Proof and eminem relationship history

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proof and eminem relationship history

The murder last month of Eminem's closest friend, the rapper Proof, in the head , while driving himself and his girlfriend home from a party. Proof, whose real name was Deshaun Holton, was a teenager when he It was only last Wednesday that Eminem's volatile relationship with. Or, was Proof being a drunk tough guy asshole (his BAC upon autopsy . long story short dismissed Slim Shady as a shitty nothing-special rapper. "When me and Fifth got together to do this music The more we became.

Then there's Marshall's highly volatile on-again, off-again relationship with Kim Scott.

proof and eminem relationship history

Lest we forget about the song named after his ex—where he prolifically describes killing her after a fight. Kim and Marshall first began dating in and welcomed their only child together on Christmas Day in The two married in and divorced two years later.

However, their love story didn't end there. They remarried in in a private ceremony…and divorced just months later. During the second divorce proceedings, the two agreed to joint custody of Hailie. The rapper also received custody of Kim's daughter from another relationship.

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While little is known about what lead the two to split for a second time, it's presumed that Em's drug abuse may have been one of the factors. In fact, in December ofthe Dr. My organs were shutting down. They were gonna put me on dialysis.

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They didn't think I was gonna make it. My bottom was gonna be death. Through church meetings and a rigorous workout schedule, Marshall made a full recovery and continues to remain clean to this very day.

proof and eminem relationship history

A few weeks after both men's death, Bender's family began a wrongful death suit against Proof's estate. In Mudd's version of the events, Proof is portrayed neither as the instigator nor a cold-blooded killer.

proof and eminem relationship history

According to Mudd, the night started out with him and Proof and two of their friends barhopping. They arrived at the Triple C club at around 3: The bouncer Mario Etheridge then pulled out his gun and fired two shots into the air to break the fight up, but instead the shots caused panic.

Mudd went on to state that an intoxicated Proof pushed him out of the way, reached for his gun and fired once into the air. Keith Bender then came from behind and started attacking Proof trying to get the weapon out of his hand. Etheridge then came over and started shooting in the direction of Proof and Bender, killing both men.

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I was in Detroit with Eminem's friends, who I happened to be recording with, when it happened". Eminem also references Proof in the songs "Elevator" from his album Relapse: Refill as well as under his birth name DeShaun on the song "Deja Vu" from the album Relapse Eminem album as well as the single " Walk on Water " and on the songs "Believe" and "Arose" both from his album Revival.

Proof was also mentioned by Eminem on the song "Stepping Stones" from the album Kamikaze.