Angampora is an ancient martial art from Sri Lanka that has survived to I haven’t got the book yet but ordered last week through a friend in Sri Lanka. Book Description. අද වන විට ක්‍රමයෙන් වියකි යමින් පවතින අංගම්පොර සටන් කලාව පිළිබද තොරතුරු ඇතුලත් කරමින් එම සටන්. History tells us that he has written several books about it as well. This master in Angam is said to have trained all his soldiers, cavalry and other types of mounted .

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History – Angampora – STIMA

However even after independence the booka revival of the art cannot be observed as the prohibition imposed by the British was continued by the new rulers. The Ravana Age bolks BC. Most importantly, finding the funding to make this happen when you have so much to handle is tremendously challenging. A dry zone exists to the north and south and the mountains of the mid country give you the cool climes. But all of that is about to change.

Our goal is to make history.

Corporate citizens have an important role to play in helping protect our culture, so we are looking for support from socially-responsible businesses to partner angampor us. Angampora fighter with sword and shield [32]. Anagmpora a ship commandeered by Lorenzo De Almeida, a Portuguese, battered by a storm accidentally happened upon the island.

Angampora gripping technique at Korathota Angam Maduwa. He has a wealth of knowledge about the subject and has already done a lot of work himself to piece together this history. We partnered with New York based crowd funding platform Crimso. National Museums of Ceylon.

Angampora: A pictorial narrative of Sri Lanka’s ancient martial art

University of California Press. Your goal to publish the book, is it on track? A history of Sri Lanka. The fact that something on this scale is being done for the first time means you have to personally look for first-hand information and be very meticulous about the research. The Keralan martial art of Kalaripayattu has been compared by commentators to Angampora, to the extent of calling Angampora an offshoot of Kalari.


The members of the team — Reza, Dewmith, Nuwan and I — are all good friends. Wanda gataya Hasthi gataya.

Sri Lanka’s Art Magazine | Art Article | ANGAMPORA – A NATION’S LEGACY IN PICTURES

Being a small team and doing the work of a big project is not easy at all. The monarchy maintained a reasonable army that consisted of full time soldiers, but the majority of countrymen were ready to answer the call to arms in the name of king and country. In total, there are sixty-four types of weapon, including thirty-two sword variants. There will be a photography exhibition open to the public on the 22 nd and 23 rd of October from We are still handling the work of about 10 people between four heads, but we are really proud of where bloks have come since the time Reza and I first discussed this idea about a year ago.

Today, this exotic and deadly martial art is at a critical point where it needs to reveal itself to the world at large in order to preserve a living heritage of humanity. According to apocryphal Sinhalese folklore, angampora’s history stretches to zngampora far back as 3, years, [11] [ dead link ] with the Yaksha tribe one of the four “hela” – the ancient tribes that inhabited the island being identified as originators.

We are all passionate about our country and we have got a lot of boojs and enthusiasm to do something novel, so we decided to put our skills together to help bring this art into global awareness as our first project through our partnership: This was because the British forces found it difficult to face the Sri lankan revolutionaries who were practitioners of this art. Maru kala is the component that incorporates nerve-point attacks capable of inflicting pain on the opponent, causing serious injury or timed death.


The name ‘Angampora’ is derived from the Sinhalese word anga- a root word for ‘body’, denoting physical combat and porameaning fight. Angampora has been the subject of a number of films and television dramas in Sri Lanka. Pora Haramba include approximately eighteen forms of offensive angzmpora and seven of defensive blocks. Tracking down the leads for your story board — what were the goals and challenges that you had to face? Kindly use a genuine email ID and provide your name.

Laying the groundwork was tough and we began with limited capital and big dreams. We are making great progress in finishing the book. Notify me of new posts by email. But invariably, each time, they were driven back. A Fighting Art associated with Kings”. When a business has disproportionate debt vs.

Reviving a nation’s legacy: Angampora in pictures

During this dark period for Sri Lanka the Portuguese advances into the island were time and again stopped with dire consequences to booos invading armies. Pita pahara Thallu pahara Vakka pahara. Most of the places we have covered are in Sri Lanka.

Retrieved 19 May Extreme measures were taken that included imprisonment, persecution, and an order to shoot in the knees of any known practitioner of the art. It xngampora important to mention here that was not after defeat by war, but due to falling pray to conspiracies planned by the British.

We have had a lot of challenges on shoots, from capturing the perfect light for a shot to coordinating animals and dealing with site officials.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Thus for the next years i. Bloks angampora is designed to kill, it requires the practitioner to adhere at all times to stringent discipline. This is evident in the medical writings done by Ravana.