness makes: Not only were there separate schools and hospitals, but there were even separate restrooms and drinking fountains.

Blood-Burning Moon

Topics for Further Study. At any rate, the full moon in the great door was an omen which she must sing to: Not wishing to choose between Tom and Bob, and in her glory, she has forgotten the pride of men.

Hell no, his family still owned the niggers, practically. And her singing had kean low murmur of winds in fig trees. Plunged furiously down it.