Region of eastern india and bangladesh relationship

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region of eastern india and bangladesh relationship

The arrival of a vessel at Ashuganj in Bangladesh from Kolkata in and India ( BBIN), a group of sub-regional countries in Eastern South easing the movement of people and goods, lifting up their relations a notch higher. This article examines the factors that are shaping India-Bangladesh relations . Jacques, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan: International Relations and Regional . state of Assam through Bangladesh and Myanmar, extending all the way to. Bangladesh and India are South Asian neighbours. Relations have been friendly, although Although India has a narrow land link to this North Eastern region, which is famously known as the Siliguri Corridor or "India's Chicken Neck".

Specially the cooperation between Bangladesh and the NER will bring a huge change in the goodwill of both countries. The huge gap between both the countries has been a matter of concern for a long period of time. Unless and until the tariffs are removedtrade cooperation will remain below potential. Bangladesh has already showed interest to open trade missions in Guahati, Agartala, Siliguri and Aizwal at the joint secretary level talks between Indian and Bangladesh.

Bangladesh and India have signed a power purchase agreement of MW electricity from India to Bangladesh. A joint venture agreement was also signed in January between the two countries for setting up a MW coal-fired power plant in Bangladesh.

Both the countries have a huge resources of oil and natural gas. They can cooperate in the exploitation of the oil and natural gas energy security.

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Bangladesh and NER of India can also cooperate each other in the nuclear energy project. India can undertake a nuclear project in Bangladesh which will be immensely beneficial for Bangladesh. India can supply nuclear energy to Bangladesh by dedication one of its NER projects. The raw materials can be easily supplied from NER of India.

Bangladesh has highlighted the concerns of India that they will not allow any terrorist activities against any other country. Bangladesh has recently arrested some of the Indian terrorists hiding in Bangladesh.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina during her visit in India, had signed three security related pacts, which are mutual legal assistance Criminal matters, transfer of sentenced persons and combating international terrorism, organized crime and illicit drug trafficking.

The issue of illegal Bangladeshis in NER of India is often seen to be used as vote bank politics, particularly in terms of state level. It can also offer an opportunity to facilitate sub regional cooperation in the integrated eastern Asian region. The NER has massive reservoirs of gas and oil, coal, limestone, forest-based resources, etc. The river and its tributaries are here. Due to the poor connectivity between Bangladesh and other neighboring countries of India, these countries are losing a great deal on many fronts.

But the same container can reach Dhaka in just days, if there was a good connectivity between Dhaka and New Delhi. If Bangladesh gives India access to Chittagong port, it was far more time and money saving for India. The southern Border of Tripura is only 75 km from Chittagong but goods from Agartala are required to travel km to reach Kolkata port through chicken neck.

If there were better cooperation between NER and Bangladesh the goods only take km to reach Kolkata port. In order to facilitate tradeBangladesh has offered the construction of the Akhaura- Agratala rail linkage, and the resuscitation of several other available but long unused rail links is under discussion.

East India

There are reports of steps forward in the construction of the proposed bridge over the Feni river and dredging of several common rivers including Ichamati. Bangladesh has offered itself as a bridge to NER as well as telecommunication hub, linking South Asia and South East Asia and opening up vast potentials of trade and economic interlocution that still remain untapped.

Transit appeared to be the most significant issue today between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh and India were once part of the British colony; so the road, rail and waterways were integrated in the communication system. India has had emphasized earlier to provide transit facilities through the heart of Bangladesh to connect West Bengal in the West to the Tripura in the East.

This kind of facility can make the Indian military movement easier in Bangladesh.

region of eastern india and bangladesh relationship

Bangladesh has also feared that the facilitation of transit will increase the black market in Bangladesh which already exists in small amount. Transit got prominence in as a security issue when Bangladesh authorities were willing to permit landing facilities in a public enterprise in Chittagong for the delivery of arms from abroad to the insurgents in a neighboring country.

There were many opportunities missed by both countries to take the advantages.

region of eastern india and bangladesh relationship

There were many misunderstanding between the two countries because of the political issues too. Among many the transit issue has become very sensitive issue in the political issue with India, Bangladesh. It might be economically beneficial for Bangladesh, they can work off the trade imbalances with India by giving India the transit facility. They will have the opportunities to attract more investment in the economy. There are many reasons for Bangladesh to nod for the Indian proposal and political issues too.

If both the countries want a win-win situation, they have to work off the disparity among them. Both countries are going to rejuvenating their political and economical ties by coming to the new agreement terms.

region of eastern india and bangladesh relationship

Transit is one of them. There are sufficient opportunities in front of the countries. But just because of some structural problems the cordial relationship is not taking place as it should be.

These facts are acting as barriers between the economical potentiality of the possible cooperation. Six different issues such as migration, insurgency, border disputes, anti- Hindu violence, Ganges sharing and trade disputes, have become extremely important in order to understand the bilateral relationship of the two countries.

Both sides should acquire positive attitudes towards each other to work out the uneasiness of the regional disputes. One should bear in mind that it is of utmost important that to provide solutions or alternative measures to achieve a stable and permanent solution to secure boundary regime in South Asia. There should be a growing realization that border management is a broad issue that includes not only defending the border in times of war, or securing the borders in times of peace, but to insure that there are no unauthorized movements of humansprohibiting smuggling of arms, explosivesnarcotics as well as coordinate intelligence inputs from various agencies and ensuring socio- economic development of the border areas of the respective countries.

The two foreign secretaries have discussed the issues of water, trade, investment promotion and terrorism, Bangladesh regards the transit issue as the possible threat to the national security of the country and is therefore still reluctant to give the facility to India. So there will be serious implication to the refusal transit to India from Bangladesh side. If there is no connectivity the South Asian cooperation will be at stake. Transit to India will be of great significance, it will able to control and develop the NER of India.

We have to keep in mind that any easy access to this NER of India not only help them to develop the weaker economy of the region but also will prove very helpful in the long run for the Indian political and economical conditions. One thing is very clear that Bangladesh lies at a crossroad between the south and South East Asiathis geographical position of Bangladesh will earn them into the regional center of investment, trade, commerce and industry position.

This will also ease up the development process of the region. But time has come to take effective logical bilateral discussion talking between the two nationsso that both of them will be benefited.

All in all these studies has shown the opportunities, limitations and possibilities among the bilateral stage of both the nations. Since that time people have been moving from one part of the country to other for social, economic tradecultural and ethnic reasons.

But this movement has become a problem only after India was divided in and this part became a province of Pakistan. The historical, cultural, geo-graphical and economical background have caused a plethora of problems between the two nations. The trend of population growth of NER and the disappearance of population from Bangladesh clearly indicates a high level of population migration from Bangladesh to NER.

During the last three decades a huge numbers of people has migrated from Bangladesh to India. Hindus were coming to India soon after the independence of Bangladesh. The Hindus came from Bangladesh to India because Bangladesh being a Muslim populated spread a sense of complexity among the minorities.

During the Liberation period Hindus were persecuted, So they preferred to come to India rather than staying there. Contrary to this a huge number of Muslims are also coming to India, in search of work. Issues of Chakma refugees in India are also souring the relationship between the two nations.

Though in the beginning Independent Bangladesh adopted the policies of secularism under the leadership of Sheikh Mujibur Rahmansituations changed soon after his assassination in Military regimes one after one had strengthened the roots of Islam in Bangladesh, it brought once gain the feelings of insecurity among the people of minority Hindu community.

Apart from the attacks on Minoritiesenemy and vested property acts acted as an effective way to make the minorities elope from Bangladesh. During the British period, the CHT administrative act of gave the local tribes some privileges, it gave a special status to the tribesmen as it did not allow non-tribals to purchase any cultivable land in the region and if the presence of any outsiders are found detrimental to the tribal interest he could be driven out of the area.

These privileges were disturbed by the Pakistan Government in post days. The government also disturbed the tribal people by constructing Kaptai Hydroelectric Project and through the introduction of certain constitutional measures. While the Kapati project inundated 80, acres of land and renderedpeople homeless, the tribal population did not get fair treatment. The unfavorable policies of Bangladesh government had forced these tribes to move from CHT region to neighboring states of India.

The borders between India and Bangladesh are so vulnerable because still large areas of the borders are not fenced, taking advantages of this migrants easily come to Indian territory. The armed forces of both the countries are also incapable of stopping the movements of the migrants from Bangladesh to India. There are a number of people who migrate to India for employment and economic benefits. The cause is that there is a lack of employment in Bangladesh and level of living is very low.

Despites its small size Bangladesh is the 7th most populated country in the world.

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All process clearly indicate that by the end of the first decade of 21st century, Bangladesh will face a serious crisis of lebensraum Many thinkers feel that the main reasons behind the migration of Bangladeshi people is the density of the population and the scarcity of living space. The present ruling party Awami league in Bangladesh is reinstating secular democratic values in Bangladesh, which will help to have a positive relationship between both the countries.

After that they have resolved the issues of LBA inwhich was pending for more than 40 years because of lack of support. After the LBA agreement passed in the favor of Bangladesh the relationship between both the countries have become much more friendlier than before. India and Bangladesh are working on so many possibilities between them in near future which will bring lot of economical development in both the countries. The trade between both the countries are much more better than before.

India started investing in Bangladeshi manufacturing industries and hoping to get a long term relationship out of it. On the other hand they are having positive talks on the transit issue. If the transit is taking place, NER will be developing faster than before.

The connectedness they will receive from the mainland India will change all the possibilities of this landlocked NER of India. It is also the main centre of commerce or the commercial capital of Eastern and north eastern India. It is also known as city of joy. However, the mid-sized cities of AsansolDurgapurSiliguri in West Bengal are rapidly growing urban areas.

West Bengal is the highest contributor of GDP among all other eastern state for India and it is also one of the Fastest-growing states in India.

West Bengal is the hub of industry and economic activisties in Eastern India and it is also the home to the tallest skylines located in this region and are also among one of the tallest buildings in the country. It is also the home of history of rising India. Characterised by 19th-century architecture and narrow alleyways, it includes areas such as ShyambazarShobhabazarChitpurCossiporeSintheeand Dum Dum.

Central Kolkata hosts the central business district. Baghformerly known as Dalhousie Square, and the Esplanade on its east; Strand Road is on its west.

Bangladesh: A regional connectivity hub linking South Asia with Southeast Asia

It is the second largest city in West Bengal after Kolkata and the 39th largest urban agglomeration in India. According to a report prepared by the International Institute for Environment and Development, a UK-based policy research non-governmental think tank, Asansol is ranked 11th among Indian cities.

It is one of the three non-Z category cities in West Bengal apart from Kolkata, which belong to the X category making it a tier-II city. Durgapur Steel Plant Durgapur is by far the most industrialised city in eastern India and the second planned city in India.

region of eastern india and bangladesh relationship

It started with the first prime minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru. His dream of transforming the backward agricultural country into an industrially advanced nation was picked up in West Bengal by Dr.

At the earlier stages for the selection of a proper site for a new industrial township, Jnananjan Niyogia great business organiser and planner, was involved. Modernist American architect Joseph Allen Steininvited to head the newly formed Department of Architecture and Planning at the Bengal Engineering College in Calcutta, plunged into a major project as soon as he reached India in — the designing of Durgapur city with Benjamin Polk, another American architect already living in Calcutta.

Thereafter it was the task of local leaders such as Ananda Gopal Mukherjee and bureaucrats such as K. Sen to get Durgapur going. Patna is the capital of the Biharits most populous city and the second most populous city in Eastern India.

It is the administrative, industrial and educational centre of the state. Patna is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world. Pataliputra was a seat of learning and fine arts. Its population during the Maurya period around BCE was aboutThe modern city of Patna is situated on the southern bank of the Ganges. The city also straddles the rivers Sone, Gandak and Punpun. It is the second largest city of Eastern India. Patna registered an average annual growth of 3.

The city is also home to many tutorials and coaching institutes who prepare students for various entrance exams. City is also developing excellent road infrastructure to boom its economy. Ganga expressway and elevated corridors are under some of the ongoing projects in the city. A world class museum is also on its way to completion.