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Akiza: Pookles doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's of students, but having a closer relationship with my students is always a treat! "So Bruno, why don't you quiz Yusei for fun?" "Yeah, help me out up here Aki," Yusei added. After meeting Yusei, Akiza began to question the path she took of distancing herself the former refers to her connection with plant and the latter to her loneliness. . While Sayer tests Leo to see if he possesses Psychic Dueling powers, after. They worked together on the quiz and got a ten out of ten. "A perfect score!" Yusei said as he wrapped Akiza in a hug. She laughed. "Thanks.

The nurse opened the door and came in at Akiza's office.

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She's at middle 20's. The boss is trying to tell you that you got a promotion! You've been transfer back to your home, New Domino City so your can continue to work as a doctor! I'll miss you all! Later, the plane has landed back to New Domino City.

Akiza is happy to see her home once again, carring her bags. As she goes outside, she sees someone. Is that-- her heart's beating faster. Then, it was Yusei, smiling. I'm so glad that I came back for you.

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I'm here for you I love you, too. They kissed passionately Akiza starts to live at Yusei's place after reuniting. The day after, Yusei drove his car with Akiza to the rose garden.

They stared at the sunset until Yusei breaks the silence. He turned and gently took her hands Yusei: Akiza, I love you since the day I met, saving you, protecting you and encourging you.

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You're the one of my best friends. I can't forget the day that we've became a couple. And you're my shooting star. And now, Im going to ask you this Akiza Izinski, will you marry me? Yes, I will, Yusei Fudo.

I love you, Akiza. I love you, too, Yusei. Two months later, Yusei and Akiza are married on the special day, Valenitine's Day. But just who is Aki Izayoi? I'll be explain who she is as we break down her character and her roles in the 5D's series. Aki Izayoi is the most unique character from 5D's. She started out as a mysterious figure who would duel on the streets and wreck everything and anyone who came across her. This was around the time Yusei was barely getting out of Jail and barely getting to know Ruka and Leo.

Yusei happens to be around an area where the Black Rose Witch Aki First appeared, and she had defeated a Duelist really bad causing the streets to crack and cause a dust storm and strike fear into the hearts of man, but little did the Witch know that Yusei did not fear the Witch in fact he tried talking with her but only got to see that she too had a mark that resembled his own.

More curious than before Yusei begins to learn more about the Marks on Jack and this newcomer, it wasn't until the Fortune Cup that Yusei and everyone else got to meet the true Black Rose Witch. It was none other than the lovely girl we know and love today. Yusei fought Aki in the tournament and managed to learn through that duel that she was someone who was hurting on the inside, Although Yusei did his best to try and reason with her through the words of Dueling he only managed to scratch the surface and unmask the her.

Aki Izayoi is know for possessing strong Psychic abilities that create real life shockwaves and images from the Duel simulators. So much that Everytime Black Rose Dragon appeared it caused havoc and a couple of casualties Everytime, she would suppress this by putting on the mask, this was to hid her face as she considered herself hideous and vile in every aspect.

This all began when she was a little girl living with her mother and father. Aki was the daughter of a senator and his mother a stay at home wife, Aki was a carefree girl who loved her Mother and Father but Aki never saw much of her Father since he was always on the go, and on one fateful day Aki was going to have a Birthday and she was given a deck, the "Rose" deck she uses now, she wanted to Duel her Father as he made a promise to her to Duel her for the first time but this led to the Father Dueling for a split second and going to work, Aki unable to Duel as promised yelled out in rage saying things like you promised and you never have time for me anymore, thus activating her hidden potential.

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Her Psychic powers now awakened she blew away her Father crashing him into the wall, Aki scared and sorry for what she did tried to approach her Father but he swiped her hand away and called her a "Monster" this echoed in her head until she grew into the Aki we know. So she left her home and didn't return. When she became a young lady she had her mask by then and dueled people for the sake of hurting them and feeling good about it, they would call her a witch and so she was know as the "Black Rose Witch" but this didn't go on for long, a man by the name of Devine saw potential in her, told her that she was beautiful and not a witch by any means.

These kind words would now comfort her and make her side with this stranger. Sometime passes and we go back to the Fortune Cup day where she first reveals her true self. It turns out Devine made it so that Aki would be like an attack dog per say, if he said a certain word he could enable her Berserk mode and turn it off at will, this mode I speak of was controlled by Devine but calmed by Yusei during there first duel.

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She lost and saw what Yusei tried to do for her, but Aki is not a very trusting person yet since her childhood was mostly in the streets and her time was always for Devine. Aki had a thing for Devine but obviously this guy wasn't in it for the relationship, what he wanted was to build an army of Psychic Duelist's and the plan was to conquer using they're special abilities, this group was known as "The Arcadia Movement".

Aki however was released of such clutches thanks to Yusei and friends for showing her that what Devine was doing was evil and that she was nothing to her but a weapon.