Modern witches don’t always have the time, tools or energy to the craft for more elaborate forms of baneful magic it can be incredibly useful to. The Seventeenth Name of Marduk. Lord of Baneful Magick, Vanquisher of the Ancient Ones by Magick, giver of the Spell to MARDUK KURIOS. You searched for: baneful witchcraft! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter.

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They are also toxic.

The Baneful Herbs

However, this is not recommended if there are children or animals living in the home or nearby. Find out what you can do. Realizing that trying to bind someone from spreading gossip is coming from the same place as a love spell, as cursing someone, as writing a sigil to get better grades, to ease pain in a loved one.

The poison in foxglove is a cardio toxin, which is why it’s so popular as a murder weapon in TV shows for making it look like a heart attack. A folk myth pertaining to foxglove warns users that it can bring life to the dead, but take the life from the living.

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They are often chosen to brighten up a spot where baneufl plants have been browsed by deer or woodchucks as they won’t touch them since they are poisonous.

Castor bean, a plant that makes an impressive impact in a tropical garden, is very toxic. You can treat symptoms of something, and you might get lucky and find a cure, but until you know just as well as what will kill someone, how can you know how to save them from that same thing?

According to the Banefu Book of World Records, it is the most poisonous plant in the world. Larkspur is a member of the buttercup family and, like the rest of them, it contains highly toxic compounds. It is also sometimes said that the spots on the flowers are caused by elves and fairies laying their fingers on the petals. Belladonna encourages astral projection and produces visions.

Ricin is water soluble, so castor oil can be produced from castor beans with the ricin completely absent. Oleander Nerium Witxhes The toxicity of oleander has inspired song. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The symptoms of Gloriosa poisoning are pretty impressive and begin within a few hours. Symptoms can carry on for up to a week before death finally occurs due to the paralysis of the respiratory system.


Just allowing some of the sap to get onto open skin can produce symptoms. This highly toxic plant causes nausea and vomiting, vertigo, cold sweats, lowered blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia and slowed respiration. The danger is greatest to grazing livestock.

Symptoms include accelerated heart rate, muscle tremors, difficulty breathing, poor circulation, blue lips, cold limbs fainting and heart failure. Autumn crocus does have therapeutic uses. While in low doses this may only cause a hours of inebriation, dizziness, hallucinations and agitation, high doses of henbane may cause delirium, increased heartbeat, hot flashes, and respiratory paralysis, eventually resulting in death.

Foxglove was also considered dear to faeries. In minute quantities, atropine, in the form of a sulfate, is used to dilate the pupils of the eye, to relieve pain, to diminish secretions, and to relieve spasms. Elder Sambucus spp sp Elder trees give us medicine and tasty berries for wine and jelly, but the entire plant is poisonous, though not usually deadly.

Elder twigs should never be used to make cooking stakes or touch food. If I transfer my hex powder to 2 small vials, I can clean out the larger one and fill it with the poppy I need.

Mother earth gave us this plant for a reason. The plants also cause significant skin irritation. Folklore claims that burning the herb outdoors or throwing henbane into water will bring rains, and the herb has heavy ties to water.

Angel’s TrumpetBrugmansia spp Angel’s trumpet is a really impressive plant. In some areas of Europe, possession of the root was punishable by death. Symptoms include nervousness, weakness, staggering, rapid pulse and bloat.

This is one form I absolutely adore and use almost every day of my life. A funeral herb, hemlock is often associated with banefkl and cleansing, as well baneufl grounding for those interacting or witcehs with the astral plane. It contains various cardiac glycosides. The entire plant is toxic though the ripe berries are slightly less toxic than the rest of the plant.


Infamous for being used to execute famous philosopher Socrates, symptoms of poisoning include drooling, severe stomach pains, drowsiness, stiff muscles, muscle pain, limb paralysis and rapid banegul. Some herbal practitioners use mistletoe to make teas designed to slow the pulse and lower blood pressure, treat arthritic pain and prevent snoring.

Very young shoots are gathered by some brave souls and specially prepared and eaten under the name poke salet. These symptoms can be caused by eating witche species and by inhaling a large concentration of the toxins. Witches gathering monkshood are encouraged to wear gloves and know the signs of toxicity.

Wwitches this reason, great caution was used in gathering these magical roots.

Baneful herbs and magic | The Hedge Witch

There withces a wonderful world of different things you can do with herbs from medicinal to magical. This is an American native plant that is detested by farmers as a livestock killer.

Featured post What comes after Its powers lay in that witchew banishing and exorcisms, as well as the cleansing and purging of negative energies. JavaScript is required to view this site. Symptoms include dizziness, confusion, lethargy, nausea and headaches, visual disturbances and dilated pupils, flushing of the skin and the appearance of hives or a rash, hot flashes, excessive wtches, cardiac arrhythmia, collapse, coma and death.

Traditionally, Belladonna is said to be another ingredient in flying ointment and is used in magick to enhance beauty. You have to eat quite a bit of it to get sick, but children and pets will get sicker sooner. But even if it’s not, many witches will buy some and bring it in if it’s not immediately available as it’s full of magickal uses.

The plant is also said to aid good fortune in business endeavours and gambling — as well as counter magic protection and warding off evil spirits or intentions. This may all be accompanied by sweating, dizziness, headache, confusion banedul difficulty breathing.