The Armadillo is a sidemount specific rig, with integral buoyancy compensator and limited adjustment harness. Armadillo CCR Side mount System. Armadillo CCR side mount kit provides attachment points for carrying ultimately streamlined bailout bottles. The basic setup. Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets mounted alongside .. In Brett Hemphill designed the Armadillo Side- Mount Harness. The Armadillo innovated several features that would be utilized in many.

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None of the items listed below is unique to sidemount diving — they are generally penetration diving accessories used by sidemount divers because sidemount is commonly associated with tight penetration diving.

None yet available Manufacturers Link: I already had armasillo 80cf tank rigged didemount sidemount and had been diving it as my rebreather bailout for some time. It is sold complete as a complete unit, with all necessary ancillaries. Armoguard material 10x more abrasion resistance than cordura Weight: I can avoid deco if I come up from 90fsw to 75fsw on the return leg.

Archived from the original on 6 October This is essential for a proper fit. Tighten the waist strap around your hips and lock it into position with the waist buckle.

Armadillo Sidemount Exploration Harness S – Short

The Hollis SMS Side Mount System is an integrated, hybrid sidemount system, which allows use of sidemount, back-mounted doubles and single tank configurations. Diving manufacturer Poseidon have joined the sidemount market with the release of their new BCD. Golem Gear Sidemount Halcyon Contour The Halcyon sidemount offers 50lbs of buoyancy through a pre-shaped wing that keeps buoyancy lower in the rig where it is ideal for sidemount.


Tecline Avenger Manual Manufacturers Link: Dive Systems Twin Independent Manifolded Twins Side Mounts Rigs Stage Cylinders Rebreathers Review By Joseph Emmanuel Ever wondered what it’s like to dive to meters, to be waiting alone in the dark, your only way back to safety a thin nylon line snaking away from you, up and up and up into the darkness and down and down and down into the blackness.

View cart Your Wishlist: Adjusting buoyancy and trim using permanent chest weights Fig.

A List of Modern Sidemount Diving Systems

Many of these early sump explorers adopted an approach based upon a sturdy belt, with attached cam-band, that allowed a cylinder to be dropped in and carried alongside the outer thigh. The shorter torso and smaller buttplate will better fit smaller divers.

This article is a excerpt from ADM Issue 9, Arrows are molded into the cam buckle showing the direction to feed the strap. Because my regulators sidemoujt already in use as rebreather sidemount bailout, they already had small pressure guages on short 8 inch hoses.

A inch 33 cm piece of webbing with four stainless grommets is attached to the inside back of the harness.

On open circuit today my NDL was 1 minute near the end armadillk the wall, and this was a lower tide day so max depth was almost 10fsw shallower than other dives I’ve done.

In the case of sidemount, the two cylinders can be carried separately, distributing load and making transport on rough ground easier. Clearance diver Commercial offshore diving Diver training Frogman Hazmat diving Military diving units Police diving Professional diving Public safety diving Recreational diving Scientific diving Underwater archaeology Underwater photography Underwater videography.

  DVW M2000 PDF

The latest September release from DiveRite.

armacillo It also prevents the bungee from becoming lost when it falls between your body and the harness. Hold the shoulder straps tightly over your shoulders.

Armadillo Sidemount

The only downfall of the Armadillo harness is that they are all handmade and only available through Brett Hemphill or Advanced Diver Magazine. The Apeks WSX is expected to be released in late Switched to a longer 5ft hose on the left regulator Swapped LP hoses on the regs for better fit to the LP inflator longer hose on right and drysuit shorter hose srmadillo left.

Cylinders should be attached after you enter the water. Slide the sidemojnt shoulder strap loop over the waist buckle. A higher level of equipment proficiency and diving skill is required; as additional deco cylinders will be added to the rig, enabling mixed-gas and accelerated decompression procedures to be conducted.

Equipment Configuration – Side Mount”. Another UK manufactured stand-alone harness is the Warmbac. After traversing the sump into the dry chamber beyond, the side mount cylinders could be armadilll removed and transported to the next sump.