Seungri and gd relationship quotes

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seungri and gd relationship quotes

Seungri shared that he overheard G-Dragon complaining about the new Seok Deok, even posting good quotes from the drama on his SNS. Big Bang′s G- Dragon and Seungri shared a time when their relationship was. [ARTICLE] BIGBANG's Heart-warming Quotes GD: I always say I want kids, Seungri: I am just afraid, We might never be able to go back. .. 【TaeYang】If a relationship has gone through 3 kinds of hurdles and I still decide to. Share G-Dragon quotations about songs, listening and heart. I'm already in a relationship with everybody that likes me. I worked over a year for my album, but one day YG told Seungri to make an album and he made one.

Also, G-Dragon hyung is a tough love kind of person. After he scolds me, he would take care of me secretly. How does he take care of you? During my first broadcast, he sent me a line long text message.

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It was my first time receiving such a long text message from G-Dragon. What did the text message say? Very objectively and cold. Why was it so ordinary? Please wait on it. Please prepare good food for him. The weather might be colder so please prepare a jacket for him. So that Seungri can be at his best.

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Finding out about that would be touching. He write songs so well. We are talking about this among ourselves a lot, he has the concentration and tenacity that we even think he would survive in a deserted island. He has great desires. You might think that many unfortunate things would happen working as a group, but he always deeply thinks about everything.

Musically, he has the strong sensibility of a boy. He answered white horse Seungri: I want to be. Serious I want to. I want to run. Seungri wants to be run faster Seungri: TOP chips in to say something. No no, a horse. Very fast, a horse.

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Oh no, a prince, sorry. I want to ride you. Seungri cried really hard. He cried and cried, and from his wordless cries I learned a lot more than what I couldve without them. When I saw GD, I hugged him tight and cried on his shoulder for twenty minutes. Jiyong said he realized how important the stage was to him and was very sorry to all the fans when he made them worried. After that, they sang Heaven? There were lots of other times on stage when the both of them would look at each other and smile.

Also, Seungri was the first one to run over to Jiyong to put his arm around his shoulder…I think he was worried that Jiyong would be too nervous on the stage so he was there to comfort?

seungri and gd relationship quotes

Hyung can move around freely this way. I was so touched my tears were about to fall. Who is a master in love? After this interview is over, you will find balloons in your cars laughs V.

You like doing these fun things? I can confidently say that we are already a family. Although we have been through many things, we have become even stronger and stricter people. If one day, we can never stand on stage to perform, I can accept it. We love music a lot and when we make music together, it is fun.

No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, being together is already a blessing. No matter what happens, I believe it is the same for us in the future. I hope we can continue down this road as friends sometimes, as lovers sometimes and sometimes like family for another 10, 20 years.

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I have all along wanted freedom, so I write my freedom into my songs. I am thankful to the people around me, accepting of my personality, the kind of freedom I want is not the blinded kind, I am the type of people to do what I have promised. Freedom is not everything I want, I want to think carefully about my future and plan every step in my future.

To me, albums are like my diary. In life, you will experience many decisions. When you are faced with many different choices, you have to pick something that benefits you.

I think you should pick the things you like because you are working hard for yourself and not others. Only if you are sure of that, then people will follow you. As long as one person is still listening to our songs, I think making music is still meaningful.

I can see that in the future, I will never stop singing. Music is my destiny and my final point. Finding style that is similar to someone else is meaningless, you must have your own style. Be daring and have your own style. Where will you be 10 years from now? I will be producing in the US industry. Seungri will be my neighbour. Others always say women in their twenties are the most charming, I feel that you can control it, that way, you always be charming no matter how old.

There is nothing in the world that deserves you losing yourself to do it. If you keep avoiding, it would only bring others pain. I do not usually cry on stage because I want you guys to know I am happy and not let you guys worry about me. This gave me the strength to carry on, thank you. Although this is childish, I had placed balloons in the trunk of the car and let it fly out when she opened it.

I have also booked an entire cafe just to perform for her. She hated my celebrity status, so I covered my face and accompanied her to the amusement park.

seungri and gd relationship quotes

Although this phrase can be seen from many different views to me, it means that no matter how many issues come up or how many people gossiping behind my back, it is still too early to give up.

To adjust my feelings, I tattoo this on my back. There are many things that I have never said, but people understand. I am thankful for that.

seungri and gd relationship quotes

I am the kind of person to give a bit of kindness and let them person feel warm for a really long time. I am the type to devote myself completely to love or not devote at all.