AR 600-8-8 PDF

AR –8– Military Awards. This administrative revision, dated 6 August — o Supersedes Army Directives , , and. AR , ACTIVE, 10/08/, TOTAL ARMY MUNITIONS REQUIREMENTS AND AR , ACTIVE, 04/04/, THE TOTAL ARMY SPONSORSHIP. AR –8–8. The Total Army Sponsorship Program. This rapid action revision, dated 4 April o Requires mandatory sponsorship of first-time Soldiers.

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Interview new arrival to determine if person has a sponsor. Sponsors of first-term Soldiers will act as big brothers or big sisters for their inbound Soldiers in order to orient inbound Soldiers to their new surroundings, in all aspects of Army life, and to provide support and assistance during the transition period. Table 2—3 Steps for processing DA Form for civilian employees. T h i s ad e g u l a t i o n p r e s c r i b e s quest a waiver to this regulation by pro- Street, Alexandria, VA — The proper subordinate commander.

The organization, activity, or military community that has overall command responsibility for the sponsorship program where the Soldier or civilian employee is assigned. Are outbound Soldiers being referred to ACS during the initial reassignment interview?


Commanders will ensure sponsors are adequately trained to perform tasks related to sponsorship. Upon arrival, the Soldier or civilian employee will be offered a reactionary sponsor.


Gaining commanders will change pinpoint or ultimate assignments of Soldiers assigned sponsors only in rare or exceptional cases. Are incoming Soldiers appointed sponsors within 10 calendar days of receiving DA Formunless declined? Box 80, Vicksburg, MS — Table 2—7 Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor—Continued. Steps for processing DA Form for Soldiers, page 4.

AR Total Army Sponsorship Program :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Army Community Service Center. Appoint a reactionary sponsor. Forward DA Form to—.

Are outbound Soldiers in ranks of private through colonel excluding AIT Soldiers and Soldiers making PCS moves to student detachments at long-term schools receiving advance arrival sponsorship, unless declined? Reactionary sponsorship Sponsor support offered to the Soldier or civilian employee arriving at an installation without an assigned sponsor.

AR 600-8-8 Total Army Sponsorship Program

The sponsor will answer followup correspondence from the incoming Soldier or civilian employee within 10 working days of receipt of correspondence. If new arrival desires a sponsor, contact the gaining unit or activity to have arr sponsor appointed. Rear detachment sponsorship Sponsor support provided family members of Soldiers and civilian employees whose unit or activity is deployed from an installation and is scheduled to return to that installation.


Information requested on DA Form will be included with the letter. Greet Soldier or Civilian Employee 2— Steps for appointing a reactionary sponsor—Continued. The act of sponsorship and welcome for new Soldiers, civilian employees, and their families is a low-cost but labor-intensive activity that, when performed with care, knowledge, and sincerity, will benefit the unit activitySoldier, civilian employee, and their families.

Army Community and Family Sup. Sponsor feedback and recognition Sponsors will receive feedback on their performance. Are outbound civilian employees offered out-sponsorship assistance?

The sponsor should familiarize the new Soldier or civilian employee and family to the unit or activity and community, including an early visit to ACS. Explanation of abbreviations 060-8-8 terms.

Strength managers or commanders and supervisors will ensure that DA Form is forwarded and responded to in a timely manner. Assist departing employee with tasks essential to leaving installation and with additional outsponsorship requirements.

Army Publishing Directorate

Assistant Chief of Staff for Information Management. Section I Program Overview.

The Total Army Personnel System directs the sponsorship function to—.