Takato and rika relationship

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takato and rika relationship

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. With the departure, Takato and Rika consider their futures, and how much their relationship has changed and grown while the world changes. Rika is the third of the Tamers to biomerge, and is nicknamed the 'Digimon Queen' for her skill in the card game She is currently in a relationship with Takato.

Is almost always by Kenta's side. Kenta Kitagawa Friends with Kazu, he often serves as a straight man to his jokes.

He also volunteers to help the other Tamers. Kenta Kitagawa, Ascended Extra: More so than Kazu as he originally wasn't even going to be a Tamer and was just going to be a background character. Obsessed with Digimon card games. In the final battle. In the dub, Kenta is constantly getting made fun of, making an affronted "Hey! Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind: Not to mention that he had to beat up singlehandedly several D-Reaper Agents just to perform said attack.

Of Makoto, the supporting protagonist of C'mon Digimon Megane: Wears glasses and cute looking.

Rika Nonaka

Rarely does much of anything besides interacting with Kazu. Hangs out with Kazu a lot. Ryo Akiyama A mysterious Digimon tamer and former champion of the card game, who has some sort of rivalry with Rika. To everyone outside of Japan who didn't read about the Japanese version, he seemed to come out of nowhere.

The "Digimon King" of the cardgame, though considering his backstory he's more of a Broken Ace. All There in the Manual: His entire backstory, including why he was in the Tamers canon to begin with, was told through a series of four Bandai WonderSwan games. For the sake of reference, a summary of said games can be found here. None of these games were released in the Westmeaning that's one long manual no-one got to read.

In the manhwa adaptation, he only appears briefly in the Digital World and then disappears from the story. He first appeared in the Japan-only Wonder Swan Digimon games. We could make a drinking game out of all the problems you'd have to wrap your head around trying to mesh the events of the Digimon WonderSwan Series with Digimon Adventure and Tamers. Take his family, for instance, and ask yourself what on earth is it doing in the Tamers universe.

The role played by him and Cyberdramon is significantly reduced in the manga, and he's absent for the D-Reaper arc. Both in this series and in his backstory.

He can project an energy whip from his Digivice to discipline Cyberdramon. He is the Tamer that spends most of his time alone, not to mention that he never tries to stick with the group or make it stick together at all, in contrast with Takato. In series, and in his backstory.

Chose to be Cyberdramon's partner, even if it meant going to the Digital World and being separated from his parents since Cyberdramon would attack everyone close to him and he did not see them again for more than a year.

Momentos de Rika y Takato

After the Tamers returned, he pushed Cyberdramon and himself day after day to fight the D-Reaper's Agents to the point of exhaustion. It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: He's not happy about being the chosen one.

A Spring Flowering Chapter 1, a digimon fanfic | FanFiction

The CD Drama indicates that at the start of the series he didn't remember Digimon were real i. Make My Monster Grow: The "Goliath" card he possesses can turn Cyberdramon gigantic. His given name is written with a character meaning "Distant". A key part of his backstory. There was a certain extraordinarily powerful, extraordinarily evil Digimon that only he could defeat because said Digimon was his partner. He had to learn the very, very hard way to stand on his own as a tamer, and it shows in his attitude towards the others.

He doesn't mind hanging out with them, but he'll leave to do his own thing at the drop of a hat.

Takato and Rika: their Destiny - Files

Some here and there with Rikamostly consisting of him aggravating her. This didn't take off so well in the west, where nobody knew Ryo. Although the last Tamer introduced, he's the only one on par in terms of power and competency with the core Power Trio. Part of the tease was him trying to invoke this trope. So what do I get for saving your life not once but twice? Instead of answering with words, Renamon raised the glass to his mouth and simply…smiled.

I only ask because…" She turned toward Renamon so she could face her more fully. You and Guilmon have become rather…close, and I can't help but feel that it started up around the same time as Takato and Rika's relationship. Her tail flicked in agitation as her eyes widened, and she drew the wine glass back to her lips and took a sip to distract herself. Seiko eyed the kitsune's behavior with a mixture of surprise and amusement. It would make sense for us to grow closer, especially with current circumstances.

Rumiko swirled the wine in her glass thoughtfully, not quite looking convinced, but not certain as to what else to say with regards to the vulpine digimon's response. I don't really have the head for this sort of thing, but… Well, I guess it was a silly thought after all. I mean…" he laughed suddenly, but quietly.

takato and rika relationship

I mean, we biomerge with them, so…maybe…feelings transfer or…something? I'm not sure if I'm even making any sense. I don't think it's a silly question to ask. Henry always used to say that the first step to figuring things out is to ask questions. Someone who seeks knowledge or truth isn't afraid of asking questions, no matter how they might sound. Rika watched in awe as she lifted her glass to her lips, wondering just how much Renamon had to drink.

She was always so controlled. It should have been just the one…right? It was hard to be sure when a digimon had ninja-like abilities. Renamon seems a little bit…ah…out of sorts? We're having girl talk here. If she's in love with the digimon of my daughter's boyfriend, I want to know the scoop! What was it that first drew you to him? His…um…" Rumiko glanced over at Guilmon uncertainly, trying to determine what about him could have caught Renamon's attention.

What did attract digimon to each other? Renamon's tail only increased the speed of its twitching, causing Guilmon to offer her their shared wine glass. Renamon took it gratefully and drank. She shot a quick look at the boy in question. Judging from the crimson that suddenly flooded his face, he knew as well.

Nonaka…" Takato stammered out. Matsuki…" Rika scowled, feeling defensive of her Gogglehead. He already had them hidden. He fell, and knocked them over on himself. Every relationship has a story or two…or several like that. They make for fun conversation in later years. I have some about your father that could outdo Takato by a landslide. The double ended one? Takato was looking at the family with eyes that were bulging in their sockets, and, if the look on his parents' faces were any indication, they shared much the same feeling.

Suddenly feeling the need for yet another drink to drown her mind in, she took Takato's and downed it in one go. The one that Rumiko kept insisting for weeks that she didn't know where it was. The one that was…sticky. At that, Rika decided enough was enough and got up from her seat, her face furiously competing with her hair now. Besides, I think we've had more than enough by now. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he hugged her close and smiled at the others.

Frowning slightly, Renamon set her glass down. With their arms slung around each other in support, Takato and Rika staggered into the girl's room, leaving the ongoing party between their families and their partners — and their ever-increasing bizarre topics of conversation — behind. Besides…" Leaning against the door, he let out another chuckle. And…everything else for that matter. Rumiko had really pushed the alcohol on all of them tonight.

Faintly, she wondered when her 'lover boy' had shrunk, not yet noticing that he was slowly starting to sink to the floor. Running her hand along his face, she gazed into his warm, red eyes, trying to find something more to say, but words seemed to fall away from her, and in the end, she decided to kiss the boy again, her tongue probing at the entrance to his mouth, asking for entry, to which Takato granted with a passionate moan.

His hands drifted down past her hips and placed themselves firmly on her rear, his fingers massaging her through her jeans. Grinning around the kiss, Rika lifted herself up and pushed against his touch, relishing in his boldness. They didn't have many opportunities to have sex with their families all living together over the last eight months, but what time they did find had done a great deal to help Takato work through his initial anxieties about the depth their relationship had taken.

He doesn't hesitate as much, she noted as Takato broke away from her lips and kissed down her neck, his teeth nibbling against her exposed skin ever so slightly. His mouth graced the surface of her shirt and he frowned in confusion at the rough texture as he attempted to suckle her.

Giggling again at her lover's antics, Rika pushed him back just far enough for her to reach down and draw her shirt up before dropping it over the back of his head.

Biting her lower lip, Rika clutched him against her and began to rock against his hips. Distantly, the boy, hearing the shaking of the door, realized that carrying on as they were would alert their families to what they were doing and pushed away. Planting his hand on the floor, he rotated on it and with a grunt of surprise, they fell together onto the floor, with him on top.

Slipping out from beneath her shirt, he looked at the fire-haired girl and she looked back. Both of their faces were beat red, and they could see the desire glowing in their eyes. They both wanted more now. All that was left was whether they were willing to go further. Wordlessly, Rika lifted herself up and reached toward his pants, slipping her hand beneath the waistband and taking hold of his hard penis.

  • Takato Matsuki

Swallowing nervously, Takato began to fumble with her belt buckle. As her belt clattered loose, Takato froze, and Rika immediately regretted bringing his old anxieties up. However, as she turned her gaze up toward him, preparing to soothe his nerves once more, the boy leaned into her grasp and kissed her hard, sensing that his hesitation had upset her and wanting to prove to her that he could push through himself. He didn't say anything further, and instead continued to kiss her, ignoring the powerful, almost painful beating of his nervous heart until finally, he broke away, smiling awkwardly.

Smirking, Rika leaned up and gave his jaw a light kiss. As if that reaction had been enough, they broke away, Rika tugging her shirt off while Takato unbuttoned her jeans. After a brief struggle, the remainder of their articles of clothing were tossed into the far corners of the room and soon enough they were clutching against one another; Takato's penis positioned at Rika's vaginal entrance while her legs hooked around him, encouraging him to continue.

His heart rising into his throat, Takato bit his lower lip and began to press against her, causing Rika's body to flush in response. Locking her legs around his waist, she helped pull him in the rest of the way. Kami… She's so warm… he thought, sliding into her with a groan.

Lowering himself, he kissed her, and Rika wrapped her arms around him, drawing him against her tight. Their inner fires rose as they began to rock against one another, Takato sliding out before pushing back in, grinding his body atop hers, wanting to pleasure her as much as possible.

Breaking away from her lips, he traced butterfly kisses all the way down to her chest, right where she liked him, and once more took a breast into his mouth, nibbling on the areola of her nipple. Rika's response was an immediate gasp of pleasure, and to squeeze him tightly with her legs before she buried her face into his mop of hair.

Her orgasm was fast approaching. She could feel it. It rose like a tidal wave, and there was no stopping it. She began to buck her hips beneath him, trying to drive him deeper inside, searching for that one special place that she found she loved so much when he pressed against it.

They were so close! Takato's mind was dizzy with the raw pleasure flooding his body, and Rika's gyrating, bucking hips only intensified the sensation. His whole world had become one slick, warm tightness and throbbing jostling, and yet… Distantly, he felt as though they were forgetting something. It tugged at the corners of his mind with each, erratic thrust, their bodies clapping against one another, but nothing came to mind. The two of them twisted around each other, almost rolling onto their sides as they continued to passionately make love.

Rika's warm muscles clamped down around him tightly, refusing to let him out as he pushed himself ever deeper inside. Inside… There was that feeling again that they were forgetting something, but Rika didn't give him a chance to pursue it any further.

takato and rika relationship

Finally flipping them both over so that she was at last on top and he on the bottom, Rika braced herself and bore down on him with all her strength, rolling her hips over his. Takato felt a flash of intense sensation and even more heat flushed along his body. His penis twitched, signaling his own oncoming orgasm.

Attempting to stave it off, he gripped her waist and tried to slow his answering push, but his own hips were now beyond listening to him as they rose upward to meet her fervent thrusts with increasing speed.

Rika let out a loud moan as she slammed down on him and ground her clitoris against his crotch. They'll hear…" "Then shut me up," Rika growled, her pace only quickening in response.

Heat flooded every inch of her body. The pleasure was everywhere to the point of becoming maddening! She doubted she could stop right now even if she wanted to. Takato's mind spun wildly. What was he going to do? If she grew any louder… Her chest heaved as yet another groan escaped her lips. Seized by sudden desperation, he pushed up and clamped his lips around hers.

Rika's eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she sank him into her once more and then…finally… O-Oh kami…! Her legs splayed out, attempting to draw him in even further.

She could feel the pressure of his penis on a small bump inside her, holding her there on the edge of her orgasm. Her body shuddered… …and Takato pushed her the rest of the way with a single, powerful thrust. The tension in her vagina broke, contracting and squeezing around the penis inside her and she half-groaned, half-screamed into her lover's mouth, her orgasm sweeping over her with such force that her muscles clenched and unclenched powerfully, leaving her quaking uncontrollably.

Takato held himself there, his lips pressed hard against Rika's as he fought to keep from bursting then and there from her tight, coiling contractions.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pleasure-filled agony, Rika's orgasm died away and the girl slumped down against him, panting heavily. Their lips parting, she smiled exhaustedly at him. Takato smiled back, running a hand along her cheek. And I want to figure out how make you feel better. He didn't finish… Squeezing her legs together, she eyed her lover boy playfully. She hovered there, their eyes meeting.

A small grin drew across her face and she felt him twitch at the edge of her entrance. His penis trembled, and that sharp feeling of pleasure returned with a vengeance. He thrust upward in response, kissing her hips with his own. After a long, agonizing moment, he relaxed and opened his eyes, his face beat red.

A smile — that smile she loved so much — broke across his face nervously. He wanted to be on top again. An idea came to her as she said that, and pulling off, she turned around and knelt on all fours. Glancing over her shoulder, she smirked at him, waving her rear at him in invitation. Seeing his eyes grow wide in stunned amazement, she knew what his response was, even as his mouth failed to deliver.

Trembling, he approached her and took hold of her by the waist again. This… This was different, and not at all what he expected from her. It felt strangely exciting, seeing her presenting herself in such a way. Positioning his penis at her entry, he slid on in again, her warm folds welcoming him back inside delightedly. Shivering, he brought himself to rest against her back and kissed her neck before he began thrusting. Rika grunted at her being jostled, but she warmed to the position quickly, enjoying the feel of Takato's chest against her back; his weight resting on her rear end as he pushed into her over and over.

Feeling his hands reach around and take hold of her breasts, massaging them, she groaned and began to thrust back against him eagerly, feeling the start of another orgasm, her vagina growing warm as it swelled around her lover once more, hugging him tightly. Takato drank in the sensation of her squeezing around him, feeling intoxicated by her heat and loveliness and eagerness. His thrusts became more urgent; coming faster and faster as he buried himself inside the girl he loved so much.

He could feel his sperm marching up the length of his penis, crying out desperately to be released into her awaiting body. The pleasure was overwhelming, drowning out all conscious thought until, finally, with one last thrust and a squeeze, he gasped harshly, his penis jerking and throbbing deep inside Rika's vagina, unloading its hot contents with each powerful contraction of its muscles.

Rika moaned in approval at the feel of his warmth filling her — different, yet not unpleasant — and she laid her front down, pushing her butt back against him, attempting to take him even deeper inside. His hands tightened their grip around her breasts in response, leaving red imprints in her skin, and she smiled, enjoying the feeling of him shaking around her uncontrollably.

She was responsible for that. It made her feel…powerful. Different from being on top, but somehow still powerful. After what felt like an eternity, Takato's panting, trembling body came to rest fully against her, his face falling next to her cheek.

The awkward position made it difficult, but not impossible. However, his penis, already rapidly softening, slipped out of her, a single string of sperm connecting their two sexes together. Rika's breath hitched in her throat in delight at that. Arching her back, she again pushed back against him to heighten the sensation.

Takato Matsuki… Her Gogglehead in shining armor, and ever the gentleman. Slowly, Rika awoke to the sounds of birds chirping and she shifted beneath the blanket of her futon, wincing slightly at the light of the new dawn.

Her head hurt, but only slightly. Cracking open her violet eyes, she smiled upon seeing Takato sleeping next to her, his breathing even and still resting. In the time that they had begun sleeping together, she found that he was a bit of a heavier sleeper than she was. Not that either of them had the tendency to oversleep, but Takato was harder to awaken compared to her. Oddly enough, she found that she liked that.

She couldn't explain why, but she liked the idea of waking up with him right there next to her. Sighing happily, she snuggled closer to him, feeling the warm, hard length of his 'good morning' prodding her stomach, causing memories from last night to swarm to life in her mind. She couldn't remember all of it very well, but she did remember that they got pretty wild. She couldn't remember their previous sexual romps being quite that intense. Maybe it had to do with Takato's alcohol-induced boldness.

She certainly couldn't remember him being quite so… Well. Perhaps aggressive wasn't the right word for it, but he certainly moved with more confidence and a kind of eager wildness. If she liked it and didn't make him stop, he continued, and did so with the express purpose of making her feel good.

And did he make her feel good. His fingers… His tongue… I never thought he could do something like that to me before, and he's already done quite a lot of things, she thought, leaning in and kissing him lightly on the lips, causing him to stir.

His crimson eyes fluttered open and met hers with a smile. I could be waking up next to Kazu. Pushing herself up, the blanket fell down from her chest, baring her for her lover boy to see, causing him to blush brightly, as though he were seeing her breasts for the first time again. She smirked and climbed out of their shared futon, heading over to where she had her day clothes hanging, ready for her to wear.