from Act III, Scene 1 of the Italian opera Agrippina by George Frideric Handel Bel piacere è godere, Poppea’s aria from Agrippina Piega pur del mio cor nel. from Act I of the Italian opera, Agrippina by George Frideric Handel Libretto: Cardinal Vincenzo . Bel piacere e godere from Act III, Scene 1 of the Italian opera. I. Bel piacere | George Frideric Handel. (Vincenzo Grimani). Handel was a prolific composer of the Baroque period. This period is charac-.

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Soon Nero arrives to press his love on her “Coll’ardor del tuo bel core”but she tricks him into hiding as well. Some analysts believe that it reflects Grimani’s political and diplomatic rivalry with Pope Clement XI. To prove her point she asks Claudius to pretend to leave, then she summons Nero who, thinking Claudius has gone, resumes his passionate wooing of Poppaea. Archived from the original on October 28, Nero, Pallas, Narcissus, Agrippina “Allegrezza!

Agrippina advises Poppaea to turn the tables on Otho by telling the Emperor that Otho has ordered her to refuse Claudius’s attentions.

Retrieved on 18 April However, Poppaea is touched by her former beloved’s grief, and wonders if he might not be innocent “Bella pur nel mio diletto”. In the opera returned to Venice, for a performance under Christopher Hogwood at the Teatro Malibran. Claudius agrees, believing that this will enable him to win Poppaea.

Bel Piacere è godere (English translation)

It is based on the version, with ballet music borrowed from Rodrigo, and contains two appendices with added and reconstructed music as well as deleted versions from the autograph. There were occasional productions in the years following its premiere but Handel’s operas, including Agrippinafell out of fashion in the midth century.


In the 20th century Agrippina was revived in Germany and premiered in Britain and America. No one is satisfied with this arrangement, as their desires have all changed, so Claudius in a spirit of reconciliation reverses his judgement, giving Poppaea to Otho and the throne to Nero.

Handel’s music illuminates her deceit in the melody and minor modal keywhile a simple, emphasised rhythmic accompaniment hints at clarity and openness. Retrieved 4 October Deanp.

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MFOH performance [57]. Naxos RecordsCat. Observers praised the quality of the music—much of which, in keeping with the haandel custom, had been borrowed and adapted from other works, including the works of other composers. Water Music Music for the Royal Fireworks.

For instance, in her aria in act 1, “Non ho cor che per amarti”, Agrippina promises Poppaea that deceit will never mar their new friendship, while tricking her into ruining Otho’s chances for the throne.

Grimani’s libretto, considered one of the best that Handel set, is an “anti-heroic satirical comedy”, [1] full of topical political allusions.

Handel’s autograph score survives, with the Sinfonia and first recitatives missing, but is shows significant differences from the libretto, due to changes made for the first performances. The haneel for Handel’s score follows closely that of all his early operas: Archived from the original PDF on 18 March Handel made more use than was then usual of orchestral accompaniment in arias, but in other respects Agrippina is broadly typical of an older operatic tradition. hel


Performances of the work have become ever more common, with innovative stagings at the New York City Opera and the London Coliseum in Claudius believes her; nevertheless, when Poppaea, Otho, and Nero arrive, Claudius announces that Nero and Poppaea will marry, and that Otho shall have the throne. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Poppaea, Claudius, Lesbus “Non ho cor che per amarti” Agrippina “Se giunge un dispetto” Poppaea; there are two settings. Agrippina is an unscrupulous schemer; Nero, while not yet the monster he would become, is pampered and hypocritical; Claudius is pompous, complacent, and something of a buffoon, while Poppaea, the first of Handel’s sex kittens, is also a liar and a flirt.

Agrippina is considered Handel’s first operatic masterpiece; [1] according to Winton Dean it has few rivals for its “sheer freshness of musical invention”.

Agrippina (opera) – Wikipedia

She then claims that her efforts to secure the throne for Nero had all along been a ruse to safeguard the throne for Claudius “Se vuoi pace”. Two of the main male roles, Nero and Narcissus, were written for castratithe “superstars of their day” in Italian opera.

With the Senate’s assent, Agrippina and Nero begin to ascend the throne, but bep ceremony is interrupted by the entrance of Claudius’s servant Lesbus.