Sammi and ron relationship poems

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sammi and ron relationship poems

Sam and Ron Letting You Go Quotes, Go For It Quotes, Letting Go, 2pac Quotes, Typed Quotes, Wonder Quotes, Twitter Quotes, Couple Quotes, Relationship. Memorable lines and quotes from MTV's Jersey Shore. View lines by Ronnie's MomRead the Recap». You didn't They're talking about f'in' relationships, my sneakers are dirty. [Accepting Sammi's apology] Oh my God, bitch. You're. This week's episode was one of the most intense of the series as Ronnie and Sammi's tumultuous relationship erupted and appears to have.

Today is the season finale of this season, so I decided to share my thoughts about the people on the show. This post contains my opinion on some of the inner workings of the members of the hit television phenomenon, Jersey Shore. That being said, he also seems to be the most insecure man in the bunch.

He constantly causes ruckus: In my estimation, he has a conflict within himself that he is trying to find resolution for.

sammi and ron relationship poems

Maybe he had a terrible relationship with his mother, or maybe he had an ex-girlfriend that broke his heart. Something continually nags at him to be fixed, and that nagging translates to all kinds of conflicting situations in his life.

This leads him to be dishonest and hurt the people around him. It may even be that he is unintentionally trying to recreate the conflict scenario that is causing him so much pain to begin with.

Yet, he refuses to accept the reality that his own actions are what alienate people and cause him to be alone in the first place. I suspect that he was never a social leader in high school or after.

sammi and ron relationship poems

Ronnie is probably the happiest in the group, even though it may not seem like it because of his constant fighting with Sammi and his recent altercation with Mike. He is probably not in love with Sammi, but rather in love with being in love.

sammi and ron relationship poems

Ronnie is finally in with the cool crowd, has a hot girlfriend, and is very content with it all. Vinny — Vinny is a family man.

If you notice, Vinny is the one guy who is never shown consistently bringing home a girl to get it in. He is an old fashioned romantic in the end. Vinny loves his mother, and he misses his life at home on Staten Island. He wants the comforts of a family life, and he is yearning for a quality woman to settle down with.

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That being said, he is surprisingly accepting. He tries to recreate a strong family vibe among his house mates, and he becomes very disappointed when he fails. He is genuinely affected by them because those conflicts are a direct threat to that family comfort he so ardently desires.

I am baffled that they are able to maintain their job at the T-shirt shop when they do not lift a finger to help customers, talk back to their boss, and leave work to get booze.

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Moreover, they do not seem to practice safe sex and I presume that all of them have at least one STD. Nonetheless, I do not watch the show because it is quality programming with empathic characters; I tune in each week to be entertained, have a good laugh, and feel better about my life. The two have been on and off since the show began in and it has been a bumpy ride.

Sammi seems to always have a puss on her face and does not know how to exist without being miserable. If she is not screaming at Ronnie or clawing at one of the girls in the house, she is crying about how miserable her life is. Each week they break-up, make-up, and get in heated arguments that often result in a physical altercation.

This season alone Sammi has slapped Ron in the face, he has thrown her belongings out onto the deck and dragged her bed out with her in it, and he has smashed all of her possessions including her undoubtedly expensive glasses.

sammi and ron relationship poems

Despite how unhappy they both are with one another and the obvious unhealthy nature of their relationship, they stay together and one has to wonder why. In the reunion episode from last season all the other cast members were asked their opinion on Sam and Ronnie and the cast agreed that the two should break up because while they are great as individuals, together they are toxic.

sammi and ron relationship poems

The couple defended their love and sat hand-in-hand while their closest friends reiterated their beliefs that it would be best if the two split.

Well, they should have listened, because this season was the most violent and confrontational of all and the two did everything imaginable to sabotage their own relationship. While we as an objective audience are vividly aware of how harmful and negative their relationship is, Sam and Ronnie have no idea because they are so enmeshed in it that they have lost sight of what is normal and cannot see things clearly.