Relationship like bonnie and clyde quotes

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relationship like bonnie and clyde quotes

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She is shocked when she realises that he is a killer with a Hair-Trigger Temperbut she soon joins in the action, and eventually shows herself to be even more callous than him.

In In TimeSylvia is at first Will's hostage, but their relationship soon morphs into this when they begin stealing time from her father. Baby Driver has Buddy and Darling, a married couple who commit robberies to support their cocaine habit.

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In ScarfaceTony Camonte and his sister Cesca become a borderline incestuous case of this by the end. Cesca shows up at Tony's house to kill him because he killed her boyfriend, but when the cops show up and surround them she immediately forgets about it and giddily helps him shoot at the police instead. His will to fight vanishes as soon as she is killed and she dies begging him to hold her. Subverted in Black Panther.

Love And Bullets: The Real Bonnie & Clyde

Killmonger's girlfriend wants to be this and is instrumental in helping him and Klaw steal Vibranium artifacts from a London museum, but then it turns out Killmonger thinks nothing of her and when Klaw takes her hostage, Killmonger shoots her himself just to spite Klaw. Literature If one stretches a bit to include newspapers as "literature," Bonnie Parker was the Trope Maker in art as in real life. Arguably, they are more the foundation of the myth; as others have noted, their actual crimes were sordid, sloppy and semi-successful compared to Dillinger's, but even today the end of the ballad can bring chills: Some day they'll go down together; And they'll bury them side by side; To few it'll be grief To the law a relief But it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.

The Stainless Steel Rat: The Kevin Garvey short story "The Opposite of Bonnie and Clyde" is about a rich couple whose surnames are "Bonnie" and "Clyde" plotting an unarmed robbery of the bank of which one of them is a vice president.

relationship like bonnie and clyde quotes

A guard is unexpectedly killed during the crime, which causes the couple to become " the opposite of Bonnie and Clyde " — instead of dying young together, they grow old in prison separately. In the Zeroes series, Coin and Glitch are two lovers who use their superpowers to commit crimes, cause chaos, and have fun while going on a cross-country "honeymoon".

The Zeroes explicitly compare them to Bonnie and Clyde. The Klinefelds from the original CSI.

relationship like bonnie and clyde quotes

Criminal Intent has had several lovers that were also her partners in crime. An episode of Cracker had a boyfriend and girlfriend who committed crimes together and the girlfriend compared them to Bonnie and Clyde. Shell and Denny in Bad Girls. Crystal was the one in charge; she was almost twice Buck's age and his former teacher. Shown in flashbacks in Highlander: The Series, with Amanda and another immortal playing the main roles, with Duncan following along behind and digging them up after the inevitable shootout with the cops.

Apparently there are several of these Henricksen refers to Supernatural 's Sam and Dean Winchester like this, despite that they are not canonically lovers, though they do have an unusually strong brotherly bond. And yes, I know about Sam too, Bonnie to your Clyde. Well, that part's true Reaper had a pair of escaped souls in a Outlaw Couple relationship. Stroud then shoots dead the attendant because he's a witness as he's in the midst of praising Stroud for saving his life.

In The Outer Limits episode "The Zanti Misfits," Ben Garth and Lisa Lawrence are "a runaway wife and a three time loser" who flee into the desert—right into the middle of a First Contact situation featuring insect-like aliens who are also criminals.

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In the episode Heartthrob the titular hero faces the revenge of a vampire acquaintance after he kills his Bonny. Darla and Drusilla, although the lesbian aspect of their relationship is only implied Dollhouse: Apparently just before Alpha went crazy, he and Whiskey were imprinted as a Bonnie and Clyde couple.

Stick-up kid Omar works with his boyfriends. First Brandon until said boyfriend is tortured to death and later Dante, then Renaldo. Omar and Dante also ally with a lesbian robber couple for a few heists. Dexter targets a Colombian people-smuggler who has been killing his customers and dumping them in the sea if their families couldn't pay an extra fee on arrival. He's also happily married to a pretty young blonde, and Dexter initially figures that, like him, the smuggler is putting on a mask, never letting her see who she's really married to.

At the end, however, it turns out that she's actually his partner in the business, so she winds up on Dexter's table next to her hubby. Their anguished declarations of love as they face death at the hands of a glorious madman makes even Dexter pause, briefly THEN he gets down to the dismemberment A B-story through Season 4 involves the vacation murderers, who turn out to be a couple.

Things don't end well for them. In season 5 we have Dexter and Lumen. Masuka even references Bonnie and Clyde when referring to the vigilantes. Considering how they ended up, Dexter finds the analogy worrisome. Kate and Sawyer, pretty much. Also Sawyer and Cassidy. The fugitive couple in the Flashpoint episode "Last Dance" appear to be this at first. The truth is decidedly more complicated. A few have happened in Criminal Minds The episode "The Thirteenth Step", where the couple attempted to go through the steps of recovering from alcoholism but show no remorse as they repeatedly shot and kill dozens of innocent civilians who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

There were also the Canardos. In the Firefly episode "Trash," Saffron tries to trick Mal into this type of relationship with her. She was working the same angle on an old buddy of his until Mal showed up and blew her cover. Of course, her Chronic Backstabbing Disorder complicates the whole thing. In Heroes when Sylar and Elle become a couple and decide to use their powers to "take what we want". Noah Bennett even calls them "Bonnie and Clyde".

Homeland season two ends by subverting this. After al-Qaeda implicates Brody in a terrorist attack using his suicide note from the previous season, he and Carrie seem poised to go on the run together. Tristan and Isolde are portrayed as smugglers in Merlin.

Breaking Bad has Spooge and his unnamed lover who are two old and decrepit meth-heads who rob convenience stores and hold up drug dealers. They're also very neglectful abusive parents to their toddler son and live in a run-down house.

While Jesse attempts to steal back his stolen meth, Spooge is killed by his lover while under the influence. While she's incapacitated, Jesse leaves an anonymous call to the police and tells their son to wait for them at the front porch before escaping the house.

We never find out what happened to Spooge's lover or their son but it's safe to assume she was arrested and lost custody of the child. And Kim later ropes Jimmy into conning a man who was trying to hit on her at a bar this while under stress from work at HHM.

On TheMurphy and Emori briefly have this going on in Season 3 until they try robbing the wrong people. In White CollarNeal Caffrey and Kate Moreau were this pre-series, though they were a non-violent version of this trope.

The couple that kidnaps Peter and Elizabeth at one point also counts. Unusually for this trope, neither couple's life on the run is idealized. While Neal does idealize both his relationship with Kate and the happy ending they are supposedly going to have together, multiple characters point out how short sighted and unrealistic the idea that they could have a happy ending really is, considering that they will never be able to stop running from the law.

Elizabeth also has to persuade her kidnappers that it is not romantic to go out in a hail of bullets. Considering that one of the main themes of the show is about a habitual criminal's struggles to go straightit's not surprising that this trope is deconstructed.

Music The Tupac Shakur song "Me And My Girlfriend" sounds like a case of this, but is actually about the protagonist of the song and his gun. He dies and is soon forgotten, she survives and marries the newspaperman who comes to cover the incident. While not a duet, the Aaliyah song "More Than a Woman," which does reference Bonnie and Clyde directly, falls into this category as well. There's also a good chance that her "gun" - which is "long and made of steel" - may be a vibrator.

Tom Waits ' song "Lucinda" from Orphans: It is also a love song in which the guy entices the girl to live a life like Bonny and Clyde. Note though that the song takes a little artistic license with the story of the real-life Bonnie and Clyde: This wanted poster charges Clyde with the murder of Howard Hall, a grocery store clerk, on October 11th, It also alleges that Barrow was wanted for the various robberies and the murder of multiple policeman throughout the Texas-Oklahoma area.

This source, like the previous, is important in identifying what crimes the Barrow gang was held responsible for committing. This source is an example of a police report of a crime committed by Clyde Barrow. The report indicates Barrow robbed a an oil station in Luftkin, TX. In this police report, Clyde Barrow is accused of having robbed a meat packing house. Hamilton would go on to commit several more crimes with Clyde as a member of the Barrow gang, including the famous Grapevine murder.

It gives a description of other crimes for which Barrow is wanted, including other robberies, murder, and assault. It lists Raymond Hamilton as an accomplice and also is one of the first to mention Bonnie Parker as an accomplice. A brief description of the incident describes Barrow as being accompanied by two women. It furthermore claims one of the women was shot in the attempted robbery. Jones middle photo, right. The poster describes the Barrow brothers as being wanted for murder, attempted car robbery, and rape.

This is one of the few instances wherein the Barrow gang was associated with the charge of rape. Another important aspect of the poster is the description of Bonnie Parker: For a woman to have a tattoo in this era was uncommon and somewhat scandalous. The burn the poster describes was sustained in a car accident in This burn left Bonnie partially crippled; she could only hop on one leg and was often carried by Clyde after the accident according to Jeff Guinn and W. This report describes the famous Eastham Farm Prison break-out staged by the Barrow gang.

In it, Clyde accuses Raymond Hamilton of committing the infamous Grapevine murders, which was the murder of two police officers in Grapevine, TX. The murders negatively affected public sentiment concerning Bonnie and Clyde and revivified efforts to capture Bonnie and Clyde.

Clyde claims he and Bonnie were not even in Texas at the time of the murders. Six officers shot numerous rounds into their car, possibly exceeding a hundred bullets total. Multiple, possibly thousands of people can be seen attending her funeral in this photograph.

Accessed December 1, This is a presentation created by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. It provides a number of primary sources surrounding a murder committed by members of the Barrow gang in Oklahoma on April 6th,just after the Grapevine murders.

It provides photographs of the crime scene and transcripts from the trial of Henry Methvin, one of the Eastham Farm prison escapees Methvin v. The description of the ambush in this article is a point of interest in that it conflicts with other accounts of the ambush, claiming that Clyde attempted to run down the officers with his car.

The Vault, Bonnie and Clyde. Last modified May Federal Bureau of Investigation. Famous Cases and Criminals. This image was among the many recovered at the Joplin, MO, hideout. It shows Bonnie playfully pointing a gun at Clyde. This photograph has since emerged multiple times in pop culture and is one of the more famous images of the duo.

Bonnie and Clyde Part 03 of 07, pg. Shortly after the ambush occurred, a large group of spectators came to the scene of their deaths as police were attempting to collect evidence. The aftermath of the ambush and the immense crowd here again indicate the public fascination with Bonnie and Clyde.

University of Oklahoma Press, Barrow wrote the book as she served time from in the Missouri State Penitentiary. In this source, Barrow gang member W. Jones tells the tale of his experience with Bonnie and Clyde.

Jones describes Clyde as polite and clever and asserts that he never wanted to kill except when he felt he must. The time I was with Clyde and Bonnie, we never made a bank job. He liked grocery stores, filling stations and places there was a payroll. Why should we rob a bank? There was never much money in the banks back in them days in the Southwest. This book serves as one of the best Bonnie and Clyde resources to date. The Lives and Times of Bonnie and Clyde.

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Southern Illinois University Press, The book, unlike many others, spends time discussing Bonnie and Clyde as individuals, rather than in the context of their crimes or lives together, giving a full view of who these historical figures were as people.