Valjean and cosette relationship memes

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valjean and cosette relationship memes

During the rebellion, Valjean learned that Cosette loves Marius and due In relationship to this post, below I have a link to a post I wrote about. Children, Cosette (surrogate daughter; no legal or blood relation). Relatives. Unnamed brother-in-law; Marius Pontmercy (adoptive son-in-law). Religion, Roman Catholic. Nationality, French. Born, Death, (aged 64). Jean Valjean is the protagonist of Victor Hugo's novel Les Misérables. Hugo depicts the .. La chose simplement d'elle-même arriva. Everything you ever wanted to know about the quotes talking about Family in Les you might say that Jean Valjean has an unhealthy relationship to Cosette.

Yes, I love Eponine the most out of the three despite how horrible and dark her life is.

valjean and cosette relationship memes

One interesting plot point in Les Mis is the switch that happens between Eponine and Cosette. Cosette had a horrible childhood, but her life improved after Jean Valjean rescued her. The rescue of Cosette is one place where you begin to understand that Cosette is supposed to represent hope. In the case of Eponine, she starts out by being spoiled by her parents and appears to be loved by her parents however that is not always going to be the case.

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After Cosette is rescued by Jean Valjean, Eponine gets the same treatment that Cosette got and her parents teach her the ways of being a criminal and her family falls into extreme poverty.

So due to the switch, it makes perfect sense why Cosette ends up with Marius and why Eponine ends up with unrequited love for Marius. Les Mis is played out so nicely that it truly works that Marius and Cosette get together.

valjean and cosette relationship memes

True, when Marius fall in love with Cosette, he was conflicted between his passion for the rebellion and his passion for Cosette. He does decide to fight in the rebellion after believing that Cosette is leaving. They found happiness for the first time through each other. Cosette was horribly abused as a child and Valjean faced hard labor in prison.

valjean and cosette relationship memes

They both have gone through some kind of trauma and through their relationship, they found some kind of happiness. Eventually Marius found Cosette again because Eponine found the address for him.

The two lovers confessed their love for each other as Eponine watched in the background. Cosette does not want to leave due to her love for Marius, but even Valjean did not know that she loves Marius.

Is Marius and Cosette a Wonderful Couple?

Valjean did learn that Cosette is in love with Marius in the second act after Eponine delivers a note from Marius to Cosette. Valjean heads to the barricades to protect Marius due to how much he loves Cosette. While Marius is recovering, Cosette helped take care of him. Even though they both have happier fates than a lot of the other characters, they still have faced lots of trauma in their lives: Cosette as child and Marius watching all of his friends die.

Lots of Les Mis fans dislike Cosette just because she fall in love with Marius and because she does not have much depth to her.

valjean and cosette relationship memes

But there is no need to dislike Cosette because she loves Marius and because Marius loves Cosette. There is nothing wrong with the love triangle between Marius, Cosette, and Eponine. People feel like Marius and Cosette should never have become a couple in the first place and that Marius should be with Eponine. This did not prevent the beautiful child from smiling as she listened to what the white-haired old man was saying to her, and nothing could be more fascinating than that fresh smile, combined with those drooping eyes.

Analysis of Cosette

For a moment, Marius thought that she was another daughter of the same man, a sister of the former, no doubt. But when the invariable habit of his stroll brought him, for the second time, near the bench, and he had examined her attentively, he recognized her as the same. In six months the little girl had become a young maiden; that was all.

valjean and cosette relationship memes

Nothing is more frequent than this phenomenon. There is a moment when girls blossom out in the twinkling of an eye, and become roses all at once.