Salman khan and shahrukh relationship quotes

Things that brought Salman-Shah Rukh Khan together

salman khan and shahrukh relationship quotes

Love him or hate him, Shah Rukh Khan will always remain the King of Bollywood. (Kings XI Punjab) as rival team owners will sour their relations with you? Another reporter: Salman was moved to tears during your stage. 16) Q: Is your relationship with Salman Khan going well now?SRK: Yes it's going really well. We are planning on having a baby together. Quotes By Salman; Salman On Actors; Salman On Actresses; Actors On Shah Rukh Khan . The media unnecessarily hypes our relationship .

There are numerous instances when Shah Rukh has gotten everyone bowled over with his one liners. To mark this amazing aspect of the gentleman that he is, here's taking a look at 25 of the wittiest quotes by Shah Rukh Khan: But what if I repeat myself, so does history! Has fatherhood affected your acting skills? Laughs loudly Yeah, I treat all my heroines like children now. I pick them up, I cuddle them, I call them "baby".

Want to make 'Asoka' again! When will you start making different movies? When will you start asking me different questions? As per the grapevine, its more likely that I will wake up 'with' Karan Johar rather than 'as' Karan Johar. Also read In pics Shah Rukh Khan's birthday bash: What would be your advice to Aryan if he started developing a crush on Malika Sheravat? See he's very young, and if at all he does develop a crush on her, he'll be playing with her sometimes so I'll say 'Can I also play with her sometimes?

Why do you wear shades at night? Because the sun never sets on me! I can run without an engine, purely on reputation. I would love to be just bloody successful. Hrithik or Aamir, who's a better actor?

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Better than who, karan? My hair in the morning and chin the rest of the day! Actually it's all thanks to them that I am where I am!

He's like a brother.

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He taught me fitness and Rahul Kumar taught me dancing. I had heard so many things about him. But he turned out to be a cool guy. We really hit it off and had ourselves a ball on the sets. It has been a wonderful experience working with him. I remember Salman's words, " Akshay this is my last film with you.

You arrive early on the sets and just to keep up with you, I too have to get up early and be on the sets. The best thing is, whenever we have met after that we have always picked up from where we left off.

We did that again. We get along well as we are both very straightforward and are honest people who don't care what others are doing. Salman and I are happy doing our own thing. We don't plan or plot to harm others; that's why we get along. We are very good friends and when he tweeted about my six packs for my film, I take it as a compliment. I really love him as he is always himself. I only laugh when I am with him, he is so entertaining. He is a rockstar. He is so good looking. When he passes by, you actually stop to turn and look at him.

When I saw the promos of Dabangg, I called him and both of us went completely mad. He is a cult figure. Just as the South has Rajinikanth, we have Salman! He helps you whenever you're in trouble, whether thats personally or professionally. He'll help you with your scenes in the film, with your dialogs and also give friendly advice. I have worked with him in a few films and it's always been great.

I'm looking forward to working with him again!

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Nobody else is a rockstar quite like him and there is simply nobody else like him. Salman is a great actor because he can just transform into anybody. Full marks to him. My rapport with him, from the first day has been super. When I came to Mumbai, I knew no one. It was Salman who held my hand at that time. The media unnecessarily hypes our relationship.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship quotes

The truth is that Salman is nothing less than Godfather for me. He loves to give this image of being a big bully but he's actually more decent than a lot of actors who pretend they are chivalrous and then turn out to be real cads.

People love to hear negative things about Salman. But I think he's just an overgrown baby who loves doing a little masti! Ameesha Patel Salman is getting a way too much negativity than he deserves. People are using him as a pawn in their selfish gains, to cover up certain mistakes they've made. Salman has kept his dignity. Never in the press has he betrayed the trust of any of the women he's been with. They have thrashed him, left, right, and center.

A coin always has two sides, and we are in no position to judge a person's relationship. But you've been in a relationship for three years, so you've obviously seen something nice about it. Salman could've said negative things about Ash or Vivek, but he didn't. And I respect him for that, because I'd go loony in a situation like that, if I were to be used as a pawn. Diya Mirza Salman Khan has got a very good physique.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship quotes

He looks just like a Greek god. But, he hasn't let his goodlooks go to his head.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship quotes

I consider him to be one of the most efficient, intelligent people I have met so far. I was a rank newcomer when I signed Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge and the stories I had heard about Salman's wild antics were making me nervous.

I had mentally prepared myself for torment. But what followed was an exact anti-thesis.

salman khan and shahrukh relationship quotes

From day one itself, Salman was courtesy personified. This line is totally male dominated and it helps a heroine a great deal if her hero treats her with respect. That sets a benchmark for everybody else on the sets. From the spotboy onwards to the producer and the director, nobody dares to mistreat her.

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Working in the film with Salman has been one of the happiest experiences of my life, one that I will always cherish. Shilpa Shetty I have seen the guy do so much for the underprivileged and for cancer patients in Bombay. He is very charitable but he never talks about it. Salman is a very dear friend. Priyanka Chopra He was most helpful since I was very new when we started work on the film.

Initially, I was a little distant but being a romantic film topped with large doses of comedy, it was important for us to build a rapport. In person he is very different from the image that is portrayed of him and what I learnt about him in this short span, is that he is highly misunderstood. Thanks to his spontaneity and cuteness, he can make the silliest thing look normal and believable. And he has huge fan following at my office.

My writers and directors are a smitten bunch.