Seven of nine and chakotay relationship trust

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seven of nine and chakotay relationship trust

My problem with that relationship was that it came out of the blue. And what did you think of the whole Seven and Chakotay rushed romance. Lets face it, for seven years, the whole Janeway / Chakotay thing had trusted Seven Of Nine, then all of a sudden, in the last 3 episodes he. Seven of Nine is in her mid-twenties chronologically, but older she says in several episodes that she was part of the collective for 20 years.

In his arrogance he claims he could have chosen any woman in the universe. Aside from some purely campy Q-nonsense, this attempt at a relationship would go nowhere.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship trust

Janeway, as we all knew would happen, has too much integrity to succumb to his drivel. While there, he meets and marries a priestess called Miramanee. Later, Miramanee is stoned to death by the tribe for standing up for Kirk.

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This relationship failed to pass muster. It was poorly developed and succeeded in only getting Kirk married on an alien planet. The pair did share some measure of chemistry and we can see how the writers would eventually couple them off together.

He set his sights firmly on pitching woo to the emotionless Seven of Nine. His actions were expected and he should be given some credit for even trying. Ultimately, his attempts were doomed as she had most likely lost that part of her humanity long ago.

It was awkward watching Seven of Nine fail to catch the subtle hints Harry kept dropping. In the program, Michael Sullivan was a married pub owner. Janeway visited the pub and was instantly smitten with Sullivan.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship trust

In a very out-of-character move, Janeway reprogrammed Sullivan to be single and smarter a pub owner who understands the intricacies of warp field theory. The pair pursued a romantic relationship but in the end, she was still just on the holodeck. Thankfully, Janeway eventually realizes her mistake. Bashir pined for Jadzia Dax. In the end, Jadzia Dax tragically perishes. She did end up with Bashir with barely any lead-in.

The ill-conceived relationship was based more on Dr. After some smooth conversation and dancing, Kirk again finds himself falling for the damsel.

It turns out Rayna is an android and Kirk has awakened her to the emotion of love. She is conflicted between her new emotions for Kirk and her loyalty to a jealous Flint.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship trust

The conflict causes her to shutdown. Discovery was one of the most depressing! Voq was a Klingon sleeper agent. He had his appearance and personality altered to assume the identity of the captured Starfleet Lieutenant Ash Tyler. Kes wanted to learn piloting, so he became her instructor. The deepened his feelings for her, despite trying to stave them off. Neelix became jealous of Tom because Kes was spending quite a bit of time with him.

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Q first ambushes Janeway by appearing in her bed in her quarters. He wants Janeway to become the mother of his child. Arrogantly Q stated he could have chosen any woman in the galaxy. Not that fans expected anything to transpire - that would have really ruined Janeway as a character.

He was part of a race that believed telepaths were dangerous to the Devore Imperium and conducted regular searches of ships entering their space. Voyager had a group of empaths they rescued and managed to hide from Devore.

seven of nine and chakotay relationship trust

Yes, his only plan was to trick her into exposing the telepaths, but sometimes, fake love is based on real emotions. The heartache would pass, but knowing Harry, it would also be unbearable. She directly asked him if he wished to copulate. Later, she tried again by informing Harry she was willing to explore that side of the relationship and instructed Harry to take off his clothes.

It never had gone right for Harry with women, and his early interaction with Seven of Nine was equally as awkward. With no information for a long time, Mark continued his life with new friends and slowly forgetting about Janeway and his life with her. That seems harsh, but what else was he supposed to do? Voyager couple probably goes to Neelix and Kes.

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Initially, like most romantic relationships, it was nice and love-filled, but it became quickly clear Neelix and Kes never belonged together-- mostly because of Neelix.

Tessa developed a plan to use Borg technology to send a message back to to stop the disaster of Voyager. Starfleet refused to let the plan go ahead.

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Tessa and Chakotay attempt the plan anyway and are intercepted by Starfleet. Chakotay was willing to sacrifice himself for Tessa on the Delta Flyer, but she wanted to stay with him as long as possible. However, she perished when the Flyer exploded. He owned a pub and was married. This caused Janeway to reprogram Sullivan. She made him single and smarter to match her intelligence with what she wanted to talk about. The continued to see each other and had a romantic relationship.

She was happy with him, but it was just a holodeck program.