Standard AS (Aerospace Requirements for Stockiest Distributors) defines specific requirements for suppliers and distributors that supply components to the . The most recent version of the AS standard was released in December, It is based on the changes included in the ISO standard. Aerospace Management. AS / ASB. The standard for stockists and distributors of parts to manufacturers that supply the aerospace industry.

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The AS standard addresses requirements for companies that resell, distribute, and warehouse parts for aircraft and other aerospace, defense applications, but do not change the characteristics of the product.

Primarily, these additional requirements address: While this process may seem inconvenient it is designed so that companies who achieve the AS standard are constantly monitored for compliance. AS is based on ISO but with an additional requirements for aerospace distributors, the focus is primarily on areas that directly impact product safety and reliability. Continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiencies mean money saved.

This standard is not intended for organizations that rework or repair products. This certification is intended for organizations that procure parts, materials, and assemblies, and sell these products to a customer in the Aerospace sandard.

News Events Case studies. Read our Privacy policy Cookie Information This site uses cookies. Because this certification is specifically designed for those companies who procure materials, assemblies and parts in order to sell these products to a customer within the Aerospace industry compliance is paramount for standdard if nothing else. This certification requires organizations to focus on areas impacting product safety and reliability.

AS has been developed to help distributors minimize the occurrence of anything that could negatively affect the performance of their commodities. Ability to win more business Procurement specifications often require certification as a condition to supply, so certification opens doors. Distributors of aerospace commodity items directly impact the performance of these items if they are mishandled or traceability is lost between the original equipment manufacturer OEM and final customer.

Get A Free Quote. Benefits of Aerospace Certification Global recognition as a reputable supplier Certification is recognized internationally and accepted throughout industry supply chains, setting industry benchmarks for sourcing suppliers.


Some of the areas covered in AS include splitting specific requirements for batch and lot splittingcontrol of records, traceability tracking from receipt of product to deliveryand evidence of conformance distributors must meet document specifications. This is accomplished through the reduction stadnard elimination of organization-unique requirements, effective implementation of the quality management system, and wider application of good practices.

Customer satisfaction — through delivery of products that consistently meet as9102 requirements Reduced operating costs — through continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiency Improved stakeholder relationships — including staff, customers and suppliers Legal compliance — by understanding how statutory and regulatory requirements impact an organization Improved risk management — through greater consistency and traceability of products and services Proven business credentials — through independent verification against recognized standards Ability to win more business — particularly where procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply What the standard includes.

Sectors Automotive We are the leading automotive sector certification body for IATF in China and have global experience across the automotive supply chain. This case study looks at the journey the organisation has taken and the role that LRQA continues to play.

Identify and manage processes, collect information and analyze them together for the defined metrics and az9120.

Certification is valid for three years and is maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a three standarx recertification audit. Improved stakeholder relationships Improve the perception of your organization with staff, customers and suppliers. Resources Blog Regular updates on standards, events and best practice for quality, aerospace, safety, energy and environmental practitioners.

Delivery of the quality in aviation procedures. ASB version includes additional requirements such as configuration management, product and service conformity and on-time delivery measurements, counterfeit parts, work transfers, and aas9120 factors consideration.

This standard includes ISO International Standards were high on the agenda at a side event held in conjunction with the recent 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Bonn, Germany. AS provides suppliers with a comprehensive quality system focused on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability. Organizations that comply with AS will gain a competitive advantage by:.

This includes organizations that procure products and split them into smaller quantities, including those that coordinate a customer or regulatory controlled process on the product. What’s the certification process?

The Standards Institution of Israel is a member of international Standards Committees and has cooperation agreements standarc leading entities around the world. If you are in an organization that procures parts and assemblies for the Aerospace industry you already understand the importance of AS Certification.


AS – PRI Registrar

AS is based on ISO but it includes nearly additional requirements specific to aerospace distributors. With the broad range of activities and sums of money spent the public services sector is subject to close control. For more information about certification of the AS aerospace standardcall us today at or contact us online. To do that you must understand the interactions between people, machines and each other and their impact on human performance.

Regular updates on standards, events and best practice for quality, aerospace, safety, energy and environmental practitioners. As an ASregistrar in addition to being a registrar for other related certifications we can help you obtain certification with the least possible amount of undue stress.

The AS standard is specific for stockist or pass-through distributors or resellers, not manufacturers.

Quality Management Systems

Hi, can we help you? Please contact us at Risks associated with external provision of products, processes and services Batch and lot splitting Foreign object prevention and detection FOD Traceability from receipt of the product to delivery Counterfeit parts prevention and detection Evidence of conformance and on-time delivery The AS quality management system focuses on process requirements for distribution service quality.

Customer satisfaction Deliver products that consistently meet stanxard requirements and a service that is dependable and can be relied on. Check out our glossary of terms Explore more case studies Looking for logos?

Implemented properly, AS gives you standadr continual return on your investment. B from around the world. Certification single or combinedvarious laboratory tests and a training center.

You can do this by completing either the online quick quote or the online formal quote request form. LR UK [ Change ]. NQA is particularly well-positioned to help interpret the standards and has auditors familiar and comfortable with service environments.