APTRANSCO/APGENCO Assistant Engineer AE Electrical Previous Question Papers | Indian Shout. Like. 0. Home. About. Contact us. Here we are providing you the APTRANSCO/APGENCO Questions with Answers .These questions were collected from previous. APTRANSCO-APGENCO QUESTION PAPERS HI FRIENDS I HAVE COLLECTED THE QUESTIONS ASKED IN PREVIOUS APTRANSCO.

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Harmonics are eliminated by using a Skewing of rotor b Distribution winding c Short pitch winding d All of the above Ans: Low-pass filter function ii. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Also,I want study which are the preffered text books thankig you.

Temperature of electrode in Arc furnace is a deg b deg c deg to deg d deg Ans: Ebooks Electrical engg apptransco Electrical engg vol-2 Electrical engg vol-3 Electrical engg vol When moving iron meter is used to measure d. Send us Transco previous paper to my I.


At full-load and 0. The following element retains it energy after source is disconnected a Resister b Inductor c Capacitor d Thermistor Ans: A dc cumulatively compounded motor delivers rated load torque at rated speed. Mho relay is usually employed for the protection of a Short lines only b Medium lines only c Long lines only d Any line Ans: The phase lead compensation is used to a Increase rise time and decrease overshoot b Decrease both rise time and overshoot c Increase both rise time and overshoot d Decrease rise time and increase overshoot Ans: For SR latch whent the out put is undesirable a 0, 0 b 1, 0 c 0, 1 d 1, 1 Ans: I changed my font at thecutestblogontheblock.


And also send me kindly prefered text books also. Thanking You, Keetha Satyanarayana.

Power factor will be lowered Moving coil in dynamometer wattmeter connected a In series with fixed coil b Across supply c In series with load d Across load Ans: Moving Coil Voltmeter Hot wire voltmeter Electro Dynamo meter Electrostatic Voltmeter Which of the following you will prefer to extend the range of an ac voltmeter?

Transient stability can be improved by a By putting series capacitor b By using dynamic resister c Auto electricl d All of the above Ans: Electrical Circuits moel Networks: Field flux production Get my banner code Make flash banner. The slip and rotor ohmic losses at full load are a 0. Hope will reply soon. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Va paoers Vb are negative sequence component voltages the difference angle between Va and Vb with respect to Va is a b c d Ans: In Induction motor Slip frequency of rotor current, when rotor speed is Nr. Find us on Facebook Electricalengineerz. Which of the following plant is having lowest load factor? Core loss component current decreases, Magnetizing component current decreases Less fluctuation from no-load to full-load Fo To Posts Atom.


In ceiling fan the angle between auxiliary winding a main winding is a 0 deg b 90 deg c deg d deg Ans: If direction of rotation is reversed, then machine will a Build up its voltage with same polarity b Build up its voltage with opposite polarity c No build up of voltage d None Ans: Your email address will not be published.

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