Ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Golden Globes, Candids wed to Scarlett Johansson and Lively was dating Gossip Girl costar Penn Badgley, But even more of a hindrance, as those relationships wrapped not long after. I'm talking about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, obvi, because these these two are just so talented and hilarious that I live for their relationship. Blake was dating her GG costar Penn Badgley (a.k.a. "Lonely Boy," a.k.a. It's hard to imagine a time before Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were Hollywood's hottest couple In fact, Lively had four serious relationships.

They definitely hit it off but strictly as friends because they were both already taken more on that below.

ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

Reynolds once explained how the friend-zone was a good place to be: Lively and Badgley broke up first, later in the year, and Reynolds and Johansson each filed for divorce about a month after that. Then Ryan and Blake teamed up again in for the Green Lantern's press tour, showing everyone just how cute they were together, but it was still just a friends thing.

Blake actually dated a few other high-profile stars like Ryan Gosling and Leonardo DiCaprio after her breakup with Badgley, while Reynolds was rumored to be dating Charlize Theron.

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Through it all, however, Ryan and Blake remained close, so there must have been a few crying-on-shoulder moments. Ryan and Blake realized they were most definitely more than just friends while on a double date together. They were on that date with other people, kind of like that scene in When Harry Met Sally. Reynolds told the story to SiriusXM in early I remember it was funny, because for about a year after Green Lantern had come and gone and all that stuff, we were both single.

We went on a double date.

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She was on a date with another guy, and I was on a date with another girl -- and that was, like, the most awkward date for the respective parties because we were just like fireworks coming across. But Lively and Reynolds seem to pull it off pretty darn well. Their relationship was confirmed when they were spotted holding hands in Ryan's hometown of Vancouver in December. In September, after just one year of dating, the couple married in secret in Boone Hall Plantatation, South Carolina, which is also where Noah's house in The Notebook was filmed In the October issue of Allure, Blake - who when interviewed was not yet married - was evasive about her relationship with Ryan, but said, 'I'm so peaceful.

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I've never been happier in my life. Ryan was busy promoting his films The Croods and R.


Blake dazzled in a pink beaded gown with her hair in perfect Hollywood waves, and Ryan looked suave in a classic black tuxe.

The best part is when we turn off our phones and just talk and hang out. He's my best, best friend.

ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

What do you do with your best friend? If I could spit out a litter of kids, I would.

ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

Their daughter James was born December 16but the news was not announced until January Soon after, while Blake was filming The Shallows, she and Ryan announced that they were expecting their second baby together. That was the biggest thing to me.

ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

Because they could skip the getting to know you stage, they sped right through boyfriend-girlfriend status, to shared homeowners, to husband and wife before their public romance hit the one year mark.

It's not just that they knew, so much as they realized they'd found everything they ever wanted. There was the actor thing, of course, and their shared desire to keep the truly sacred details private while still turning out on carpets for glitzy events such as the Met Gala, the Golden Globe and the Cannes Film Festival—even a White House State Dinner to honor Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

We don't ever want to rob them of what we had, because we'd feel really selfish. Lively, as she's saidwould "spit out a litter of kids," and Reynolds would be delighted to raise them.

Their roastings have become spectator sport, not just because they're so frickin' funny which they arebut because they make fans think, this is the type of relationship I want.

ryan reynolds and blake lively relationship with penn

Consider the time Reynolds, attempting to drum up drama in his wife's mystery thriller A Simple Favor, tweeted"You can tell me. You once drove me to the hospital when you were giving birth. Because being in this pals first type of relationship, it's pretty great.