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Catherine leaves Wuthering Heights to marry Edgar Linton and they have When Heathcliff, in revenge, marries Edgar's sister, Isabella Linton. In this extract, Isabella has already learnt the fate of her relationship with Heathcliff; that she is caught with a man who does not and in fact, never loved her . Isabella is Edgar Linton's pampered and privileged sister whose upbringing stands in sharp contrast to Catherine's. When we first see her, she is fighting over a.

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Movie generation chart chart. Wutheringheights charlotte riley and catherine earnshaw linton coolspotters edgar les hauts de hurlevent. Wuthering heights pbs version collar city brownstone the character of by noodlerface on. Later, infuriated at his treatment, when he tries to leave, he is not only pinned to the ground by the dogs but effectively forced to stay by a snow storm.

When he has to spend the night, he has to sleep in a wooden paneled bed that is closed and confining and he is besieged with nightmares and haunted by Catherine's ghost who seizes his hand and won't let go. When he tries to return home the next day, he sinks up to his neck in snow, so he is trapped again. Characterization Detached and out of touch with reality Lockwood is emotionally and psychologically locked and may in fact be a sociopath.

He craves acknowledgement and ego strokes and goes out of his way to seek out those who do not notice him or pander to his vanity and yet he rejects those who finally show interest in him bait and switchso he is trapped in his own strange psychological prison, where he leads a vacant, loveless existence, on the fringes of life but never truly part of anything.

An extremely interesting example of Lockwood's being so locked in his perception is seen right at the end of the novel. Readers will remember how terrified Lockwood was when haunted by Catherine's ghost and how in the last chapter he is resentful that Cathy and Hareton seem fearless: On the other hand He seeks and discovers the three mounds and he sees that Catherine's grave is only half buried and Heathcliff's grave is bare it's obviously been disturbed by somethingand Lockwood in his typical fashion wonders how anyone could ever imagine "unquiet" slumbers for the sleepers in that quiet earth.

Another occurrence is when Isabella retorts Heathcliff's attack of a thrown knife with an attack of her own. This shows how the influence of Heathcliff's brutal and cruel presence has led to the awakening of Isabella's violent traits. Isabella even loathes Heathcliff to the point where she practically condones Hindley's murder of Heathcliff, giving Heathcliff only a brief warning as to Hindley's impending attack.

Isabella refuses to take part in this violence, however, she does very little to stop the brutal beating that Heathcliff gives to Hindley. In this extract, Heathcliff makes a mockery out of Isabella through the use of his language. Heathcliff uses vocabulary such as 'fabulous notion', 'marvelous effort of perspicacity' and 'appalling intelligence' which are words which Isabella would use as a Linton of superior social standing and education.

This gives Heathcliff power over her and clearly implies that Isabella has lost her status and power through her marriage with Heathcliff.

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Moreover, Isabella also realizes that she is unable to break out of Heathcliff's control. Her thought of being entrapped in a brutal life with Heathcliff leaves her to resort to self-annihilation where she sees her own destruction as a way to escape him. I'd rather he'd kill himself! In conclusion, Isabella's delusion about Heathcliff's character and his unapologetic quest for Isabella's wealth results in the union of two people who ultimately bring out the worst in each other.

Their relationship entails a purity and spirituality of a transcendent passion that, distorted by the artificially constructed barriers of class, wealth and race, resulted in the intense pain and destruction of both Heathcliff and Catherine.

This extract deals with the intense conflict and wild passion in their relationship.

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At this point in the novel, the two lovers who have loved each other long ago confront each other about their relationship but vanquish in the reality that they are wretched to lose each other by physically having to part as Catherine approaches her death. Catherine and Heathcliff share a love that is embodied in a necessity for each other. Isabella's existence is very much tied to Heathcliff as much as his is tied to her's.

Heathcliff draws a direct association of Catherine to his life. They clearly represent two halves of a whole hence there exists the sense that one cannot exist or survive without the other.