Spender and saver relationship marketing

A Spender and a Saver Relationship - Making Sense Of Cents

spender and saver relationship marketing

You're a saver, but you married a spender A lot of our relationship with money stems from what we learned directly and indirectly from our. Do you consider yourself to be a saver or a spender? If you're like most people, you probably answered “saver.” A study from TD. Part of the reason finances breed frustration is that we all enter relationships with our own philosophy on saving and spending, shaped for.

spender and saver relationship marketing

I've talked about this before in Confession: I compulsively check our financial accounts, we have a large emergency fund, I always think about our financial goals before we spend money, and so on. Wes on the other hand, is a spender.

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He knows how to use money to have fun and enjoy life. He plans fun trips and fun ways to spend his money, and he doesn't worry or wonder about every little purchase. Some would say that a saver with a saver, or a spender with a spender is a better idea because there will be less conflict, but I just don't agree with that.

Instead, we each are learning and growing from each other and together.

My Wife Is A Compulsive Spender

I have taught him that saving can be a good thing. We have financial goals and we keep each other in check so that we can reach them. He understands the importance of saving and how it can help us. He has taught me that money can be enjoyed as well. While that may work for some, I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed. He helps me live life more!

A Spender and a Saver Relationship

Be open about your finances. Whether you are the saver or the spender in the relationship, some might try to hide money in their relationship. According to a survey done by CreditCards.

spender and saver relationship marketing

Most of them either have a secret credit card or a secret savings account. The saver might try to hide money so that the spender can't spend it.

spender and saver relationship marketing

The spender might try to hide money so that they can have more money to spend at a later time. Spenders see no use for money unless it's flying out of their wallet.

Why bother with a dusty savings account when you can spend right up to the last nickel to create fun and status with the latest gizmo, a flashy car or stylish clothes? Spenders can be overly generous, dropping big bucks on a mid-week meal with friends and buying lavish gifts for their sweetie. Don't confuse spenders with compulsive shoppers who blow out their credit cards, can't breathe unless they're at the mall and often have closets filled with unopened boxes of stuff.

That's a problem for a psychiatrist — not a financial planner. Gates dresses like an undergraduate because he's always thinking about the next step in his company. Some builders are close to maniacal in pursuit of their dream and overlook the basics of money management. Smart builders therefore hire top managers. These folks volunteer for a cause they believe in and donate generously. They may feel money is a sin, or close to it, and that giving it away is the best way to handle that icky green stuff.

They also get a kick out of making others happy or doing good deeds. A few may buy extravagant gifts for friends, typically things they'd never get for themselves. While intending no harm, givers may hurt their children by failing to teach them the value of money and the basics of personal finance. Such views of money lead to different conclusions on how to use it.

Savers typically see themselves as the adult in the relationship while spenders tend to view themselves as providing the needed spark to the marriage. Savers, the typical spender believes, are hopeless fuddy-duddies who don't know how to have fun and would probably raise Constitutional objections to the whole idea of kicking up their heels.

Sometimes couples simply can't overcome their differences, financial or otherwise, and choose to divorce.