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A system provides a set of services that are used by an enterprise to carry out a business purpose 1. System components typically consist of hardware, software, data, and workers.

Systems are specified by the services they provide along with other non-behavioral requirements such as reliability or cost of ownership. The problem of systems engineering is to design ru; implement a system that meets the needs of system stakeholders, including:.

Functional requirements should include the behavior the system exhibits as it provides the functionality. Analysis of stakeholder needs results in a variety of system requirements, including: Depending on circumstances, there might be other system requirements such as logistics support, security, and remote training needs. Some of these requirements are familiar to software development.


Apostila de Sociologia Monique

Some cannot be addressed without hardware, software, and worker considerations. Systems design requires that all three ryp of components be specified concurrently. A systems developer may want to maintain a number of system configurations.

The system problem then differs from the software-only problem in that systems engineering addresses a broader set of requirements than are normally addressed in software efforts. Even so, it is important to note that almost all software development efforts contain some elements of the system problem. Examples of software developments that have system. This paper introduces a derivative of the Rational Unified Process, or RUP,1 that addresses the problem of system specification, analysis, design, and development.

Contact the local Rational account team for more information.

While the project team has systems engineers as members, there is no separate systems engineering discipline. Rather, the systems engineers participate in RUP disciplines. RUP is shown in Figure 1.

One key feature of RUP and RUP Eup is that the development team consists of workers such as architects, developers, testers, and others who concurrently evolve their particular artifacts.


These workers do not hand off work to each other using a serial approach. rrup

Apostila de legislação do SUS | Marcos Rodrigo –

They work together throughout the effort, evolving levels of detail to address their areas of concern. Their area of concern is the design and specification of the hardware and system deployment to ensure that the overall system requirements are addressed. In addition to adequacy of the software architecture to meet functional requirements, software architects are generally concerned with:. Besides functionality, systems engineers or designers usually address the following types of concerns: Supportability can include installing the system and applying patches.

Other domain-specific paostila engineering concerns include security, ease of training, and logistics support. RUP SE provides the artifacts for addressing these concerns and the workflows for evolving their detailed specification.

Tags Engenharia de software RUP. Scrum Uma das mais famosas metodologias de desenvolvimeno Agil.

Artigo sobre melhores praticas de desenvolvimento em equipe utilizando o RUPO.