Tda duncan and gwen relationship

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tda duncan and gwen relationship

they went to a christmas party and gwen made duncan wear this sweater lol B. Unhappy as fuck in your relationship and don't have the balls to end it with of Gwen in TDA of “putting her goth girl hooks into Duncan” and continued to. The one person on TDI whom Gwen truly hates is Heather, with whom she . As Courtney finds out about Duncan and Gwen's break-up, Gwen. Duncan and Gwen share their second kiss in The EX-Files, officially becoming a in Total Drama Action, which slowly develops into an attraction, despite Gwen.

He then lifted her up on his shoulders and asked her to "go out" with him, to which she finally agrees while laughing and pounding on his back playfully.

Total Drama Island/Gwen - The TV IV

He then takes her to the rap party, as a couple. In Gwen's ending, towards the end of the challenge, Gwen is certain that she isn't going to win against Owen until Trent encourage her not to give up. Hearing his words, Gwen stand back up and continue the race, reaching the finish line before Owen did.

At the campfire ceremony, Gwen and Trent share a hug, finally becoming a couple. Gwen is seen mostly hanging out with Trent and Leshawna in the first season's special, stating that the best part about the competition was meeting the two of them.

Duncan and Gwen

She looked forward to bringing them both over to where she lived so they could meet her friends from home. The three form a single team to look for the million-dollar case later on. All of them reject Heather's request to join them and proceed to laugh at her when she gets tormented by beavers. Both ultimately qualified to compete for the million dollars again in the second season.

Gwen is seen inside the Lame-o-sine and shares a smile with Trent who opens the door for her. Monster Cash Gwen confirms in the confessional make-up room that Trent is officially her boyfriend, and talks about his good qualities as they are being chased by an animatronic monster for their first challenge.

She admired Trent for his selflessness and apparently his ability to state the obvious. Trent calls out to Gwen "I'm here for you, babe" as they fall into the jumping castle after being dropped by the monster.

Trent begins to feel jealous of Gwen's friendship with Duncan when he thinks that Gwen likes Duncan more than him after seeing them laughing and talking about their favorite movie together. He attempts to fit in with their conversation by pretending he knows what they are talking about, but Gwen and Duncan see right through him, making the situation, as Gwen called it, awkward.

Throughout the challenge, Gwen and Duncan are really into the game and are still mentally on the same page, and Trent still fails to keep up with them. After Duncan's egg is eliminated, Trent watches as Gwen and Duncan joking and mocks the two of them in the confessional. Suddenly, one of the lost alien eggs is about to fall off the edge and break just as Gwen's lucky necklace is about to fall in the sewer.

In the end, Trent chooses her necklace over winning the game. Gwen is thanks Trent for retrieving her necklace and give it to him for good luck, which immediately works for him as Trent finds two other eggs on the ground. Gwen and Trent are declared the winner of the challenge but much to their surprise, they will be competing against each other. Riot On Set Trent and Gwen having a conversation after the challenge has ended.

Trent's jealousy with Gwen and Duncan continue when Gwen picks Duncan first for her team. Out of spite, he picks "the beautiful" Lindsay for his team in an attempt to get back at Gwen.

Later, while running up the hill, Gwen trips and begins to fall, but Duncan catches her.

tda duncan and gwen relationship

Trent sees this and asks what Gwen is doing with Duncan, to which she replies that they're on the same team. Trent trips a moment later and Lindsay helps him up, to which he tells Gwen that they too are on the same team.

Determine to defeat Gwen's team, Trent calls her and Duncan "punk wannabes" when his team is in the lead. This shocks both of them, but Gwen assures that they would eventually take Trent and his team down.

During the second challenge, Trent overhears Gwen giving Duncan a sweet talk and mistaken as her flirting with him. At the end of the episode, Gwen and Trent met outside of the trailers, where Gwen assures Trent that Duncan is just a friend and Trent apologizes. Beach Blanket Bogus Gwen stands up for Trent, and says that she likes weird.

Trent's obsession with Gwen and paranoia that he will lose her to Duncan starts to affect his mental health, especially when Duncan started to pull pranks on him.

TDA Aftermath 2 Gwen + Duncan ALMOST KISS

Gwen comes to Trent's defense and reassures him that she likes him no matter what. Trent begins to take this the wrong way and begins to act weirdly.

tda duncan and gwen relationship

Throughout the episode, Trent either has a habit of counting to nine or has the strategy that there should be nine of everything. This ends up causing Trent's team to lose or struggle during challenges.

Gwen notices this but thinks nothing about it until Duncan points out that the number of letters in Gwen and Trent's names combined equals to nine. Harold supports the theory by saying Trent's nine-obsession seemed to become apparent once Trent initially became interested in Gwen. Gwen panics, now convinced that Trent is falling apart because of her and can't handle being responsible for his mental damage.

Trent and Gwen make up while Owen secretly watches. During the final challenge, Trent follows Owen 's earlier advice and tries to win Gwen over by purposely letting her team win challenges.

Gwen notices this and is worried that it's her fault that Trent is acting so disturbed, After the challenge is over, the two of them meet privately in the woods to discuss Trent's recent behavior.

After a brief banter, the two of them make amends and are about to kiss when Owen suddenly pops out from the bushes, leading them to throw sticks at Owen to get him to leave. At the beginning of the episode, Trent notices Gwen isn't feeling well and offers his water to her. Even more surprisingly, Gwen reveals after the Gilded Chris ceremony that she voted herself off as well, which she regards as karmic payback for being forced to convince the Grips to eliminate Trent following their breakup.

tda duncan and gwen relationship

With Gwen's elimination, her teammate Duncan took over as the Gaffers captain until the merge. Later on, in the second TDA Aftermath special, Gwen is falsely accused by Courtney of trying to steal Duncan from her, even though Gwen makes it clear that she and Duncan are only friends and that he has eyes only for Courtney.

Her rivalry with Heather continues early on and she also continues to be given a hard time by Courtney about Duncan, even as all three girls end up becoming teammates. When Duncan quits the show prior to the teams forming, however, Gwen and Courtney's rivalry subsides and the two become allies in an effort to get rid of common enemy Heather, doing such things as refusing to heed Heather's advice for winning challenges due to their history and even getting the chance to gleefully torture Heather during a challenge.

Gwen's alliance with Courtney ends up on shaky ground later on when Duncan is found in London during a stopover in England and he is brought back into the game by Chris, which was then inflamed when Duncan put the moves on Gwen and kissed her in the airplane's Lavatory Confessional which was witnessed by a shocked Tyler.

tda duncan and gwen relationship

The Gwen-Courtney alliance soon collapses when, under threat of blackmail by Alejandro during a Greek stopover, Tyler is forced to reveal Duncan's kiss of Gwen, infuriating Courtney and causing her to have a meltdown against Gwen. From that point on, Gwen is targeted by the vindictive Courtney, who deliberately throws challenges in an effort to get her eliminated from the game. Heather, as well as Sierraalso side with Courtney against Gwen - Heather because of their own rivalry, and Sierra because she mistakenly believes Gwen has eyes for Cody, Sierra's unrequited crush.

In spite of the antagonism against her by her teammates, Gwen and Duncan officially become a couple, but this does not save her from being the tenth contestant eliminated when, during a stopover in Australia, she falls victim to a tiebreaker showdown against Courtney which is rigged by Chris, who knows that she is allergic to eucalyptus and decides to purposely use eucalyptus in the challenge.

Because of Chris' chicanery, Courtney wins and Gwen is eliminated. Gwen is seen briefly in the TDRI season premiere, kissing with Duncan aboard the luxury yacht with the other past contestants before the yacht quickly takes off. She later makes a cameo appearance in " The Treasure Island of Dr.

Maclean ", where she and new contestant Sam are buried underground in a treasure chest as part of a challenge while the other new contestants have to find and save them. Dakotawho has mutated due to the toxic waste Chris is storing at Camp Wawanakwa, rescues Gwen and Sam from the treasure chest, but simply tosses Gwen aside to get to Sam. Gwen returns as a contestant in TDAS. Despite being a heroic character, however, she is deliberately placed on the wrong team to stir things up on the show when Chris sends her to the Villainous Vultures while archrival Courtney, herself a villainous character since the events of the post-Season One special, is also put on the wrong team when Chris places her with the Heroic Hamsters.

Notably, Gwen also appears to be having a falling-out with Vultures teammate Duncan, as she refuses to kiss him while he is annoyed about her not being happy about being on the Vultures and complaining about being put on the wrong team.

As well, Courtney continues to harbor a grudge against her for the events of the previous season involving Duncan, and despite Gwen's sincere attempts to patch things up between them, a petulant Courtney brushes them off and even falsely and hypocritically calls Gwen a "villain". In an ironic twist later on, Gwen and Duncan are split up and she and Courtney end up becoming reluctant teammates when Duncan is sent to the Heroic Hamsters for sacrificing himself to save Gwen during a challenge, while Courtney gets sent to the proper team with the Villainous Vultures for committing a selfish act when she uses then-Hamsters teammate Sam as a human shield in the same challenge.

Gwen subsequently breaks up with Duncan when he selfishly and arrogantly tries to use Gwen in order to make Courtney jealous. As Courtney finds out about Duncan and Gwen's break-up, Gwen eventually befriends Courtney, only to turn her back on her again as did the other remaining contestants following the team merge after finding out from Mike as his evil alter ego Mal that Courtney intended to double-cross and eliminate her prior to the semi-finals.

She becomes the tenth contestant eliminated in the competition when a vindictive Chris decides to get rid of her from the game for accidentally ruining a painting of his that she found in the ruins of his cottage as part of a challenge. She reappears in the championship final between Mike and Zoeywhere Zoey picks Gwen as a helper in the final challenge and is also befriended by the Goth girl.

Pahkitew Island, which features an all-new cast of contestants.