Ruin and rising ending a relationship

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ruin and rising ending a relationship

Jun 27, So I just finished reading Ruin and Rising and I can't tell you how freaking Mal and Alina's relationship in this series was developed BETTER. Nikolai Lantsov, about himself; Ruin and Rising Nikolai Lantsov is the current He hints that he would be willing to have an open relationship with Alina, if she. Feb 15, And I think that this question is more interesting for Ruin and Rising than it is will do the same for her, pointing out that she might end up just like him. There are a lot of similarities between their relationship and David and.

I loved to hear about his air ship and I just knew the stories had to be true, and then when he saved them I cried so much when the Darkling turned him, and continued through the rest of the book. I could hardly stand it when he came to Alina, tried to get her to heal her, and then tried to eat her. And especially when he put the ring on her hand and bowed.

It was just too much! I love Nikolai, and just seeing him tormented so, but still trying to be himself I felt bad for him at the end, with all that he has gone through, and he does care about Alina.

I loved that Genya, David, and Zoya were left in charge, and continued to visit Alina at the orphanage along with Nikolai. While I hated Zoya so much before, this book really made me like her more. Her sass was great, she grew a lot, and I was extremely happy when she told Alina that Mal had always been faithful to her, even when Alina and everyone else thought he was running around with any girl that caught his attention.

I was also so very happy that Genya redeemed herself and that her and David ended up happily together. I felt so bad for Harshaw. He was mad, but I liked him more because of it. I love that we learned more about him, including his name.

ruin and rising ending a relationship

While I always hated his evil, there was still something about him that was intriguing. Learning more about his past was sad, and it was sad when Alina killed him.

ruin and rising ending a relationship

She had to kill him, she had no choice. I believe he loved her, no matter how twisted he was, so it was really sad when he realized he was truly alone. I was so surprised. I knew they really loved each other and would be a great couple, but they had to work through some things first, and I'm happy they did.

He also proposes marriage to her, suggesting that such an alliance would make both of them stronger and allow them to unite the First and Second Armies against the Darkling. He insists that he is talking about a political alliance and not a love match; though, he says he is not opposed to having children with her.

He hints that he would be willing to have an open relationship with Alina, if she still wanted to see Mal. Alina refuses, and Mal grows to resent Nikolai.

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Mal even pins Nikolai to a wall and starts a fight with him, and Alina breaks up the fight. However, she agrees to support Nikolai's bid for the throne if he will support her in taking the Darkling's place as leader of the Grisha of the Second Army. Surprised, Nikolai considers it and finally agrees. On their journey together to Os AltaNikolai and Alina make numerous public appearances in small towns. Outside of Tashta, Nikolai kisses Alina, and the crowd goes wild. Alina, in return, kicks his shin in private, and Mal is once again furious with Nikolai.

On her third attempt at kicking Nikolai, he grabs her bare leg, which makes her blush. Still angry, she continues threatening to kill him and calls him "creepy," which Nikolai responds to with surprising insecurity.

It is rumored that he is a bastard, born from an affair between the Queen and Magnus Opjer, a Fjerdan ambassador who made his living in the sea trade. If this were true, he would have no legitimate claim to the throne at all. Nikolai is as aware of these claims as anyone else.

ruin and rising ending a relationship

He publicly gives no credence to them and denies them entirely. Privately, he tells Alina that he is "probably a bastard;" though, he insists that it doesn't change his ambition. He wants to fix what is wrong with his family's rule. When they arrive at court, Nikolai reveals to his parents that he is Sturmhond.

Alina is put in charge of the Second Army, just as she had wanted, and Mal is installed as her head guard.

ruin and rising ending a relationship

Defenses are set up, and plans are made to protect the palace from a potential Darkling attack. Despite this, Nikolai also begins to rebuild the Hummingbird. He names the new ship the Kingfisher, and tells Alina that he intends to retain it as an escape vessel, in the event that their defenses are overcome.

She asks him to keep it a secret, saying that it will affect morale. Nikolai comes into conflict with his older brother Vasily. The elder prince recognizes his ambition to gain the throne and proves himself to be far less willing to give up his place as heir than Nikolai had thought.

Plans are cut short during Nikolai's birthday celebrations. Vasily arrives, seeming worryingly pleased with himself, and eventually reveals what he imagines to be a great victory over Nikolai — he has been negotiating with the Fjerdans, one of Ravka's enemies. He has arranged a trade agreement wherein some of the security stations along Ravka's border roads will be relaxed to allow traders to move freely.

Nikolai reacts with horror, saying that those security outposts had been serving as an early warning system. He says that Vasily has been played and that the arrangement he has made will provide the Darkling with a direct route to the capital. Vasily scoffs at this, but Nikolai asks how long ago the agreement was reached. He realizes that with all of his family gathered together for his birthday, they have provided the perfect opportunity for the Darkling to strike.

He immediately wants to evacuate.

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His fears are proved true when, even as they are still arguing about this, the room is invaded by the Darkling's nichevo'ya. All the plans that had been made to fight the Darkling and make a stand against him are brought to nought.

Vasily is killed instantly, when one of the nichevo'ya tears off his arm and then rips into him. Nikolai's military instincts take over.

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He and Alina rush his parents out of the throne room. Nikolai goes straight for the Kingfisher, saying that he has to get his parents out, but Alina refuses to go with him. Her duty is to the Grisha, and although it's clear that the Darkling's forces are already overrunning them all, she goes back to the Little Palace.

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Before she leaves, she asks Nikolai to take Baghra — her old trainer and the Darkling's mother — with him, and he agrees. As Alina leaves, her last view of Nikolai is him standing there.

She does not know whether or not he has managed to escape the palace or what his fate might be. After he saves Alina, Mal and the rest of the Grisha who escaped the White Cathedralhe brings them to The Monastery of Sankt Demyan, a pilgrimage site turned into an observatory a few hundred years ago, where the rest of the survivors are, including King and the Queen. Soon after Alina and others arrive, Genya gets in trouble, and Nikolai stands up for her against the King.

He forces King to write the letter of abdication, threatening him with the trial for rape. Before his mother leaves, she tells him about Magnus Opjera Fjerdan ambassador and Nikolai's real father. She also gives him the emerald ring, the Lantsov Emerald, which he later gives to Alina, when he proposes to her again. He tells her that, even though their marriage would mainly be a political alliance, they could be happy and eventually have children of their own.

Afterwards, they make plans to fight back against the Darkling. This includes Nikolai and Alina touring together to attempt to win support. Their first stop will be Ketterdam, a port city on the nearby island of Kerch.

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As they are making plans to leave, the Darkling appears, having been led to them by Sergeia Grisha who had defected to him. As punishment for Nikolai stealing Alina from under his nose in the previous book, the Darkling infects him with merzostthe same forbidden power that he has been using to create his nichevo'ya.

It warps Nikolai, transforming him into a winged monster with fangs, talons, and skin filled with veins of darkness. It also fills him with a hunger for human flesh, and makes his mind more animalistic. He flies away, leaving Alina and her friends to escape alone and form new plans of their own. Despite what has happened to him, Nikolai retains some awareness in this form. He at first follows Alina, and when he sees her emerald ring, he puts it on her finger to show that he recognizes her.

Later, when Alina and her friends confront the Darkling inside the Fold, Nikolai appears again with the volcra following after him. He leads them to attack their creator, helping Alina to fight off the Darkling's forces.