Usos and roman reigns relationship

5 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Were Related To The Rock

usos and roman reigns relationship

We take a look into the incredible wrestling family of Roman Reigns. The WWE Interestingly enough, The Rock does share a legitimate family relationship with Nia Jax. Even so, it seems Actually, Roman Reigns and the Usos ARE cousins. As a family Roman Reigns and The Usos always helped each other in time of need on the screen. For the first time relation between Roman. Roman Reigns hasn't really had a lot of diversity in his character. writer tried to change that by highlighting his relationship to the Usos.

Oddly enough, they aren't the only members of the Anoa'i clan who are active in the WWE, as their cousin Roman Reigns has been kicking much ass in singles action as of late. And if you tune into Total Divas, the WWE-produced reality show that follows the private lives of several women wrestlers, you've witnessed a bit of Jimmy Uso's life out of the ring with his wife and fellow superstar, Naomi.

Having cameras recording much of their personal and professional lives can be a "little weird" at times. It's something we discussed with Jimmy during a recent phone interview promoting the WWE's taping the latest episode of its Smackdown show tonight at US Airways Center.

He talked about how he's gotten familiar with having cameras follow him out of the ring and getting all up into his personal life, even if took a little while to get used to. We also discussed his relative's lengthy history with the WWE and how it's sometimes hard to keep track of everybody in their complicated family tree. We're pretty sure that you and your brother are the longest-reigning Samoan tag team champions in WWE history.

What's that feel like to have such an honor? Man, that's pretty bad.

usos and roman reigns relationship

I didn't even know that. All I know is that the longest [tag team title reign] was done by Demolition. They had it for like days or something. Well, looking at the statsyour great uncles Afa and Sika held it for days and your dad and uncle had it for days when they were The Headshrinkers. You and your brother have been champs for more than days now.

Oh, that's pretty cool. I had no idea. How much longer do you think you'll have the titles?

Meet 15 Members of Roman Reigns’ Incredible Family of Wrestlers

Not even sure, man. We're gonna try to hold onto these and keep that record going. That would be awesome for me and my brother to hold that accolade. Do you think there should more of a tag-team division in the WWE? I feel like the tag-team division now is starting to get a little more amped up because of us, The Wyatts, and Rybaxel going out there and putting tag-team wrestling where it should be. But I definitely think there should be a lot more tag teams because it ain't wrestling without tag teams.

Tag teams have been here since day one. Have your uncles, cousins, or father been your biggest influence in wrestling?

usos and roman reigns relationship

Well, I'd have to say to say my biggest influence has been my uncle, Umaga, who passed and isn't here any more. But yeah, he definitely had a big influence and a big impact on my wrestling career as far as where we're at in the WWE. Why has he always had a soft spot for Samoans? I think we're just bred to do this, man.

We're huge, we're athletic, we're agile, and we've just been here from day one with wrestling. I think this is just what we're supposed to do and we enjoy doing this.

We love doing this, you know? How do you feel about the rise of your cousin Roman Reigns as a singles star? He's just killing it, man. Roman's been doing this for a short while, man, so to see him come here and [how] they have all these high hopes for him and they've got big things going on for Roman Reigns in the WWE is awesome.

Roman Reigns and his cousins: Meet his incredible family of wrestlers

And that's what we do, we deliver when the opportunity arises. And he's definitely doing that. He's gonna be a big thing in the WWE. This might be a weird question, but between you and your brother, which one is the "Shawn Michaels" of the tag team that's going to be the breakout singles star?

Aww, you're just trying to start up some problems between us, man. But there ain't no telling, man, we're both so evenly the same. We both move the same, we're not the same height, but I'm a little heavier than my brother.

the usos roman reigns & dean ambrose vs the league of nations & new day - raw 11/30/15

I definitely look better than my brother, that's for sure. The man did so freaking well as a wrestler that it made him arguably the biggest movie star in all of Hollywood. Indeed, we will always smell what The Rock is cooking. As many of you know, Rock also comes from a giant wrestling family. He's real-life cousins with Roman Reigns as you knewand his grandfather Peter Maivia was among the first Samoan professional wrestlers.

But many of you may not be aware of just how huge The Rock's family tree of professional wrestling is. He's related to some of the biggest superstars, both past and present.

Roman Reigns and The Usos Relationship

But besides Roman Reigns, who else is he related to? Here are five wrestlers you had no idea were related to The Rock. Tragically, Umaga died from a heart attack at the age of 36 in which was apparently brought on by drug overdose. You may not have known this, but Umaga was also distant cousins with The Rock, who is also part of the Anoa'i family. The family tree is huge and somewhat hard to follow, but these two WWE stars were in fact related.

Umaga's brother also happens to be related to The Rock The pound man was known for showing off is large As you guessed, Rikishi is also real-life cousins with The Rock and part of the Anoa'i family. With the giant family tree, the relations between Rock and Rikishi are distant and complicated. Both men have had tremendous careers; Rikishi won four championships and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in

usos and roman reigns relationship