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Déagol is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. His story is related in The When Déagol refused to give it up, Sméagol strangled him and hid his body, which was never found; nevertheless, the murderer (nicknamed Gollum. This quiz will cover certain segments of the books not shown in the Gollum/ Smeagol .. the two of them share more of a uncle/nephew relationship, anyway. . found the ring of power while fishing with his cousin Deagol. Sméagol may have acquired the ring through the cold-blooded birthday murder of his friend and relation, Déagol, but he didn't turn into Gollum.

Even though it was his obsession with the One Ring that ultimately drove him mad, and resulted in his exile, it sounds like he probably would have ended up living in a hole anyway.

What can you say? The guy likes what he likes. This is a creature who is so obsessed with getting his fix that he has literally restructured his entire life around it. Serkis used this analogy as a way to ground the character in reality.

How well do you know the relations of characters in LOTR and the Hobbit?

The schizophrenia and pathological lying are also prevalent in addiction behavior. On set, Serkis remained in character even during breaks, because he feared losing that realism if he dropped the act. So now you know who ate all the sashimi from the craft services table. They filmed the sequence on location, with Serkis in his gray-toned performance capture suit and Martin Freeman decked out as Bilbo Baggins. Normally, scenes are broken up, but to get everyone immersed in the world, it was shot like a stage play, wherein the actors ran the entire scene from start to finish over and over again.

Frodo had it for 17 years, and finally, Sam had it for 2 days when he thought Shelob had killed Frodo. Phew, you get all that? The two pranksters and juveniles tend to get food wherever they can get it, and with their massive appetites they do smoke a lot it generally takes a lot of nourishment for them to finally appease their stomachs.

Luckily, the races aside from men were wise enough to not trust Sauron, and they either hid their rings away, or used them without succumbing to his rule. An Axe Three Strands of Hair A Dagger This is a very sweet, tender moment in the books that was thankfully left out of the theatrical cut of the film it was featured in.

The scene that was filmed between Gimli and Galadriel was very odd, and it came off as far more creepy and unnatural than it was originally planned to be. Most of the items that were bestowed upon the fellowship were for survival, guidance, or both, but this was just a small token. Almost all of the elder characters in the Lord of the Rings are incredibly old and by that, we mean they are older than any human could possibly live.

Of course many of the other elderly characters are much older than Bilbo, like Galadriel and Gandalf. And the only reason Bilbo lives for so long, is because of his unnatural life force granted by the ring, his obsession keeps him alive. Brandywise Ferry Merrianne Ferry Sallyway Ferry The Hobbits end up getting themselves into a pretty sticky situation when a ring wraith gets within an arms reach of them alongside the road out of Hobbiton.

They attempt to make their way over to the Prancing Pony off advice from Gandalf and they have to make a pretty quick escape when the black riders eventually catch up with them before the river. At the last moment, Frodo decides to ask Merry how they could go about crossing the river to get away, and Merry ends up suggesting this means of transportation. New Zealand Austria East Indies This gorgeous locale was used throughout the entire trilogy of films, and it served as the backdrop for all of the mythical and gorgeous locations and setting thought up by Tolkien.

Of course some CGI and miniature work was used to create some of the larger settings like statues or cities, but Jackson used these techniques sparingly, and it paid off in spades. Gimli Gandalf Frodo This is going to be a pretty easy answer for fans of the films or books, but the wound from this loss is still pretty fresh for most fans even if it gets resolved shortly afterwards.

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With the help of the Ring, they force him to guide them to Mordor, and to help them find a way in to this dark country. During their journey, Gollum starts to develop some feelings for Frodo. His hate for one Baggins Bilbowho stole his precious ring, turns to a fondness for another Baggins Frodo. As their relationship develops into some kind of mutual affection, Gollum becomes more and more ambiguous.

In our terms, we could even say that he develops schizophrenic features. The two sides of Gollum are named Slinker and Stinker by Sam. One side of him, Slinker, wants to do good, and help his new master. The other side of him, Stinker, only wants to get hold of the Ring and, with the help of it, continue his mischief.

I would go so far though, as to say that the good side of him represents Frodo in him, and the evil side represents Sam. The two hobbits evoke such strong feelings in Gollum that his ambiguity is partly created by them. To him, Frodo is Slinker, and Sam is Stinker.

Gollum's attitude towards Sam is quite the opposite from his attitude towards Frodo. He hates Sam because Sam hates him. He treats Gollum with contempt, and in a very deprecatory way. Sam cannot imagine that Gollum possesses any good qualities. To protect his master from this wretched creature, Sam is always on guard against Gollum, never wasting a chance to reprimand him, or to hurt him.

It is actually Sam's fault that Gollum finally decides to listen to his inner evil voice, Stinker. Having reached a point where he is about to repent and truly devote himself to Frodo, he is met by some very harsh words from Sam. Not able to accept this mistrust in him anymore, Gollum gives in to Stinker, and decides to get rid of the two hobbits LR This passage is very strong and emotional.

For a fleeting moment, could one of the sleepers have seen him, they would have thought that they beheld an old weary hobbit, shrunken by the years that had carried him far beyond his time, beyond friends and kin, and the fields and streams of youth, an old starved pitiable thing. Here we are shown that Gollum is not entirely evil. He is in fact tired of his wickedness, and wants to die peacefully, as he was supposed to do, many hundred years ago.

He can still remember a time when he did not have any knowledge of the Ring. He is reminded of an ordinary and happy life, and knows that his life would not have had to be filled with never-ending misery. I for one, am moved by this apparent sadness and remorse that he feels. It makes you wonder how thorough Wilson and Muir have read Lord of the Rings, before writing their reviews.

A question that consequently arises is if we are to blame Sam for his mistrust. He is only trying to protect his master, and given the past of Gollum, Sam feels that they cannot trust him. Tolkien himself is not so forgiving.

He is unnecessarily hard on Sam in some of his letters, and blames him for Gollum's failure to repent, n.

How well do you know the relations of characters in LOTR and the Hobbit?

On the other hand, he also tells us that this was for the best: In other words, they could never have trusted Gollum completely. He could not get rid of it.

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He had no will left in the matter" LR In the end, it is Gollum who saves the day. At the top of Mount Doom, Frodo decides not to throw it into the fires where it once was forged. He claims it for his own, and by doing so, furthers Sauron's cause. Gollum jumps on to Frodo and bites off the finger with the Ring on. In his ultimate moment of joy, Gollum dances over the edge and down into the furnace.