Social media and relationship marketing

social media and relationship marketing

Content is king, but relationship marketing holds the power to connect content Having a viral social media share in the social world we live in is like having an. In book: Trends and Innovations in Marketing Information Systems, Chapter: The Rise of Relationship Marketing with Social Media, Publisher: Hershey, PA. Social media is the perfect tool to build relationships with your audience. Orlando social media marketing experts will tell you why.

Robert, however, took things above and beyond what Katy expected. Remember relationship marketing is really just about helping the customer.

social media and relationship marketing

So listen to their concerns, what they like, and what they want to be changed. Be Generous and Opportunistic Be opportunistic about when to give away things - discounts, freebies, etc. Ideally, avoiding bad interactions is the goal, but human and machine error can happen.

That can mean a sign of new updates by the cash register, or a monthly email sent out. If you do want customers to know about every single update, it would make more sense to send those as an email. And again use signage around the store to spark interest. Think of where can you go above and beyond. A good rule of thumb is, the easier it is for the customer to complete, the better.

This is why eCommerce stores typically work well - many eCommerce stores keep customers credit cards and addresses on file, making it a fast process to make purchases. On top of that, customers are often allowed to log in via social media, making it very easy for customers to complete transactions. Beans Coffee Shop has an app that enables customers to pay with their phone just like Starbucks.

So while being convenient for customers, it also creates a reason for repeat purchases. Another way to make it easy Provide content and training — So you sell a product or service that customers actually use - think SaaS or a tool.

Providing additional help to customers who buy these products is key to good relationship marketing, especially when it comes to software people often need a little hand-holding. Help Resources like a knowledge base, in-app chat, and videos make it easy for a customer to learn the product and ask questions. One increases loyalty, while the other uses loyal customers to spread the word. Both of them, however, rely on good relationships. Loyalty marketing goes hand-in-hand with relationship marketing.

In fact, when you pair those together you end up creating return customers - especially if your loyalty program leads customers to what they want more product. Another thing loyal customers do is refer, which is why implementing a referral program after working on your relationship marketing tactics is golden.

Katy has since started using a loyalty punch card and is working towards earning a free coffee. Automate your interactions Automation makes it incredibly easy for businesses to stay top of mind.

How to Improve Your Relationship Marketing

When you combine automation with your marketing tactics it can be a big win for you as a business. There are a lot of tools out there to help you automate your processes which can save you time and effort.

social media and relationship marketing

There are a few channels you can travel down to create relationships with customers. Between work and everyday living, people spend a lot of time in their inbox. This means businesses have a great opportunity to communicate and build a relationship - whether it be a quick update email or an invite to a webinar. Listening to customer feedback, concerns, praises, and everything in between has never been easier.

How to Improve Your Relationship Marketing | Social Media Today

The cool news is, even though you may respond directly, you can automate messages and updates. Tools like Buffer help you stay in front of customers, without you having to do much work at all.

Quick ways to start getting into relationship marketing Depending on what type of business you have, you may be able to get a head start on your relationship marketing efforts.

For instance, some stores may be able to get some valuable customer information. This can help make future transactions easier and more customized for the customer.

social media and relationship marketing

Remembering a few top-level details shows that you want to know your customers. You need to think about what information makes sense to capture or remember. Tracking these things online for eCommerce makes sense, and it can entice the customer to keep coming back out of convenience. Many coffee shops have a frequent purchase or loyalty program.

Typically, they send updates and custom emails to their customers, including a quick birthday message. Relationship marketing is a must Like all marketing, relationship marketing is all about increasing sales and expanding awareness. Hopefully, you can see that it does differ, however, in that it is marketing aimed towards current customers rather than new customer acquisition via sales and advertising.

How do you plan on implementing a relationship strategy to keep current customers happy and loyal? Follow Megan Mosley on Twitter. When that happens, you can build relationships with even more people off of something as simple as a Google search.

Another essential aspect of relationship marketing are prospects that arrive from lead generation. These prospects or leads are people who have downloaded things from your website or maybe registered with you or contacted you at some point.

This is where your relationship starts and, when that happens, trust either begins to build or break down — and it is our choice which way that goes.

The New Rules of Relationship Marketing

Trust is a cornerstone of relationship marketing, and you want to build it as much as you can with a potential customer. So, be responsive to that person, keep your promises to them, and start building that relationship and building trust.

Relationship Marketing 101: Social Media, Content and more – Dean DeLisle

When you produce interesting content, people in your network might just share that to their own networks. Why does that matter?

That person has essentially just recommended you to all of their Facebook friends. This is how things go viral, and this is part of the reason why relationship marketing is so essential to generating new leads.

Companies that truly engage — that post content that is valuable to their target, ask questions, fully enter into conversations with their community — those are the companies that are successful. People want to be seen and heard and listened to. When you listen to your community and respond to them, your community will feel it.

So, to break down the basics of Relationship Marketing We practice relationship marketing to build trust, rapport, an emotional connection and because, well, relationship marketing has the numbers to back it up.