Rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship goals

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Rajeev Khandelwal speaks out on his relationship with Aamna Sharif. Actor Rajeev Khandelwal spills the bean about his relationship with Ekta Kapoor and Aamna Shariff. If there is one thing that the fans of Rajeev Khandelwal and Aamna and Rajeev Khandelwal just did a guest appearance for a couple of.

But even after I quit the show I'm known as Sujal. The women continue to think of me as Sujal. I respect their feelings. Your fan following is unprecedented.

Aamna Shariff Talking About Rajeev on Perde Ke Pechey

It is very humbling. When I went to Gauwhati for a show a year old lady was screaming 'Sujal', she held a hand-stitched pull-over with Sujal written on it. I asked her how she knew she'd one day run into me a pullover can't be knitted overnight. She said she knew.

‘I am not a saint,’says Rajeev - Times of India

Another lady called me from Goa telling me she prays for me each time she goes to the church. I wonder what I've done to deserve this kind of love!

rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship goals

It makes me feel very obligated. I can't enjoy this popularity without giving back to the audience the love they give me. I can't make one wrong move. I won't do any old serial that comes my way. You've a reputation for being high-handed. I don't know why. Those who know me don't despise me.

Probably these rumours have to do with the insecurities of the rumour-mongers. They've nothing to do with me. I don't care about such allegations.

If the spotboys feel I'm not a good humanbeing then it'd be time for me to go for a reality check. Otherwise I don't care what's written about me. Did your break with Ekta Kapoor affect your career? We both know what happened. It was a mutual decision for me to move on. Her ideas on how to play Sujal didn't jell with me. The actor within me couldn't agree with the way she wanted the role to be played. I could've worked with Balajee for ten more years. But the liberties being taken with logistics in my characterization were unbearable.

I was being watched minutely by viewers. It was Sujal who became a rage, not Rajiv.

Amna & me njoy love rumors: Rajiv Khandelwal

The guy who's replaced you has no fan following. I don't know about that. I've stopped watching Kahiin To But when I'd go abroad as Sujal I'd be mobbed far more intensely than so many film stars. Women threw jewellery at me. Did I've the right to enjoy Sujal's stardom when I was no longer enjoying playing him? But your post-Ekta sojourn Time Bomb hasn't worked? I won't be dishonest.

I did my best on the serial. I can't comment on other departments of the serial.

Rajeev Khandelwal, the perfect man

It did succeed in getting me out the chcocolate-box image which people thought was insurmountable. What matters to me is that the quality of my work should reflect my personality and I aim to go slow and steady. Koi jaldi nahi hai!

The Chance Meeting It was also probably Rajeev's "non-starriness" that helped him win over the then advertising professional Manjiri Kamtikar, a Maharastrian born and brought up in Mumbai.

Manjiri, who was thoroughly enjoying listening to Rajeev's life history till now, excitedly joins in the conversation. He was in fact quite " scandalised" to see me dancing like crazy at a Mithun number at that party,' she laughs. And they met again. Manjiri who had gone off to the UK briefly after their first meeting made it in time to watch his first film Aamir with him, along with her sister and a couple of friends.

rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship goals

They got talking soon and went out a lot together, before both realised that this one was "for keeps. Rajeev, who enjoys a tremendous female fan following chooses to believe that it had more to do with his character Sujal in Kahiin Toh Hoga that built up the insanity. His decision to marry someone who is not from the industry was not a conscious effort.

There were rumours, of course of me seeing Aamna Shariff which was in retrospect because of our on screen chemistry. She says the fact that Rajeev is extremely "normal" helps bridge the insecurity, if any.

He does not have a PR firm working for him. Rajeev also does not feel the need to go out socialising, partying and being a part of any camp,' a trait she says helps to a great extent in restoring the "normalcy" in their relationship.

Rajeev is laidback and gives Manjiri her space. He also denies that infidelity has anything to do with the profession he is in.

rajeev khandelwal and aamna sharif relationship goals

The difference is that it is much more visible if you are in Bollywood. Says Manjiri, 'I used to love to go out for movies and dinners.

Amna & me njoy love rumors: Rajiv Khandelwal

So it does bother me that anywhere we are out, people used to start staring, and we would always be back home. These classic TV couples will always remain our favourite On this Valentine's Day, we are paying tribute to Indian television's classic couples.

Read on to know if your favourite couple made the cut. February 14, And we thought, what better way to celebrate the day than by remembering all our favourite on-screen TV couples.

Sujal and Kashish from Kahiin to Hoga Ekta Kapoor's romantic drama's lead characters Sujal played by the good-looking Rajeev Khandelwal and Kashish played by Aamna Sharif were responsible for setting relationship goals all over the place in early s.

Who can forget Sujal's intense eyes and charming ways? Let us just accept it for once and all, Rajeev Khandelwal will always remain our hugest TV crush. Shararat is back with a fresh season; 5 comedy shows that deserve a comeback! And what do teenage witches do?