Sky and sand ending a relationship

Long Distance Relationships Quotes (59 quotes)

sky and sand ending a relationship

It's better to be alone than in an unhealthy relationship. It buries our head in the sand while our partner is sunbathing on the beach with the. "Sky-Gazing Meditation" By Lama Surya Das | "If the Buddha Used Twitter" by Soren Gordhamer» Buddhism has much to teach on the topic relationships, even like grains of sand in the desert: some days you can see forever and some Romance has got to end, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. tags: adore, beaches, cherish, commitment, compatible, couple, eternal, grain-of- sand, implore, marriage, never-ending, relationship, soulmate, true-love.

Remember why you fell in love in the first place. What do you like about each other? What do you appreciate and respect? What sorts of things did you used to do together? Why did you pick this person to partner up with in the first place?

Can you see your partner with fresh eyes? Locate the root of the problem. What is the actual problem here? Take a step back and try to really see your relationship as a whole, and figure out if the sticky, hard parts are temporary or a signal of something bigger at stake. Situations that are circumstantial may include: I mean that in our lives, there are multiple transitional periods that might be limited or brief in time or scope. Or they might introduce a new set of struggles to your relationship, ones that you may or may not be able to cope with or resolve.

Hinayana teachings focus on personal conduct; getting your own life together. Mahayana teachings are about what naturally happens next: So the Mahayana is about compassion and recognizing the profound interconnectedness of all phenomena. The Vajrayana is about working with every circumstance as an opportunity for complete enlightenment.

Here one finds teachings on ordinary magic, crazy wisdom, and auspicious coincidence—the ways the world conspires to introduce you to your true nature. Four Noble Truths of Relationships Relationships are deeply uncomfortable. The interesting part is that all these things happen. This is just the way it is, even in happy relationships.

Yes, I really mean those italics. The emotional exchange between two people shifts like grains of sand in the desert: On still other occasions, imperceptible winds cause little piles to slowly accumulate until, one day, a familiar path is altogether blocked.

Long Distance Relationships Quotes

And just like hiking in the desert, you have to be as absorbed in the present moment as you are attuned to atmospheric indicators. Woe to she whose attention to either lapses. The bad news is you never get to where you thought you were going. You get somewhere else instead. Discomfort comes from trying to make the relationship comfortable. Whether you bargained for it or not, you get introduced to your deepest self while someone else is trying to introduce you to their deepest self.

It can get very confusing. Acting nice to each other in the midst of confusion is love.

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True love seems to exist on some mysterious edge of its own. If you are unsatisfied with what they give, walk away.

sky and sand ending a relationship

You cannot make people give you what they cannot give you. All you can do is tell them what you need and then step back. If you are becoming needy, walk away. If you need the situation to be different in order to be happy, walk away. That neediness is creating barriers to getting what you need. Stop giving your power over to your partner. Start giving yourself what you need.

sky and sand ending a relationship

When you keep talking but nothing changes, walk away. When they continually tell you one thing and do something else, what they are telling you is not truthful.

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Give them time and space to line up with their intentions. In the interim, take yourself out of the equation by walking away. When who you are sitting across from is no longer making your heart sing, or when you are at a restaurant with someone and you would rather be home eating ice cream with your cat, or when running away feels so much better than staying, listen to yourself.

Accept it and take space. If the relationship is meant for you, it will begin again down the road. Letting go of an unsatisfactory relationship is an acknowledgment that you want better. Staying in a unsatisfactory relationship is a death sentence. Something has to shift in order for better to come about. Be brave and make that change.