source: Function_thtml. The additional_parameters parameter can be used to pass an. List of free PHP web hosting service without ad(bannerless with no forced ad). Free Web Hosting (NO ADS) with PHP, MySQL for domains / subdomains. Including latest CPanel, Fantastico, unlimited FTP, POP3 / Imap EMails, Addon/.

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Could you believe it, the main admin of this forum has no ethics or manners whatsoever. If you ever want a good learning experience, join Qstahost. I’ve no problem in keeping my account running for this unique credit system. Post a few posts every week and you will get hosted. I have received numerous times more than 2 or 3 credits per post. The hosting is second to none and has the RVSkin, downtime is a lot less than most paid hosts.

They are providing more than what they have. The forums are strict and very helpful.

What are the free webhost’s positive and negative aspects? This web host was removed from our database, possibly usually because it is no longer a free or operating service, or is not accepting new users at this time, but could have been removed for other reason s. How long have you used this free webspace host? Then “OpaQue” came up with some new lies, we proved them wrong again and so he came up with few more lies.

I would like phl display a page that makes the client understand it’s working, and there is some seconds of wait. And probably they are the cheapest in the market.

Although the package is fake, but it gave them highest marks possible for a site offering free hosting in return of forum posts.

Now go to the gazzin. They do not even force you to link to them. For me, its hard to trust someone like that. Codes, Scripts Technicalities – OS – FTPs – whatever it may be, just make a forum posting, and you will earn credit as well as you’ll get the best solution. Brilliant credit system does not depend on number but on quality of posting. And for most of us, we spend almost as much time there than we would or do on our jobs.


I on the other hand, can not withstand being called gay and being cursed.

How to display a “wait” page while php busy ? | x10Hosting: Free Hosting Community

The company has even admitted that they only make you post so it’ll seem like an active forum. As for the admins and moderators, I have never had any problems, and I have been there over 9 months now. He cursed me and other users publically at his forum and called me GAY even though I’m a girl. What they offer is good. I asked admins ph some explanation for the new reviews I found here at free-webhosts.

Control panel is excellent – anyone should consider hosting here just to see the wonderful control panel for once. They are dedicated for making a forum. This is the best host i have ever used thier forums are so friendly.

I will not recommend this host to anybody, specially to any GIRL. Email Required, but never shown. Not Applicable Facebook Comments: Forums are technical oriented.

A fast and generous host who are quick to react to hosting astahoet and have a friendly base of staff and admin, who make the habit of keeping active in the forums enjoyable. First you have to make 50 posts in few of their forums. They actually give out and don’t make fake promises. Oh, and their forum isn’t even working now. Progress meters can work on a similar principal.


How to display a “wait” page while php busy ?

The only negative point is that you have to post in the ‘contribute’ category of the forums in order for your post count to rise. Sign up using Email and Password.

And they offer mb with 50 good posts. I like their unity. Type the following in CGI telnet command prompt and press Execute. They are the best hosting providers i had ever seen Professional web hosting provided there for free and a nice Community in the web that provides you All the support you need at it also gives you UNLIMITED email,mysql,ftp accounts He tries to give good service to good people.

If you don’t mind staying active at the forums and can sincerly post, then this host is a MUST. Alexa Search Engine Traffic. The best part is, all the webhosting is automated. How to create image in PHP? All the services I need, and very little server downtime.

So astahost is hosting 61 users out of users hosted by this server. I suspose the greatest testimony is that I have stuck with then for a year as I am very picky.

Maybe someone else would. I highly recommend Astahost to everyone, I’m sorry if this seems biased, but its not. For those days, everything was down. The ultimate solution to this sort of problem will always be reduced to an AJAX based communication with the server that’ll inform the browser when to show the loading image and when to move the user on to the next page.