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Youtube Power Rangers Time Force Wes And Jen Relationship 4: Online Relationship Advicemain To An Excellent Conversation In A Relationship - on- line. In A.D., Power Rangers Time Force was created to hunt down and capture both villains and Mutants. After finishing work, Wes quickly met up with Jen, who was Adding a surprise fact - he's got some crush on Nadira since his poem incident. He questioned himself about his relationship with her. Jen Scotts is fiance of Alex, and later love interest of Wes from Power Rangers: Time Force. She is Jen became the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the Time Force Rangers. At first Over time, Jen develops a relationship with Wes.

And, so we ended in year Upon arriving at the Silver Hills, they encountered and met someone, who reminded them of deceased Alex. They and him acquainted and became friends especially both Red and Pink Time Force Rangers became close and falling in love for each other. Circuit has been monitoring and checking on Power Rangers Time Force's progress. And he can tell that they were doing alright together. He was now at the park, where he was monitoring Wes was playing some games with children and even doing some entertainment and education performance for them to enjoy.

They all liked it. But he isn't a typical heroic Red Ranger. In fact, he was once a spoiled brat, who treats the world like his playground. But thanks to us, he changed his view, personality and even his destiny. He even helped us get use to the 21st Century culture and gave us home. Other than just being an optimistic and cheerful attitude; Wes is really brave, noble, strong and kindhearted Ranger, who sacrificed himself and wealth for innocent lives.

He's a true hero as any Red Ranger was. As they regrouped in deep of forest, they both together began training and sharpening their martial art skills and combat skills as well. Other than their seriousness, they both smiled happily and proudly as they were enjoying it very much.

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Circuit smiled proudly of seeing it. And you won't believe this one. She's not like typical Pink Ranger because she's one tough serious and fierce vengeful officer, who wants nothing more than capturing Ransik for justice and her fiance's death.

But that slowly tone down her vengeful, she became more relax, calmer and also nice as before. And not to mention, she started to fall in love with Wes than Alex, whom she's having hard time with lately.

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I believe he felt the same for her now. And at the same time, he was looking and smiling proudly and happily at the mirror on his reflection. He even checked his looks as he was making sure that they're in good shape. Lucas is a cool kind of guy you wanna be with. There are two things he likes the most - looks and driving his car. He was once the car racer and he's a champion, in fact. And even though he likes being a cool guy, he has the sense of morality and responsible as Power Ranger.

Adding a surprise fact - he's got some crush on Nadira since his poem incident She sighed in relief as she writing down on her notebook about how much she missed them and what adventure she has been through at Silver Hills.

She sometimes helped some children of getting what they wanted. Katie may have possessed unusual strength that could crush you or even lift a car possibly. But deep down in her heart, she's an open-minded, kind and loving person, who loved and treated her teammates and even me like a family. She really missed them so much, and even worried about how much change the past could affect them. But she knew that she has to fight and stop Ransik to save them.

The robotic owl did his best to help and assist Xybrian working on science project. They even helped children by building and fixing some toys and machines for them. Trip is not a human, but a Xybrian - an alien that can read and sense people's and creature's feelings and minds. He maybe naive and a bit of gullible, but he's actually a nice and trustworthy inventor and friend for inventing machines and technologies like me. He maybe small, but he has a big heart and courage to stand what is right for friends and innocent mutants.

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As much as he has some issues and odds with Power Rangers from previous encounters, he secretly smiled at the scene. Ever since Wes's father founded and built the Silver Guardians, Eric joined the team as he rose through ranks to become the leader.

And for good reason, work hard and strong to become the leader and better than Wes. He's always bitter and odds against us because of Wes and what we do with the Mutants.

I can't say I blame him. He was just doing his job for his home. Over time has passed, Eric slowly became ally and friend to us now. He sighed in concern as he looked at his locket, which has the picture of both himself and Jen. He questioned himself about his relationship with her. We thought he was killed during his duel with Ransik. Most of us thought him to be a great hero.

But we were wrong. When he came to the past to help us, he became a jerk and criticized for not getting the job done. And because of him, we were badly wounded and got killed.

We had enough of him and mutinied against him for Wes to take over. And eventually, Jen grown in love with Wes than him. He even willing to accept her decision.

Collins talked with teachers and parents about children and even donating his money to them. They were happy and thanked him for helping the charity. He sighed while smiled proudly and happily about it. He even took a glance to Wes, who was chatting and hanging out with his friends. Wes took a glance at his father, who nodded proudly and happily.

Mr Collins is Wes's father and a greedy ruthless business man, who wants nothing but making money-scheme for his business and even making future plans for his son's sake. After watching his son's action over the course of his journey, Mr. Collins became more sincere and kindhearted, and even proud and happy of Wes's decision to step out from his shadows and make his own destiny.

A father loved and supported his son to make his own future. In Year 3, most of Mutant Criminals got captured and frozen up inside the canisters while crimes have decreased for good. But they all escaped, thanks to Ransik and his loyalists. They traveled back to Year to begin their reign of terror.

They used Cyclobots as foot soldiers while leaving the Mutants to lead and fight the enemies. He was annoyed and will throw his tantrum whenever the Cyclobots unintentionally angered him. He also talked with Nadira about what she wanted and needed the most. He also recalled and reminded by his past of what the Humans have done to him, as he refused to forgive them.

In the battlefield, he summoned and used his bone-like weapons to engage and battle with his enemies. I am one robot, who doesn't wanna mess with him because he's evil, powerful and deadly enemy, and he even had a terrible tantrum to deal with! Either way, Ransik went back to Year for not only world domination, but also taking revenge and destroying the humanity for the Mutants to take his place. But deep in his blind hatred and anger, he actually has a painful yet kindhearted heart especially loved his daughter very much - Nadira She often went and robbed money, jewelry and clothes for herself.

She also battled with the Power Rangers on the battlefield, along with Mutants that is either hotshot or handsome to her. She maybe spoiled and rotten brat, but she's one mutant not to be mess with. She got both armed laser gun and her nails can extended like claws.

And there's one thing she likes the most is money, clothes and jewelry especially if it's from 21st Century. But like her father, there's more of her than meets the eye especially when she has an eyes on Lucas. Whenever he found inspiration for his inventions, making discovery or even let a Mutant gets loose; he laughed insanely with his strange looks.

Eventually, Frax revealed himself that he's more than just a robot but the vessel for Dr. Louis Fericks as he wants nothing more than revenge on Ransik. He thus deserted Ransik and became independent soldier. He was very kindhearted doctor, who wants nothing but help both humans and Mutants until Ransik nearly kill him and get the venom cure for himself. After he built himself into a robot, he joined and earned Ransik's trust and favor for building the minions and even giving the ideas.

They were forced to recruit Wesley Collinsa local man with a genetic resemblance to Alex, despite Jen's objections. Jen became the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the team. Seeing only the differences between Wes and Alex, she refused to let Wes join the team until he saved them at Trip's urging. It took some time, but she was finally able to accept him for who he was. In return, Wes helped them adjust to 21st century life - by providing an abandoned clock tower as a place to stay, and present-day clothes.

Discovering that the clock tower had once been home to a business "Nick of Time Odd Jobs"Jen decided to open the store for their keep. Wes eventually left his rich lifestyle behind for good to live with Jen and the Rangers who welcomed him with open arms. When Wes' father, Mr. Collins, discovered the identities of the Rangers, he attempted to hire them behind Wes' back, but Jen and the others refused him. Over time, Jen developed true affection for Wes. However, when Alex mysteriously returned, seemingly from the dead, and stripped Wes of the Red Time Force Ranger powers, Jen found herself asking which of them she loved more.

Alex had become bitter and stern, "following the book" to the degree that he would accept no suggestions beyond his own, unlike Wes who was team-oriented and friendly.

Ironically, it was the differences between Wes and Alex that made her choose Wes. Wes immediately proves Jen right by easily destroying Dragontron when Alex had a hard time. Alex returned to the future, finally convinced that Wes was right for the job.

Wes also seems to change Alex back a bit as he saves Mr. Collins, admitting that Wes changed his views. Alex is revealed to still deeply care for Jen because as soon as he hears that she's in trouble he sends Wes the Strata Cycle saying that since he's not there himself he trusts Wes to take care of Jen for him. This causes Wes to start to back off because he thinks Jen and Alex are still perfect for each other after what Alex did he can understand what Jen saw in him not realizing that Jen was starting to fall for him more.

Wes makes sure to inform Jen of Alex's actions at a moment when she was seemingly about to admit her feelings for him. The romance between Jen and Wes would not last long after that, as a rift in time started to form over Silver Hills as Ransik prepared his final assault. In response, Wes traps Jen and the other Rangers in their own time ship, set to travel back to Upon arrival, Jen learns from Alex that Wes was killed in the eventual fight. Furthermore, Jen and the other Rangers had to, by Time Force policy, have their memories of the past wiped clean.

While hurt, Alex allowed them to go and instructs Jen to use the Time Force Megazord to get to the past as it has the best chance of surviving the trip. The Rangers return to the past in time to save Wes and help defeat Doomtron and Ransik's Cyclobot army.