Tatsumi and mine relationship problems

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tatsumi and mine relationship problems

If there is something you see as a recurring problem, go ahead and point it out, ANYWAY, I AGREE, MINE AND TATSUMI'S RELATIONSHIP. To all the Mine/Mine x Tatsumi haters, all I got to say to you is: Her new toy looks like it's gonna cause a lot of problems. AgK had some very simple romance relationships, but who cares, they're nice and do their purpose. Manga is still ongoing, and he's currently (still) in a relationship with Mine (that chapter killed me a little). I also ship Tatsumi/Akame. I don't think.

My other problem with it is that it doesn't show any true romantic development between Mine and Tatsumi.

tatsumi and mine relationship problems

Sure, there are cute scenes here and there I did enjoy them since I think Mine is too kawaiibut a few chapters later, Tatsumi suddenly is falling head over heels for Mine. Though, he simply says that he is even though we don't really see it. I wouldn't have minded Mine x Tatsumi if they developed the romance between the two before or after the confession, but they didn't.

Overall, it isn't really bad, but it just kind bothers me even if I like Mine. The girl who seemed to be the one he would go for was Akame, but she doesn't seem to be romantically interested in him even if she does care for him a lot.

What I really did want to see though was Tatsumi falling for Esdeath and the complications it would cause him. He loves her, but yet, he wants to stand for what he believes in and what it's right. I wanted to see some inner conflict of him dealing with that. Tatsumi and Leone have a close relationship due to the fact that Leone is the reason that Tatsumi was inaugurated by the Night Raid in the first place.

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She also was the first person he met while at the capital and where she swindled him out of his money. After a short time, the two of them become close friends and are seen to laughing and spending time together.

Leone seems to develop some romantic feelings for Tatsumi, calling him "cute" on several occasions, constantly shoving him into her breasts which could arguably be for comic relief and at one point, Leone literally "marks" him as her future man. She has also stated that she would not lose Tatsumi to Esdeath. Tatsumi sees Bulat as a mentor and older brother, calling him "aniki". Soon after their first meeting, they become very close and although Tatsumi did not agree with Bulat's attractions they form a strong brotherly bond.

When Bulat is later killed by LiverTatsumi is devastated and trains hard every day to live up to Bulat's expectations and master the Teigu entrusted to him.

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Bulat's teachings have made a significant and permanent impact on Tatsumi as an assassin, both physically and emotionally. Thanks to Bulat, Tatsumi is now better able to control his emotions regardless the situation, shown when he was captured by Esdeath and had to remain calm in order to keep his identity a secret. While at first feeling very uncomfortable around Akame due to her rather distant behavior and the fact that she nearly killed him when they first met, Tatsumi later comes to see Akame as a close friend after he realizes she is a very caring person who hates to see her friends hurt.

Akame and Tatsumi share a very close relationship and even promise to kill each other should it ever be necessary. He also promises to her after Sheele's death that he will not allow Akame to experience the pain of losing more comrades, saying that he will definitely survive. Akame later helps him keep his promise by killing the Tyrant.

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After the war ends, Tatsumi's transformations further become part of Akame's motivation, willing to travel to Wakoku island in search to undo her curse and possibly, Tatsumi's transformation. When first teamed up with Mine, Tatsumi did not get along with her.

She mocked him frequently about his worth to the Night Raid, before he even joined them. She also considered him not being cut of the same "professional cloth" as the others.

After the success of their first mission together she started to warm up to him, but this did not stop her from continously teasing him. During the mission to assassinate Bolicshe and Tatsumi functioned as partners to scout the outer areas of the city where the Jaegers weren't likely to appear.

tatsumi and mine relationship problems

They started bickering but their relationship was confused for a romantic one by the leader of the Way of Peace. Mine has also trusted Tatsumi to deal with the last Rakshasa demon and was visibly thankful after he saved her life from Seryu's final attempt to kill her using a suicide bomb.

tatsumi and mine relationship problems

Following a confession of love from Mine, he accepts her feelings and the pair form a relationship. Over time he also developed feelings for Mine, stating that she was right when she said that he would be "Head over Heels" for her.

After Mine was rendered comatose by using all of her power to kill Budo, Tatsumi told her comatose body that once the revolution was over he wanted to marry her, while also declaring his love for her. Even Akame sneak a good peak. But it's crazy to have a character, stuck in dragon mode, with a tsundere as his wife.

But you know Takahiro. Always a fan of lolis. We see Tatsumi's villagers have more money hopefully they have their 3 heroes to come back to welcome a good feast. But we know what happened.

And we got mr reckless wingboy himself having 3 years of recovery.

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But he said he had a organ that's way beyond repairing. That's the price he should pay for being both reckless and using two teigu at the same time. Yes, I'm talking about fish boy Wave. Maybe it's his manhood that is beyond repairing. And finally, we see the weakest character who has poor development of all, Kurome, having nightmares every single night, crying and scared.