Yulia and lena relationship

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yulia and lena relationship

Yulia Olegovna Volkova (Russian: Юлия Олеговна Волкова) born 20 February and better known by the alternative spelling of Julia, is a Russian singer, recording artist and actress, best known for being a member in the Russian girl group t.A.T.u., along with Lena Katina. . In , Volkova then had a long-term relationship with businessman Parviz. As for her most recent quote, Yulia herself has claimed many times she is bisexual, but most of what she has done- from faking a relationship with Lena to. Okay so, I have heard many people say that Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova were Volkova is currently[when?] in a long term relationship with.

You literally coffined her! It would be stupid to think that I tried to insult her or bring her down. We just filmed a beautiful video in memory of t.

And by the way, we both are coffined, not just Yulia. Cemeteries in California differ from ours. At first I felt uncomfortable, after each take I used to say sorry to the dead, which my crew found funny. By the way, what are you relations with Volkova now?

yulia and lena relationship

They say she still has an edge on you for not congratulating her on her birthday… Not true. I texted her happy birthday.

If she changed her number and decided not to let me know, well, I guess it is sad. Is it hard to start a solo career to an artist like you, who already proved everything to everybody? At my first solo club shows in the US my knees were week just like at the first t.

But on the other hand it is interesting and exciting. Not only did you put a period to t. Even Vanya Shapovalov said that public needs charismatic persons. I had to change myself.

Was Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina ever married?

First from golden dark-blond I went to extreme redhead. Water was my only fuel, and I was on the edge of fainting all the time. In two months my extra 10 kilos were gone. Later it resulted in some health issues. But I was 14 and I wanted to shoot a music video. Was it hard to have the first kiss with Volkova either? Of course, it was embarrassing.

I even liked it. Facebook page that Volkova was finishing her second single from the album titled " Didn't Wanna Do It ," due in July It was confirmed it would be released as her first worldwide single. Both videos topped the Ello music video charts. In late Julia Volkova had surgery on her vocal cords.

She is still recovering her voice and has plans for more surgeries. Despite her voice problems she still performs.

yulia and lena relationship

InVolkova made a series of performances with her former bandmate Lena Katina with the duo performing as t. However, shortly after, Katina accused Volkova of blackmailing her, putting an end to t. Volkova denied the accusations. However, their single "Lyubov v Kazhdom Mgnovenii" "Love in every moment" was released as a collaboration of the two singers but was not listed as a t. InVolkova talked for the first time about her disease, revealing that in she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

During a complex surgery to remove the tumor, her laryngeal nerve was damaged, so Julia almost lost her voice. She had two surgeries in Germany to recover her voice, but they were unsuccessful. It was only the third operation in Seoul, inwas able to fix the situation for the better.

yulia and lena relationship

Acting career[ edit ] In and Julia participated in sketches from the children's comedy TV show Yeralash. The film is based on the novel t.

yulia and lena relationship

Come Backwhich was in turn based on true events. Julia plays the heroine, Natasha. It is simply not necessary to make illusions for yourself.

Julia Volkova

There was no image. We always behave the way we want to. Sometimes I must lie because I don't want to disappoint people. It's a pretty violent video. Every day a different young girl gets attacked. So we just want to say you have to be careful in this world. UK Interview, October "Moscow is the best place on earth, It is so warm, so friendly, the people are so nice. In America, they don't even know their neighbour.

yulia and lena relationship

If you want some salt or sugar, you go to the store. In Moscow, we go next door. They are not our friends and if they were, they are not our friends any more. They want to say, 'Oh, Lena was a virgin and we had sex', 'Julia goes with all the boys'. Why would they want to tell stories like that? Why do people care? It does not make us feel bad because we know the truth.

He cares about us and we care about him. We want to support our country, and do what we like!

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It's more comfortable, because she's carying shampoo. Lyudi Invalidy [ edit ] "People are focused on themselves, they become selfish, self-centered and they don't share anything!

It goes beyond sexuality. The lyrics are more profound, serious and sincere than ever before.