Uncle and niece intimate relationship

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uncle and niece intimate relationship

His niece (his, much older, half brother's daughter) is They've always had a close uncle/niece relationship - he's always been the one who's hand she's held . Generative Uncle and Nephew Relationships the relationships of uncles and nephews, a theme that has .. uncles and nephews who maintain intimate rela-. In your opinion, the relationship is more than an uncle-niece relationship. It appears, to I will not accuse him of being intimate with his niece.

Melinda went to the same highschool as me. We found the whole thing pretty hilarious even though our friends and fellow students stopped thinking the joke was funny early on. Melinda was cool, and pretty hot, and we got along really well.

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But she was technically my niece. Her mom shared the same parents as I did you know? We stayed in touch through college but only barely. I would hear things about her through my mom or sister and occasionally she would give me a call usually regarding family related matters or I'd send her an e-mail but we pretty much became extended family for a while.

Then one day she called to tell me she was thinking of moving to the Big City where I now lived. We were both in our mid 20s by now. She asked if she could come for a visit so she could see what the city was like. Fuck yeah so I told her sure, come and visit for as long as you want. What are uncles for? It had been about a year since I'd last seen her and I have to tell you when I met her at the airport I felt something that made me feel embarrassed.

I was really attracted to her. I had always acknowledged she was good looking but I had never had any sexual desire for her. Its hard to explain but just the way she carried herself and her hair and everything else, something I can't put my finger on, really turned me on. But, she was my niece. It's not like anything was going to happen, nor should it. Her third night there we were getting drunk at my apartment when I realized she was flirting with me.

She was talking about the disaster that had been her last relationship and how she woke up one morning realizing she had to get away and her first thought was trying to make it in the Big City like her favorite Uncle had. She joked and teased, laughed at my jokes, kept finding excuses to touch me you know, like: I was sober enough to know what she was doing but drunk enough not to care.

So when that moment came, that awkward moment where you're looking into her eyes and you can just sense she wants you to do it, I did.

uncle and niece intimate relationship

The next morning over breakfast she insisted we talk about what we had done even though I would have rather just pretend nothing had happened. She told me she was on birth control so she wasn't about to get pregnant so I didn't have to worry. And why, she asked, should societal norms dictate our lives? Clearly there was chemistry between us, she argued, and she also admitted to having had feelings for me since highschool.

I have two kids with my uncle

They believe I am crazy but I know what I saw. This girl is 14, but she has body. I told my husband I did not want the girl back to the house. Whatever we have to give her, we can send to her. I have since changed my mind.

uncle and niece intimate relationship

I told him that he can continue to help her but I am not going to help her because I believe they have something going on. Do you think I am wrong? I would love to hear what you have to say. I hope this incident will not lead to divorce. You believe your husband is too familiar with his niece.

In your opinion, the relationship is more than an uncle-niece relationship. It appears, to you, that they are lovers. Your husband said you are jealous of the relationship he has with his niece.

Perhaps you are, indeed, jealous. It is not madness. It is something men seem not to understand. Whether women are right or wrong, it's there. I want to believe that your husband has been a little careless. I will not accuse him of being intimate with his niece.

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You said you can swear that you saw his hand under her skirt. He said it was not true. She also denied it. You told him you want the girl out of your house.

You have taken that position to protect her and your marriage. I am wondering whether it was right for you to suggest she should not come back to the house. Whether you should take such drastic position in not giving her anymore financial help. Even if you do not want her to visit the home anymore, I suggest you continue to help her financially?

I would go further by saying you should give your husband the benefit of the doubt.

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He denied what you have been accusing him of doing. Time will tell if he is, indeed, having any form of sexual contact with the young lady. I further suggest you and your husband should make an appointment to see a family counsellor. You see, madam, if your husband is not guilty of what you have accused him of doing, he is going to hold it against you for the rest of his life.

You may also hate the girl for life for trying to take away your husband, so to speak, although she is at a tender age of Seek professional help, I beg both of you.