Robin and starfire relationship

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robin and starfire relationship

Starfire and Robin have been through a lot in Teen Titans — and their relationship is packed with interesting things. Depends on which Robin we're talking about, and which Starfire. There are four male Robins in total: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Daimian. Superhero couples are one of the few things that make comics so fun to follow, and there are few quite as iconic as Robin and Starfire within.

For Robin and Starfire, that time came in a literal sense. This was a revelation that seemed to haunt her for some time. While this did help cool their relationship, things never heated up like this before after this event took place. However, the love was still there, with the two often going off and on.

It just happens to be one of the downfalls in a relationship when your girlfriend can fly. The difference in height is also not as noticeable when the two are together, as Starfire is regularly seen levitating or flying. It just so happens that most Tamaraneans are naturally taller than most humans, but Robin has managed to make up for his shortcomings in other areas. While Grayson has been a bachelor all of his life, Starfire was married twice, and once only to solidify a peace treaty.

Starfire is years old in Tamaran years, making her much more mature than her teenage colleagues, despite her youthful appearance. Robin, on the other hand, was about 16 when he first met Starfire, making their relationship not only unorthodox but brings in the question of legality.

As neither had any feelings for the other yet, it didn't count as a "first kiss". They mutually went their separate ways when he went off to college and joined the Teen Titans, but he might not be completely over her. Because on one occasion Starfire put on an old Batgirl costume as a prank and Robin became, eh, interested. Especially when she said it was too tight for her to take off. Still, it made the Boy Wonder all red in the face. It tends to have political ramifications.

So it's not too surprising that she was married twice in the comics, both times to guys from her home planet Tamaran. The first was simply to formalize a peace treaty and didn't last, but the second time occurred after she and Nightwing's relationship was on the rocks.

Her second husband, General Phy'zzon, she did love but he ended up sacrificing himself to save their planet. Maybe the third time will be the charm? It was always present certainly, but in five seasons it was only the focus of an episode's plot five times.

That's only once per season. Robin's obsession with the villain Slade had more episodes devoted to it. It's a testament to the writers, animators, and voice actors that they could make something so memorable with such little screen time. Apparently not though, as he might not even be aware of his own adopted son's romantic partner. Seriously, Batman has encountered Starfire personally on at least two occasions and doesn't acknowledge their relationship.

It's clear he knows who she is, but it's never clear if he knows she's Robin's girlfriend. That seems like something you would be aware of when you're saving the universe together. But Batman never goes, "Hey, that's my son's girlfriend.

Like when your spouse is resisting the oppressive body you're the face of. That's what happened in the Nightwing: New World Order storyline.

In an alternate future, Dick Grayson becomes the public face of an anti-superpower government that's forced many of his friends underground, including Starfire. She's joined the resistance against the very people he works for. This strained not only their relationship, but her relationship with their son Jake too.

Nightwing eventually saw the error of his ways though, reuniting with Starfire and helping the resistance. Robin's case is more well-known of course. It was the accident that cost him his parents' life that led to Bruce Wayne adopting him.

It was his need for closure that led Batman to train Dick Grayson to be his partner. Starfire has lost her parents too. She then returns Buddy's jacket to his wife, before passing out from exhaustion and is left in the care of the Baker Family. Countdown to Adventure[ edit ] Main article: Buddy invites her to stay with the family as an after-school sitter despite Ellen's discomfort with how close Buddy and Starfire seem.

This worsens when Buddy's son attacks Kory whilst under the effects of Lady Styx's virus. Animal Man's decision to follow Starfire rather than watch over his son in the hospital leads Ellen to ask if he is in love with her, to which Buddy does not reply. Despite the loss of her powers, Starfire demonstrates her combat abilities as she and Animal Man fight off crowds of people infected by the virus.

They are later trapped in San Diego with the infectees where they are joined by the Teen Titans who are trying to break through a force field to get to the Healers ship. They are then interrupted by more victims of the Lady Styx virus. They then save Buddy and teleport with the aid of the Zeta Beam to Rann to restore Starfire's powers. The team finds out that the sterilization is taking place in San Diego.

Starfire uses her powers to heal the people, and is later seen leaving the Baker household for parts unknown. Starfire attempts to rid the disease but is soon tackled by Champ Hazard into the ground. She then leaves the Baker's household to return to the Titans. Rann-Thanagar Holy War[ edit ] Main article: Apparently the belief of Lady Styx still remained even after the virus has been eliminated.

Their plan is to use a telepath to show the horror of Lady Styx.

robin and starfire relationship

One afternoon, she and Animal Man's son were attacked by a water demon in Buddy's swimming pool. Meanwhile, her old Titan teammates had also been attacked by assorted demonic entities. This led to Starfire, NightwingTroiaCyborgBeast BoyRavenKid Flash, and Red Arrowto reassemble as a team, when they realized that the attacks are the result of a resurrected Trigon and his newly discovered three sons.

While investigating, the Titans began to experience unexplained mood-shifts. Soon after, the team met up in New York's Central Park, where they attempted to recover from these mood-shifts and realize that each shift coincided with one of the seven deadly sins.

The team was then approached by the Sons of Trigon. They battled the villainous prodigy, and drove them away. Starfire and Nightwing then discuss their actions while under the influence of Trigon's sons. While Nightwing shows hints at wanting to renew their relationship, Starfire questions his commitment to the relationship and goes so far as to ask Nightwing whether or not he truly still loves her.

robin and starfire relationship

Nightwing to his own surprise and reluctance admits he does not, leading to them for now leaving their reunion in doubt. Most recently, she has been captured and turned into a Justifieras seen in Final Crisis: She has since been freed, although the loss of control she gathered from the Justifier helmet distressed her severely.

She was more than happy to destroy a warehouse full of them when Mister Terrific offered her and Cyborg to destroy them. Blackest Night[ edit ] During Hero's Day, a time when the heroes of the DC Universe join together in remembrance of dead comrades, Starfire and the Titans were attacked by Black Lantern versions of their fallen teammates. Both she and Cyborg were rescued by Beast Boy.

She then returns to where Tamaran used to be, to find that it had mysteriously returned. Starfire agrees to join Legion and enters into a relationship with Captain Comet.

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Soon Tamaranean refugees, led by Blackfire, attack Rann believing that since the planet was in Tamaran's orbit they had claim to it. The violence was ended when Vril Dox, who was off-world at the start of the conflict, arrived with Thanagarian warships and stopped the fighting without bloodshed on either side.

Robin and Starfire

The tension between the Rannians and the Tamaraneans was resolved by allowing the Tamaraneans to live on Rann's uninhabited southern continent. Although her relationship with Comet was only physical for her, Comet thought different thus ending their relationship.

She also assisted the Green Lantern Corp in battling Psions. Starfire helped create an alliance between Rannians, Tamaraneans and L. As part of the relaunch, Starfire became the cast member of the series Red Hood and the Outlaws. In the new continuity, the character appears to have a similar origin, though she is now a member of that titular group, in which Jason Todd Red Hood and Roy Harper Arsenal are her teammates.

As in the previous continuity, she has a past relationship with Dick Grayson. One significant change to her backstory is that she was sold into slavery by her sister to save Tamaran from the Citadel.

Another is that her ship, which crashed on a tropical island, appears to be her primary home, where she keeps a number of articles of Dick Grayson 's clothing - which eventually serve to become part of Jason's "Red Hood" uniform. However, it's later shown that she does retain her memories and recalls Dick Grayson and Roy's full name. Her sexual desires are brought up very casually when she offhandedly offers Harper a chance to sleep with her. Kory tells Jason and Roy that Tamaraneans are said to have a short attention span when it comes to "all things Earth", seeing humans as little more than sensory experiences.

In a flashback, Jason reveals that Koriand'r is the one who found him and nursed him back to health on the island she has made her home after her ship crashed on it.

The two attempted a romantic relationship, but Jason later notes that "[they] just friend-zoned each other".

robin and starfire relationship

However, he considers her a dear friend, and narrates that if he ever gets used to Koriand'r kissing him, to shoot him. It's soon revealed that Koriand'r is Commander of a Spaceship named Starfire, the crew consisting of slaves she helped free when she herself escaped slavery. The Starfire has returned to earth for Kory because that Tamaran has been taken over by The Blight, a parasitic alien race. This is mainly because Kory blames her sister and the people of Tamaran for her enslavement, so she is torn on if she should help them now.

Roy is then kidnapped during an attack on the ship and taken to Tamaran, driving Star to go to her home planet. Later on, Kory's memories are forcefully returned, which leads Roy Harper to discover that she lied about her nonchalance towards relationships. Roy breaks up with her because of his own trust issues particularly towards Oliver Queenbut the two reconcile later on, resulting in a much more tender relationship, since Kory is able to be emotive as she normally is, and no longer has to hide her emotions.

Roy openly admits to Jason several times that he loves her, and later on, the pair confess their love to one another. Right at the end of the series, Tamaran is invaded again by Helspont, and, to ensure the safety of her people, Blackfire sides with him on the condition that Tamaran be spared. Koriand'r is devastated, but eventually, however, Blackfire hears her sister's pleas and betrays Helspont, destroying him and nearly killing herself in the process. This leads Kory and Roy to break up - though purely out of necessity - as Koriand'r is forced to return to Tamaran, so that Blackfire can get the medical attention she needs.

The two share a kiss, and Koriand'r promises to remember Roy for "forever and a day". After Starfire departs, Roy announces to Jason that he, too, will now go his separate way, too, thus leaving Jason on his own. Rose Wilson, who was hired to kill Koriand'r but eventually decided not to when she realised she was hired by Helspontasks if Jason needs a minute after losing his team.

He replies that they were not a team, they were friends.

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Starfire[ edit ] InKoriand'r was given a new solo on going series titled Starfire, wherein she returns to Earth presumably by this point her sister is healed - specifically, to Key West, a small coastal town. She befriends the local Sheriff, Stella Gomez, and a super-powered woman whose civilization lives inside the Earth's surface, called Atlee.

As of issue 5, she has also befriended Stella's widowed brother, Sol who bears a striking resemblance to Dick Graysonand appears to not be particularly interested in heroism. Powers and abilities[ edit ] Starfire is a Tamaranean and as such her physiology is designed to constantly absorb ultraviolet radiation.

The radiation is then converted to pure energy, allowing her to fly at supersonic speeds. Originally, Starfire was capable of using this power to fly in space and even go fast enough to cross several solar systems in minutes to seconds. However, it is established in Red Hood and the Outlaws 2 and 27 that the rebooted Starfire is unable to fly without the effects of gravity, leaving her unable to travel in space unaided.

This energy also gives her incredible superhuman strength and durability. This strength, combined with her fighting skills, allowed her to defeat the much stronger Donna Troy about two out of three times during purely hand to hand matches. After being experimented on by the alien Psions, Starfire gained the ability to release her absorbed energy into incredibly powerful blasts called "starbolts. The released energy leaves her in a weakened state.