Attraction Formula reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Paul Janka’s advice. Buy, download and read The Attraction Formula PDF EBook Free The Attraction Formula Amazon» “Paul Janka’s Step-By-Step Secrets To. Has anyone read Paul Janka’s book attraction formula? Any comments?.

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Effective system for picking up lots of women, comprehensive advice from cold approaching a girl in the street to bed, very efficient cuts it to the essentialsvery good value for money. Trivia About Attraction Formula.

Otherwise, the book gave me two limiting beliefs: Now, ask yourself if this system is for you? It’s currently the best “value for money” program on the market, it’s good quality advice and an effective system. Join Date Sep Gender: Join Date Apr Gender: However, what would have been nice for the novice is to see the follow up phone call to the women and the lead to an actual meet.

Very illustrative description in classic Janka style. In my opinion this ebook is a good read and you can pickup bits and pieces from fodmula but it is not suitable for beginners. YOu have keep in mind that he’s not a community guy so his philosophy goes against the grain of most of the communities practices. The main point Paul misses is that most guys are not natural like he is.

“The Attraction Formula” by Paul Janka | The Pick-Up Diary

He basically tries to go for the number as soon as possible and then ejects. Janka’s theory Or Janka Theory as coined by a buddy and I is incredibly brilliant in its innovativeness and simplicity. Literally every aspect is covered and it is very detailed – Janka is detail orientated and analytical by nature.

I saw him on a an episode of Tyra Banks and the women really dug him even before he started talking. Cormula Attraction Formula program gives you access to a private membership site where you get the Attraction Formula eBooks, audio downloads and online videos. The biggest issue I had was that while the man clearly gets laid a lot, his success rate is actually attraciton low. My gut told me the experience Paul had accumulated from years of hitting on, picking up, and sleeping with hundreds of women, was something rare, something valuable.


I have only seen minimal stuff but it seems legit so far and I think it is more also along the line of attrraction. While I have never met guys such as Mystery, Sinn, Sphinx, etc. Dating Skills Review strongly encourages ‘focus’ when learning to avoid wasting time and money or getting overwhelmed with information and not getting very far which is very common for men studying dating advice and pick up.

It’s a comprehensive all in one system taking you from A to Z with picking up girls. I would say it’s definitely a great guide. Mythack rated attrzction really liked it Dec 18, Good reading that resonate a lot! I just finished reading his most recent book last night: As you can see on Paul Janka’s profile this is what happened – he has settled into long term formuls with girlfriends in recent years.

Attraction Formula

But the social skill-set that you can develop, simply by implementing a few of these techniques will give you the ability to choose the type of women you want in your life. Is it attractlon to apply to your life? Share your thoughts with other users: I was only able to watch half of the first video because the constant walking back and forth with the camera following the presenter distracted from the content being delivered.

Interestingly even several years after having read his book, I still look at it as a bible of the absolute basics. This means you now get a lot of content for your money now: Is the System Too Industrial? Janka’s system is all about efficiency and he has cut away everything except the essentials to create an effective way at meeting women while wasting the least amount of time.


I have an inkling that they get most of the girls they open. I wanted him to write this book. To ask other readers questions about Attraction Formulaplease sign up.

In fact, much of what you will read will probably shock you.

If a girl doesn’t’ want to come to his place before the ‘date’ he doesn’t run after her chasing. Is it a good deal? Reviewed by Syboh Seven Last Update: The Girlfriend Activation System.

Write your own review. This extends to the bonus audio and eBook downloads – attracction each of them Janka goes into a lot more depth on the steps to take.

Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

For beginners this is great because you have everything you need in one place and it will focus your study and learning curve so you get results quicker. So instead look at programs designed for starting off towards those girls like Models: Some people really need this kind of detailed advice to help them put what they read in to action – so it’s very useful.

Anton Astapov rated it liked it May 29, Janka himself used it to meet women mostly directly in the street. Paul Janka covers a lot of ground in this short book: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

You can see his original stuff here: Yeah Truestory and I were just talkin about this guy.