Reid and prentiss relationship

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reid and prentiss relationship

It is unclear whether Reid tried to pursue the relationship further, but JJ teased him about it In the Season Four episode "Minimal Loss", Prentiss and Reid went. Emily Prentiss and Spencer Reid have been in a relationship for six months, and have yet to tell the team. What happens when the team find out but not in the w. This is the place to chat about CM relationshipsexisting romantic relationships Hehyeah, I can see Reid and Prentiss as a decent match.

Prentiss starts to say something about Reid's state of mind "I don't think, ah--"but quickly stops herself.

Gideon says, "You think I'm not aware something's going on with him? In the beginning of the episode, Reid rattles off arson statistics, and Prentiss teases him for ending with "few, if any, are ever caught" instead of another number. Reid tells her he's trying to be more conversational, and Prentiss says, "Oh In the beginning of the episode, Reid is staring at Gideon's letter on his desk, and Prentiss and Morgan share a concerned look over his head.

Later, Reid and Prentiss are teamed up on the case. The two of them joke about how intense Hotch is being, before Prentiss asks Reid how he's doing. Reid tries to brush it off, but Prentiss gently nudges him into talking about Gideon. He tells her that he doesn't understand how Gideon could go toe-to-toe with serial killers and yet run away the way that he did. He tries to give her the letter so that she can read it, but she makes him think about why Gideon specifically explained himself to Reid.

Reid dresses up in a mask for Halloween, complete with a shrunken head in a paper bag. He scares Morgan, which makes Prentiss laugh, and then goes on to give a speech about the origins of Halloween. He ends this by throwing the shrunken head in Prentiss's direction. She shrieks with glee and catches it, looking up at him with a big smile.

At the end of the episode, JJ slyly sings, "Garcia and Kevin sittin' in a tree The song goes over Reid's head, and Prentiss starts to explain but gives up, leaving Reid confused. Reid makes a connection to the faux-suicide notes being amends letters, like someone would write in a support group.

Prentiss gives him a bit of a look, realizing that he's speaking from experience, and says, "Is that right? When Reid goes to confront Owen an armed unsubhe gives Prentiss his weapon and tells her not to shoot. She shouts his name, a little desperate, and then moves behind a wall so that she can cover him.

He trusts her to have his back, and more than that, he trusts her to listen and not shoot the unsub. In the beginning of the episode, Reid and Garcia tease Prentiss about her goth phase in high school. Reid in particular seems to take pleasure in this, giving Prentiss a smug grin that is met with a sullen look. Later, Prentiss takes Reid's side in the ethical debate over whether or not the unsub's amnesia changed the way he would be prosecuted. Morgan and Rossi are both ganging up on Reid with the opinion that it changes nothing, and Prentiss steps in to back Reid up.

He gives her an awed look. Season Four 4x02 "The Angel Maker": Reid rattles off an explanation on how he cracked a code, and the camera is focused on Prentiss, whose expression goes from one of confusion to one of enthrallment. She reaches out a finger and pokes him in the face, cutting him off. She says, "He's so life-like! Reid and Prentiss are sent undercover into a Libertarian compound to interview children about allegations of sexual abuse.

A raid of the compound leads the two to become hostages, leaving the rest of the team to negotiate with Benjamin Cyrus, the cult leader. Early on, Cyrus figures out that one of them is an FBI agent. He holds a gun to Reid's head, and Reid falters. Prentiss gives herself up, and Cyrus grabs her by the hair and drags her into a storage room. As she's being pulled out of the room, her and Reid share a look.

Reid is kept in place by one of Cyrus's followers. Emily is viciously beaten by Cyrus. When Reid and Prentiss are together in a room again, Reid can't stop looking at her injuries, and in a hoarse voice says, "I'm so sorry. They reach Prentiss first, and she immediately and desperately rebukes attempts to get her out, saying, "No, you've got to get Reid!

Reid immediately asks how Emily is. The chapel explodes with Morgan and Reid inside, and Prentiss, standing outside, looks at the rubble, seeming lost. She calls both of their names, and when she sees Reid stumble out of the rubble, her hands go to her face and her whole body sags with relief.

The two stumble toward each other and embrace. When they separate, Reid keeps his arm around her waist for a few moments, until she breaks away to talk to one of the victims' mothers. On the plane on the way home, Prentiss takes Reid's hands and tells him that taking the beating had been her decision, that it wasn't his fault, and that she would do it again. While they're holding hands, Reid strokes her thumb with his. The two share small smiles.

Prentiss notices that Reid is watching JJ who is pregnantand asks if he is considering "having little baby geniuses some day". Reid looks contemplative for a moment, and is saved from responding when the phone rings. He practically pounces at it and his voice cracks when he says hello. Prentiss watches him with a considering look.

reid and prentiss relationship

The two of them team up at the beginning and end of the episode to tease Morgan about his mystery woman Agent Jordan Todd. They were also planning to go out to eat together. Reid wakes up from a dream about a crime scene in which he, Prentiss, and Hotch found JJ's baby at a crime sceneand Prentiss grins and teases him about falling asleep on the jet.

While Morgan and Jordan are talking at the end of the episode, Reid and Prentiss are in the background talking. The two of them walk toward Morgan and Jordan when their conversation gets more heated, and as Morgan and Jordan walk away, Reid looks at Prentiss and says with a smirk, "Think this is going to be interesting? Reid again takes a lot of pleasure in the opportunity to tease Prentiss about something. He smirks at her when she realizes she's going to have to go deal with Viper all night.

Garcia is trying to find a grumpy Prentiss's birth date to give her a horoscope, and when Prentiss won't give it up, Garcia asks Reid, who rattles off her birthday down to the minute without hesitation. She loudly says, "HEY! Reid and Prentiss are teamed up on the case as they go to an open house worked by a Madam. They talk about the overlap in sex work and real estate, and Reid mentions that Emily's brownstone used to be owned by a gigolo. Reid is infected with anthrax, and Prentiss is dealing with the pressure of having to lie and follow protocol.

Emily Prentiss

She finally snaps and says, "Screw protocol! Reid and Prentiss are teamed up on a case about a teenaged boy who is being targeted. Prentiss goes to check on Hotch, who has been attacked by the Reaper. Prentiss, Reid, and Garcia are forced to keep this a secret from the rest of the team until their case can be closed.

Reid is on the phone with Prentiss when he realizes that the shooter is actually targeting the father of the boy, and he tackles the father out of line of fire, getting shot in the process. Prentiss desperately calls Reid's name into the phone a few times, and, getting no response, calls an ambulance.

Hotch keeps Reid off the case because Reid's doctor hadn't actually cleared him to fly. Prentiss calls him a "naughty boy". Prentiss can be seen helping Reid stand up with his crutches for a moment before Rossi blocks the scene. At the end of the episode, Prentiss is playing with a star puzzle. Reid asks her what it is, and she tells him the story: A prince loved a girl very much, so he pulled down a star for her. In his excitement, he dropped it and it broke into all these pieces.

He quickly put it back together again to prove his undying love, and they lived happily ever after. Reid questions the story, saying it doesn't make sense.

Prentiss eventually says that the point is that the puzzle is supposed to be impossible. Reid puts the puzzle together in a few moments and sets it on the table. Prentiss clasps her hands and says, "There's a lot to hate about you, Dr. Prentiss and Morgan get Reid to read through all of the unsub's journals, and Prentiss gives him a huge, cheesy smile when he agrees. On the ride home, the two are playing poker.

Reid gives some nerdy trash talk and lays down his hand. He's gleeful in his win until Prentiss reveals that she'd pulled a risky move and gotten a better hand than he had. Reid is baffled by the fact that he lost, and Prentiss grins at him.

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Anyway, here we go! Read first chapter of 'Team Cases' to know what is going on and the time of setting. The near contact sent chills up each others backs. Reid couldn't take it anymore. He liked Emily too much now. After seeing her new hair cut and even knowing she liked him too.

He followed her and watched the details of her body carefully as she walked. After the rest were gone, it was his chance. He needed to take his chance before it's too late.

reid and prentiss relationship

I know she likes me, but I'm not sure if she likes likes me. He mentally smacked himself. Going to her and saying I have a crush on someone in the F. I could've asked Morgan, now she'll know it's her. Gawd, I'm not smart!

I like like you, too. Dinner tomorrow at your place. That good with you? You made it a whole lot easier. Getting to go out with a cute one like you. They left for home, both feeling happy about their new relationship that was more than friendship. Reid didn't even get in the shower. He was too happily lazy to do so. Emily collapsed on her bed happily, too, not wanting to take a shower before bed.

She'd just sleep in her work clothes, which still smelled like Reid's exotic smelling shampoo.

reid and prentiss relationship

He just smelled so fresh. All the guys she dated smelled as if they used something to make them smell manly, but all she liked was a clean-smelling, fresh smell, which is what Reid had. She soon fell into a deep sleep, nearly to unconsciousness. Reid woke feeling the best he'd ever been after a case.