Berlin in the s. Fraz Biberkopf has just been released from prison after serving four years for violence that resulted in the death of a girlfriend. He. Recently cited as one of the Most Meaningful Books of All Time by a survey reported in The Guardian, and with a new foreword by German-literary scholar. Alfred Döblin () studied medicine in Berlin and specialized in the treatment of nervous diseases. Along with his experiences as a.

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Berlin Alexanderplatz

Fischer VerlagBerlin. Berlin Alexanderplatz koko kirja 5 18 Jan 08, It didn’t get focussed on the lives and loves of Franz Karl Bieberkopf until the very end.

Feb 01, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: And yet the novel is worth reading alone for its encyclopaedic knowledge of everything unimportant and vulgar and of course also for its minute depiction of a long-forgotten Berlins reality TV at its best, really.

However, there are many beautifully arresting passages that will keep you interested. A daring proposition on part of the author. Echoes of this intense scene ring out throughout the rest of the text.

Although, just like Ulyssesalso not always understandable. Until a few months ago I’d never heard of this novel or of Doblin. But as fraanz as I know about translation, this seems an excellent one.

One cannot simply speak the voice of Death as if through a vocoder. Those are the times.

Hardly a moving read, there’s a sort of hazy tragedy about it that lacks a final catharsis; it’s a novel about potency and potency is power for those who lack the brains.


Invoke the great Greek tragedies. This was also one of the reasons why I tried hard to first read Ulysses serialized from to prior to cracking this one up.

There is a kind of satisfying redemption for Franz at the end but I spent most of the book wanting to kick him in his big fat sausage-stuffed derriere just so he’d do something interesting. A short chapter near the beginning whisks you through a seemingly mundane description of every building and its inhabitants on a Berlin city block.

Which I won’t discuss. Return to Book Page. I didn’t empathize with him. Looking aghast, I shook my head with the resignation of Arsene Wenger: The world is not made of sugar.

Happily, I think, because then it’s a novel that’ll always have something to offer. L’ordine e il disfacimento ” Di un uomo semplice qui si racconta, che a Berlino fa l’ambulante in Alexanderplatz.

Nearly five stars for me, but the translation seemed a little off, or more so, Doblin included mucho s-era German slang, subsequently translated into s-era British slang, so there’s this Al Caponesque hard-boiled cockneyed thing going on in the dialogue that wasn’t always so accessible for this American ninety years later. View all 23 comments.

It simply doesn’t get better than this. The novel is set in the working-class neighborhoods near the Alexanderplatz in s Berlin. I found this easier to read despite the fact that I used a g This book is said to be one of the required readings for high school students in Germany. LANGUAGE It does contain a lot of German specific to the North and to the city of Berlin, like dada poetry it has insertions not too often seen in literature, like a lawyer’s language, police language, a doctor’s language, public transport, advertisements, protestant hymns and all this, for the most part, is what the book was about.


The political discussions seem equally cold and objective.

Berlin Alexanderplatz – Wikipedia

Looking aghast, I was a rushing tide of hefty novels sweeping under to revel in their wake: But the scenes do give one a vivid idea of bfrlin swirling political factions active in s Berlin. I found this easier to read despite the fact that I used a guide book while reading Ulysses.

This is definitely a “difficult” book and I didn’t find it nearly as engaging as I hoped but I also see that there’s a lot of meat here to chew on. Since I am interested on that, I kept on reading. He’s quite average in many ways, and not particularly likeable to start.

Franz is hopeless in particular, because he never looks for ulterior motives, he operates completely on the surface. I found the digressions and multiple layers biberkoppf thematic progression fascinating, but in my opinion some tightening up toward the end, say about 50 to 75 pages cut out of Reinhold especially would have helped quite a bit.

Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf – Alfred Döblin – Google Books

Finally finally finally this book is back in print in English. Em que momento um homem se torna livre? But Franz is essentially apolitical, so the later scenes in which he listens to beer-hall tirades from various types of anarchists and socialists leave him untouched.