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Dedicated to the relationship between John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagen! . But for John Sheppard, the problems caused by the Wraith device back on the. Teyla Emmagan is the leader of the Athosians from the planet Athos, and was one When she was having trouble sleeping, Major John Sheppard asked Dr. Kate .. She later confided in Rodney that her relationship with Kanaan came about. The truth is, I didn't want to focus on John/Teyla to the exclusion of all In the Legacy-verse, nothing is simple - not problems, not solutions.

We have our established cast for Season 5 but the realities of television make it impossible to make predictions beyond the finale. Will we ever see Weir or Evil Weir at some point? And why was Weir taken off in the first place? Was it to make room for Sam? Any new big bads this season?

The decision to make Samantha Carter the new base commander in Season 4 was in no way related to the decision made with regard to the Elizabeth Weir character. The fact that we've brought in Richard Woolsey to take over the position in Season 5 makes that pretty clear.

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Are we going to see more of McKay's sister in this upcoming season? How many Earth-based episodes? Yes, we will see McKay's sister in Season 5. Watch for Jeannie Miller to pay her brother a visit in The Shrine. Also, expect about two-and-a-half Earth-based episodes this season. Will Jewel Staite Dr.

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Keller become a series regular and appear in the opening credits? After the events of Midway, they're having second thoughts. For now, Atlantis will have to rely on the two-and-a-half week ship-bound journey between galaxies. Please say it's not true, that the th episode is going to take place in Las Vegas? Why can't the th episode be in the Pegasus Galaxy instead of Earth? We've yet to break the th episode. However, in our initial spinning, we have discussed the possibility of having the best of both worlds - or galaxies, as the case may be.

I want to know if Teyla's baby is going the way of Vala's and will be evil. Will Teyla come back for a full season? We'll definitely be seeing more of Teyla in Season 5 as she attempts to balance motherhood and her off-world wraith-killing commitments. Are we going to see more of Rodney's past this year? Indeed we will, in a late Season 5 episode in which he'll be reunited with an old friend and rival.

We're casting this one as I answer this question and, if all goes as planned, it will offer up some fun cameos. I hear Carson Beckett will be making a few appearances - is this true? After McKay and Sheppard, his character was one of my favorites. He had depth, was relatable, and genuinely funny. Paul McGillion will be reprising the role of Dr.

Carson Beckett in five glorious episodes this upcoming season. What is the No. So far, no regrets. Atlantis is now back on Earth, and our intrepid explorers now seem to be able to enjoy some downtime. Until Dr Rodney McKay detects a strange energy reading coming from within Atlantis itself, which threatens more than just the Ancient City. Can our SGA-1 team save the day again?

Or is this beyond even them? John and Teyla have finally acted on their feelings for each other, but a sudden return to Pegasus could spell the end of their new relationship as both of them find themselves torn between duty and love. And even when it seems everything will work out after all, Atlantis throws a new hardball at them. Excerpt From the Journal of Teyla Emmagan Sheppard by kickstand75 reviews On a last journey to the city of Atlantis, Teyla reminisces about her life and that of her team.

T - English - Angst - Chapters: Frozen in Place by firedew reviews Everyone deals with loss in their own way. Years behind him and a decision made, John looks back. One day changed that and now they fight to keep together.

Follow John and Teyla on their journey as a couple through the series. AU, but keeps with the canon mostly. TAG and Missing scenes for several Episodes. Teyla is watching John reading Torren his bedtime story and gets thinking. The device had been disabled and the Daedalus was on its way.

The mission was over, and now the survivors could limp home to recover. But for John Sheppard, the problems caused by the Wraith device back on the planet were just beginning. The Wrath of Armentarius by ShepsReyna reviews The third segment of Sheppard and team adventures where Sheppard continues to acquire powers and begins to organize against the Wraith.

Some profanity and violence. He develops his abilities further and struggles to contain them. Shepcentric with shep whump, O'Neill makes a return because I love him too. His gene is strongest for a reason, and he learns why. Shepcentric but team invovled, even O'Neill. Shep whump sprinkled through this adventure. Not a fairy tale!