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There are many twin flame signs that define a twin flame relationship. you can seek out if you truly understand the dynamic of a twin flame relationship. In this guide, we'll explain the meaning of twin flames and how to identify your twin flame stages that you're likely to experience in any twin flame relationship. Encountering one another kick-starts a dynamic new part of your life; one that. If you are in a twin flame dynamic, all this information might be overwhelming first. The Twin Flame journey is not about romance in the first place, and we and we are asking ourselves: “What is it that I have gotten into here Twin Flames – Embodying the Energetic Dance | Lighthearted Signs:) - [ ].

A false twin flame, on the other hand, may deliberately create chaos in your life by gaslighting you, stonewalling you, provoking you and taunting you. A true twin flame will cherish you even if they challenge you. You will feel comforted in the presence of a true twin flame, as if your soul has finally reached home after a long and arduous journey. Yet in a false twin flame connection, your wounds and weaknesses are used against you to make you chase after them in a race that will never end.

This dynamic is embedded in a larger cycle or toxicity were the narcissistic partner gives you crumbs to keep your hope alive, all while subjecting you to numerous betrayals and transgressions. With a true twin flame, your greater mission in this life will become clearer.

A true twin flame merges with you on your mission — whatever that may be. To hang onto a false twin flame beyond the expiration date of the relationship will hinder you and your dreams, not help you. A true twin flame, on the other hand, will make you feel like anything and everything is possible — they will encourage you to achieve greater heights, with or without them. They are designed to be your perfect counterpart — the person who will inspire you towards great personal growth.

The experiences you share with them will give you life lessons that remind you of your own divinity rather than detract from it. They will contribute to your mission and you will find yourself achieving more together than you ever did when apart. The unconditional love between you both is a bond that you honor as sacred — whether it is platonic or romantic. This is destiny; this is love.


Their demand for unconditional love is one based on their own personal interest; they just want you to tolerate their mistreatment in the name of love. This will feel very uncomfortable in the beginning, and can feel like reliving the past, as the amount of low vibrations running through our system is much higher than what we had to handle so far with our own, our twins and our lineage.

Teaching new Relationship and Family Templates Twins are here to teach humanity how life on New Earth will be like, outside of the illusions we took for granted for such a long time. Life on New Earth is based on authenticity, freedom and self-love for the individual and oneness and compassion within the community. All of this becomes possible, when human Ego has been transformed into a free spirit and the hearts have been opened to unconditional love.

This will lead to a complete absence of fear. On New Earth, feminine and masculine energies are in complete balance. The female as the creative part will set the right intentions from the heart and deliver the ideas, while the masculine part as the creator will implement. Twins are first to reach this balance and then support spreading this via ripple effect and the connection to twins all over the planet.

Twins are the role model for new relationship and family templates, free from dependencies, duties, contracts, compromise.

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In a world without fear and insecurity, where everyone is valued for what they are, this will be the new normal. Teaching new Societal Templates Closely related to the relationship and family templates are general societal templates that need to change to make life in the 5th dimension possible. Also these will be completely based on compassion, freedom and authenticity. Honesty will be self-evident. Today, when you ask people to not tell a lie for one day, most would not be able to do so, because our ego uses lies as a means of self-defence.

This will change with the help of our lightwork. We will teach how we will live in harmony in the future. Communities that help each other out but honour and respect the individual aspects of each and everyone. The same counts for businesses. Imagine a world without ego and honouring our natural form of being in complete balance. We would not need fashion, fancy cars, fancy watches, make up, cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant etc.

Test it yourself and walk down a shopping street and count the shops you would truly need on New Earth and which ones would drop away. Now that we have learned what the purpose of twin flames is, we have to dive a bit further into the Twin Flame dynamics and process to understand what is happening for us and why this process is so challenging and painful in the beginning. And — it is very important to understand how these dynamics work from an energetic point of view so that we can use it to move forward quickly and come into a state of inner peace and balance.

Insight Number 1 — Your Twin is You This is what many struggle with to understand when still in 3D thought and believe patterns. The sooner, the better. Of course, it is your choice. If you enjoy the 3D templates and the push and pull dynamics and the running and chasing game, then stick with it. There is only one guarantee: A permanent reunion with your twin will not be possible that way. We have to understand, that our twin is us.

So what we blame or judge him or her for, we blame ourselves for. They are our ultimate mirror and they give us exactly what we need for our own healing and growth. That is not always what our ego wants… So when you are blaming them for ignoring you, why are you ignoring yourself? When you complain about them not being honest about their feelings, where are you not honest yourself? Insight Number 2 — It is all about You Closely related to that is that we have to learn that it is always about us.

And when we have understood that we are one it makes sense, right? If we heal us, we heal both parts. There is only us. And the faster we focus on ourselves, on our own issues, our own healing, the quicker we will raise the frequency for us, our twin and humanity and feel much more balanced and whole.

Working with our inner child, our ego and learning the language of energy in order to transmute fear frequencies into love frequencies through gratitude and forgiveness are three key aspects. It is triggering us until we have pealed off every fake layer and have found back to self-love.

A state of being without any self-doubt, hurt, insecurities or other fears. Our ego loves to step in here and say — why do I have to do all the work and the other part is not taking any effort? Well, read the next insight to get a clearer perspective. Insight Number 3 — the Female is in the Lead Once we have understood this, the second part to integrate into our awareness are the traits of the female and the male energies.

The female energy is the creative energy. She creates with her intuition, her heart and sets the intention.

She is preparing the energy field and is setting a certain frequency. Then, the male energy, the creator energy, can follow and manifest. It can never be the other way around. So if you are the more female part in the connection carrying a bigger portion of female energy, which is independent from genderyou have to really take that in. If you are waiting for your twin to finally heal and get it — you will wait until the cows come home.

Mirror Soul Meaning: Twin Flames Stages And Signs

This will never happen, as he will simply follow your energy. If your intention in the energetic field is waiting or acting out of fear — he will do the same. If you set the intention to move forward, change things, step into your mission, drop fears and parts that are not authentic about you, follow your true hearts desires, he will follow and do the same.

And you do not have to talk to him or her in 3D about this at all. As you are connected energetically through your heart chakras, you will inspire him or her energetically. The more female part sets the intention and creates the circumstances energetically to pave the way for manifestation. Understand that the more male part needs you to do your job so that they can do theirs. Insight Number 4 — Silence is Golden A lot of confusion always comes up about the forced separation for twin flames.

What we have to understand is, that this separation is guided by our soul and has its purpose. Our soul wants us to focus on ourselves and our own issues and healing. The transformation happens a lot quicker if we are not distracted by the presence of our other half. We have to understand, that our body is not ready to be able to stand these intense high frequencies we experienced in the bubble love phase for long, as we still carry a lot of old baggage and low fear frequencies.

The friction between those two frequencies is too strong. Being with our twin would mean that we would simply burn out and our system would collapse. Recognize the gift of silence for your ultimate good and use this time to focus on your own work instead of wasting energy into chasing and running away from your own lessons. Insight Number 5— Our Inner Child is a Key Holder When we started our journey on earth, it did not take long until we were completely caught up in the 3D game and programmed with false belief systems and templates.

We took for granted what we learned. Everything was based on scarcity and competition. Being not good enough and having to be better, jump higher, perform more… that was our reality. We did not question that maybe what schools, churches, governments, the industries, etc.

So while growing up in our childhood, we were wounded and hurt because all of this programming was not in line with our true essence. Our fears and traumas that we experience today stem from that time. When we face a certain situation our system recalls the memory of the past and reacts with the same protective strategy we came up with as a child.

That results in anger attacks, crying, manipulating etc. We end up in the same mess again and again until we realize that we have to heal our inner child to get rid of the pattern. And no one is better in triggering our inner child than our twin so that we regognize it and heal it.

The inner child, when still in sabotage mode, is the nurturer of the ego, giving it the fear patterns it needs to keep us in fear. When we make our inner child our best friend and get it to trust us completely, the ego cannot get any energy and is forced to transform into a higher frequency. Fear patterns are reprogrammed into love patterns this way. If you want to learn more about inner child work, please go here. Insight Number 6 — Acting out Emotions is good!

Another big misprogramming of the 3D Matrix is that acting out emotions is inappropriate. Crying, screaming, shaking, but also loud laughing or singing in public is simply indecorous in this ego-based society. What we have to understand is that acting out emotions is a good thing!

It is a natural reflex that we have for a reason.

3 Subtle Differences Between a Twin Flame and a Life Partner

It is like energetic puking. Children still use that reflex. If they have an energy in their system that does not belong there, they scream, they cry or shake to release it right away. And everything is cool again a couple of minutes later. Until we teach them that it is not okay to behave that way. So we keep all this toxic energy in our system and our emotional body gets an overload up to a point that it starts passing on dense energies into the physical body, which stores it.

That manifests as muscle pains, inflammations first and can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes etc. So instead of blaming ourselves when we feel like crying or screaming, we need to turn it around and learn that we have to be thankful for the possibility to release it. Compare it with a fish poisoning. Your stomach reacts with a natural reflex to throw up. If you fight that reflex and keep the food in your stomach, you can get very sick and even die.

That again transmutes the energy to a high frequency immediately. You are supposed to reach a state of wholeness individually. The Universe requires transformation and change, not waiting until you are both ready.

You are here as a lightworker with specific gifts and tasks. Explore your childhood and personality to find out what they are and who you truly are and start using your talents to help others. It does not have to be big, by helping one person you already cause a ripple effect. Your mission also gives you your purpose here on the planet and that is very fulfilling and helps you to move forward and come into a much more balanced state of being.

Redirecting energies into something useful helps again to transmute energies to high frequencies of love and compassion. Move forward with your life as if reunion was not happening and you are happy and whole on your own, but know in your heart that your twin will join once all energy blockages between the two of you are cleared.

Insight Number 8— We are Transformers When we have learned to release emotions with gratitude, we have had our first lesson in lightworking. Because that is how transmutation of low frequencies into high frequencies works. Through gratitude and forgiveness instead of blame and judgement, we raise the vibration quickly. This requires to take a different perspective and see the benefit in every situation: