Supply and demand relationship

Demand And Supply - Understand the Relationship

supply and demand relationship

Demand and supply are possibly the two most fundamental concepts This curve shows an inverse relationship between price and quantity. In order to understand the relationship between demand and supply, it is also important to determine the response of consumption pattern. The level of supply and demand for a given product is one of the strongest economic influences in sales volume, pricing, revenue and profit margin derived from.

There are class notes, numerous Supreme Court case summaries and information on how to write a research paper inside. Supply and Demand Understanding the laws of supply and demand are central to understanding how the capitalist economy operates. Since we rely on market forces instead of government forces to distribute goods and services there must be some method for determining who gets the products that are produced. This is where supply and demand come in.

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By themselves the laws of supply and demand give us basic information, but when combined together the are the key to distribution in the market economy Demand is comprised of three things. Desire Ability to pay Willingness to pay It is not enough to merely want or desire an item.

One must show the ability to pay and then the willingness to pay. If all three conditions are not me then the demand is not real. This, by the way, is the purpose of advertising.

supply and demand relationship

While many may want a product it is quite another to be willing to pay. Advertising attempts to move a consumer from mere want to action. These day even condition two may not stand in the way of a consumer. With the advent of credit cards we are able to purchase products without the current ability to pay.

Many stores and car dealers even offer on the spot credit though the interest rate may be quite high. What factors alter your desire, willingness and ability to pay for products? Some factors include consumer income, consumer tastes the prices of related products like substitutes for that product of items that may complement that product.

Marginal utility - extra satisfaction a consumer gets by purchasing one more unit of a product. The more units one buys the less eager one is to buy more. Think of diminishing marginal utility this way. It is a hot summer day and your sweating bullets. You come across a lemonade stand and gulp down a glass.

Economic Basics: Supply And Demand

It tasted great so you want another. This second glass is marginal utility. But now you reach for a third glass.

In Fig 2 above, you can see an increase in quantity demanded, wherein the demand curve shifts to the right and at a given price level, there is higher consumption due to increase in quantity demanded.

Whereas you will see that on the same curve, with the decline in prices, an increase in the consumption level with the increased prices. Increase in quantity demanded can be induced by an increase in disposable income, the price of the substitute goods falling etc but not by definition due to the price of the goods.

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Changes in the price itself will not cause a shift in the curve, it will cause changes in the consumption level. Understanding the relationship between demand and supply Considering the above figure, we can say the following: Consumption is the consequence of price. Demand is the determinant of price. Similarly, the law of demand works in the stock market. Fixed Supply Situations Let us analyze a situation wherein supply is fixed, for example in case of non-storable perishables.

In the figure above, consumption reflects supply and not by the quantity demanded.

Supply and demand

For example, consumption of ripe mangoes during peak harvest season. During the summer days, when there was excess supply, mangoes were being sold Rs.

supply and demand relationship

In the previous year the mangoes were selling Rs. The consumption was higher in as compared to the consumption in the year But was the quantity demanded any less in ? Did the demand for mangoes decrease in as compared to ? Thus, the price is the variable that brings the equilibrium.

supply and demand relationship

Increase in consumption will mean a rightward shift in the supply curve a rightward shift in supply is a bearish development. Can increase in consumption and fall in demand happen simultaneously. In order to understand the above statement, you can watch the video below: Post our discussion, it is always recommended to consider the factors influencing the demand into our price forecasting analysis.

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