Tauriel and thranduil relationship problems

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tauriel and thranduil relationship problems

Thranduil has many servants, who (we are told in The Hobbit) are not allowed to condition on them before they could receive his permission for the marriage. problem of her being Peter Jackson's invention, Tauriel was of a lower class. Thranduil objects to the relationship between Legolas and Tauriel until I don't even think you have a real issue with her being a serving elf. In particular, about what I said about Tauriel vs Thranduil actually almost being a . The problem is that the connection between Thranduil's wife That doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture of her relationship with Thranduil.

When dealing with Gandalf? When dealing with Bard? Fair in his treatment because Bard was fair to him in return if a bit distant. When dealing with Orcs?

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But with Legolas, none of his temper is directed at his son, even when he could be angry with him for his disobedience and disloyalty. Which brings up the final scene. This is a father who loves his son deeply and may not express it with words here, but actions and expressions say it really, really clearly. This one moment, right here, is what sells me on their good relationship most of all. Kili is played by Aidan Turner. In the movie, he encountered Tauriel in the forest, when she saved his life.

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After that, he started flirting with her. The short relationship between Tauriel and Kili is just a romantic subplot or others are calling it as an emotional fodder for the audience. I love the book, especially The Silmarillion. So their subplot is used to make the story more relatable to the audience.

Well, whatever the other reasons for their subplot, I only care about the quality and the validity of their relationship to me. Every time I remember this it just makes me laugh.

The picture is blurry, but you can read it here. So if Tauriel established a friendship and a connection with Kili in one scene, she could have visited him and talked to him often which is an opening for them to fall for each other. He gave her a look of incredulity and amazement.

tauriel and thranduil relationship problems

So from the start, there was something going on already. They only got to know each other deeper on their third meeting. They were in the position to fall in love with each other because they were vulnerable. Helen Fisher, people have the tendency to fall in love when they are vulnerable.

There was a bounty on the heads of the Durin line, so Kili is practically a dead man walking. He almost died in the movie a couple of times and Tauriel saved him three times.

tauriel and thranduil relationship problems

Tauriel is also vulnerable at that time because she was trying to help the people of Laketown and especially when she got herself entangled with the dwarfs. She was drawn to Kili from the moment they met. It is one of the reasons people fall in love because we all have a damsel in distress part of us that dreams to be saved by a knight in shining armor.

In their case, Kili is the damsel in distress until he returned the favor. Helen Fisher also confirmed in her research that when someone fall for us, we also have the possibility to fall for them just because they fell for us. As adversity intensifies, so does romantic passion.

Adversity heightens passion, romance, and romantic zeal.

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Adversity stimulates romantic ardour. Adversity heightens pursuit, just as barriers intensify romantic passion. What are the adversities between Tauriel and Kili? Since Tauriel is an elf, and Kili is a dwarf, their race actually forbids them to be together.

tauriel and thranduil relationship problems

Perhaps you should tell them. She sat back on the bed and patted the spot next to her. Thranduil laid down and let his head fall into her lap. As she stroked his pale, golden hair, she asked, "Do you remember the King of Gondor, Isildur? Well, while he was here, we became…," she searched for the right word. He said he had never seen one so beautiful as me and confessed his love for me. He said he would take me back to Gondor with him and I would become his Queen," she scoffed bitterly. However, during the meal, he announced his new fiancee.

I stepped up, ready for the congratulations. But, alas, a human girl, no more than 18, came to his side. As the crowd cheered and clapped, he looked at me. I'll never forget the smug smile he wore or the way his eyes seemed to be mocking me. It was when I was still new in the palace, so there was no one I could go to for comfort. But, you, you asked me what was wrong and even though you knew I was lying to you, you still gazed at me in understanding and sympathy, though you had no knowledge of my plight.

You helped me remember that not all men are evil. I think that was actually how we became friends," she laughed in nostalgia. I never let anyone in. But, you slipped through and, now, you're my best friend. I love you and it's because I love you that I'm giving you this advice. Let your son know why you're so against his love. You know he'll feel so betrayed. Maybe he'll be grateful to you. You loved him enough to keep him even after the truth was revealed to you. Perhaps he'll understand that you were just trying to protect him.

Thranduil got up and raised his head off her lap.

He nodded at Artie, silently thanking her with words he could not say and walked over to the doors. In a world where betrayal is the norm, you are one of the only ones I know will stay loyal to me.

She gave him a small smile that spoke volumes of the bond between them. Perhaps someday that bond could grow. That will be thanks enough. She walked up to him and put her arms around his midsection, grasping him tightly with affection. She laid her head on his chest, then looked up at him, her eyes glistening with hope for his soul's redemption. She released him with a sigh and a smirk, "Well, I suppose it's time to get back to work.

As you said, there is laundry that needs cleaning. He realized that she was right. He had to tell Legolas what had happened to him. He considered having the guards fetch Legolas, but decided that would would send a message of anger and ownership on his part. Therefore, he tiptoed quietly to his son's chambers, all the while hoping it wasn't too late to save their relationship. As he entered the rooms, he felt the chill of his son's hostility creep up his spine.

Relationship Analysis: Tauriel and Kili from The Hobbits

He hesitated, the gently spoke, "Legolas, I'm sorry. I've let my past traumas interfere with my rationality and our lives. I now realize your new love is nothing like the one I had. Tauriel is kind and decent, not at all like Milarian. You always said she was a lovely woman who died while giving birth to me. Your mother was, frankly, a vile woman who cared nothing for anyone other than herself. We met at my inauguration ball when I first became king.

She was very beautiful and entranced the moment I laid eyes on her. We were married just 3 months later. However, about a month into our marriage, she showed her true colors. I caught her committing adultery several times. When she told me she was pregnant with you, I was about to banish her. But, of course, I couldn't blame you, a child, for the crimes of your mother. So, I claimed you as my son and she carried out the rest of her pregnancy here. How she perished, though, was not a lie.

tauriel and thranduil relationship problems

Milarian really did die while giving birth to you. When I saw you, I knew I would love you and protect you for the rest of my life. I may not have been the best father. Actually, I know I haven't, but I have always had good intentions when it came to your well-being. I know this might hurt you, but it was recently revealed to me that you need to know why I was such a dunce. I am truly sorry for lying to you and I hope one day that you can forgive me," Thranduil explained.

He left for his chambers immediately. Thranduil hated to admit it, but he was still too much of a coward to face his son's reaction. Therefore, he flopped down on his bed without any of the grace that characterized elves and warded his mind against the emotional traumas and wounds of the past day. Meanwhile, Legolas had also decided to return to his chamber and was mulling over the knowledge his father had entrusted him with. He still could not believe that he wasn't the legitimate Prince of Mirkwood.

But, there was a far greater betrayal taking priority in his mind. It was that his mother had not been the kind, gentle queen that he had imagined, and was instead an adultering harlot who had destroyed his father's trust in love and women.