Vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

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vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

Get everything you need to know about Vera Claythorne in And Then There Related Characters: Philip Lombard (speaker), Vera Claythorne, Philip .. He asks Vera why she trusts that he won't just shoot her and Vera says that she has. Philip Lombard slowly opened his eyes, letting them fall he was, only looked Vera Claythorne's way because of her appearance. She was not in the mood for romantic relationships, nor did she They trusted each other. There was no trust between these ten little Indians, even in their alliances. The three The second alliance was between Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard.

They have no real evidence but they join with the people they naturally trust, out of fear and some need to feel that they are not alone in this nightmare. Lombard thinks that it is Wargrave because he has played God as a judge for so long that this must have gotten to his head.

Lombard sees Wargrave's authoritative tendencies as condemning. Active Themes Vera thinks that it is Dr. Armstrong because two of the deaths have both been by poison. And she thinks that he killed Macarthur when he went down to call him to lunch. She also says that he is the only one with medical knowledge so he can declare that Macarthur had been dead for at least an hour and no one would know the difference.

Vera believes that Armstrong's experience must mean he is the murderer. The problem is that although both of their theories though these guesses seem supportable, they have no further evidence.

It is all guesswork. Active Themes Meanwhile, elsewhere, Rogers asks Blore if he has an idea who the criminal is. Blore says he has an idea but he doesn't want to say it yet. Rogers says it's all like a bad dream and that he has no idea who the killer is and that's what scares him the most.

The lack of knowledge is what truly scares the characters. Both Vera and Blore relate the experience to a dream because they can't find another way to explain it.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

Armstrong is talking to Wargrave, saying that they must escape. Wargrave responds that it's very unlikely that a boat could get to them. Wargrave adds that he believes he knows who the killer is — he has no concrete evidence but he thinks that one person is clearly indicated. The people who believe they know who the murderer is do not want to share their information — knowledge is too precious.

Brent is in her room and starts to read her Bible but then puts it down and writes in her diary. But, oh well, I won't go into detail about it right now. Thing is, I've decided to do a series of one-shots all centering around the married life of my favorite pairings.

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Or just pairings I ship. Again, so sorry for not updating. I'll post new chapters as soon as I can! The sun shown through the open window, which allowed the crisp winter breeze to flow into the bedroom. It felt refreshing, to say the least.

In the tangled mass of blankets on the bed in the center of the room there lay a couple. The woman, a lady around the age of thirty, was nestled against her husband, sighing in content. Her spouse, a man of about forty, had his arms wrapped tightly around her.

Both were the world to each other. Philip Lombard slowly opened his eyes, letting them fall immediately on the beauty that lay beside him.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

She was the first thing he would always want to see in the morning. She could make him smile, no matter what. And even after all these years, she still made his heart flutter. He was snapped out of his thoughts when a soft snore escaped her lips. He chuckled softly and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. She stirred at the touch, slowly opening her eyes. She smiled up at him once she was fully awake. His wife, Vera, tucked her head under his chin.

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They had all the right to, given their situation. What happened on Indian Island would-could-not be forgotten, but that only made their bond grow stronger. They had survived the torment and fear, escaping just before any more lives were lost. Just when they had made it back to the city, planning to take their own paths, forget everything that had happened, forget each other, they began to have second thoughts.

During the weekend they were there, on Indian Island, something had changed in them both.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

Philip Lombard, being the charismatic and confident man he was, only looked Vera Claythorne's way because of her appearance. She was quite a sight, in his eyes, but there was nothing behind the occasional glances. Vera Claythorne, on the other hand, did not bother. She was not in the mood for romantic relationships, nor did she have the heart to give anyone.

After what happened with Hugo, she preferred not to get involved romantically. She acknowledged Lombard as being a handsome man, but thought nothing more of it. But as their fellow residents were beginning to get killed off, they began to unwillingly develop something more towards each other than hatred. They trusted each other. They became acquaitances, then friends, but never calling each other as such.

It was Lombard who began to feel something more towards the younger woman.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

There was something about her, something no other woman he had met posessed. And when he fell for her, he fell hard.

He tried not to show it, succeeding, of course. But for some unknown reason, he had also wanted to let her know. He had wanted to let her know she was more than a murder suspect in his eyes. She was the one person he wanted to show his affections to.

He had wanted to let her know he was not U. Owen, that he would not hurt her. That he loved her Vera pulled back from her husband's chest, bringing him back to reality from his reminiscing. Her eyes were filled with concern. He chuckled at how adorable she looked. He frowned, then smiled again, surprised at how much she knew about him. There was no need to hide the fact that the memory bothered him.

It hurt her too. Afterall, it was her that suffered the most. Vera sighed, knowing exactly what was bothering him. She placed her head back on his broad chest. He said, "But, my dear girl, how could we have possibly done that?

They were killed, Philip! They were killed and there was nothing we could do about it and Even after the horrifying events on Indian Island, they grew to love each other. Philip chuckled as the memory of their first date came to his mind. Vera looked up at him, a smile tugging at her lips, knowingly. This happened every morning.

She would often times catch him reminiscing about their past-every morning-and he laughed every time. Vera punched him lightly in the shoulder, "Oh, stop it! It was your fault we were banned from my favorite resturaunt! As if their food was that good.

You were too busy throwing it at me to bother. I did not want it to irritate such a lovely lady as yourself, and so, I set out to destory it.

She would never tire of him. Or of his silly antics. Or of the two of them just being together. True, it took her the longest time to accept him in her life. She was afraid, scared. She had thought he was U. Owen, that he was going to murder her brutally. But as the two of them turned to look at each other after they had found Armstrong's lifeless body, she somehow knew it wasn't him.

There was something in his eyes, a pain, that told her he was as afraid as she was. Yet, she had it all planned out.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship trust

She was not going to die, and even if a gut feeling warned her not to, she had reached into Lombard's pocket and snatched his revolver. She had the intention of pulling the trigger, just sending a bullet straight into his heart, but He spoke to her with a gentle tone, trying desperately to convince her. She could feel herself breaking, bit by bit. She had steadily held the gun, ready to kill him if she had to.

But she just could not, and as Lombard had taken a step towards her, she faltered, and he embraced her. The hug was something unexpected, but completely welcomed; something she was in desperate need of.