Poussey and taystee relationship advice

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poussey and taystee relationship advice

Dating · Advice · Fashion Out actress Samira Wiley stars as Poussey Washington on Orange is the and hopeful when a new possible relationship with Soso (Kimiko But they're still in it to win it, Poussey and Taystee. Taystee and Poussey's friendship simultaneously illuminates and . feels now, and with the limits of what her relationship with Taystee can be. While we're waiting for season 3 of OITNB to drop, we're looking at one of our fave relationships on the show: The one between Poussey and.

The steadfast commitment of Blanca. In season 1, Blanca Flores is introduced as a ranting madwoman. She yells about "El Diablo" and continuously locks herself in the only working bathroom stall. It is an uncomfortable and bizarre scene that on it's surface plays into the notion of the hot-blooded Latina with a mane of unkempt hair and maybe even an obsession with the devil.

Why Taystee and Poussey on OITNB represent all of my friendship goals

Later on, however, the character Blanca is revealed to have been hiding a cell phone in the bathroom stall so she could sneak romantic conversations and sexts to her boyfriend, whose name, not coincidentally, is Diablo. The character of Blanca changes when we realize that she was actually creating that image for herself as a ruse in order to communicate with her beloved.

This character evolution, which serves to humanize Blanca, continues over the course of season 2 even while she's remains a background character. This shift challenges the viewer, who up until then had doubtless made several assumptions: Did we make those assumptions because she was a woman of color? The jailhouse organizing of Brook Via: Netflix via YouTube After one of the more uncomfortable scenes in season 1 when a representative from each racial group attends a meeting to raise their fellow prisoners' grievances to the administration, the black women ask for hot sauce.

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In a cringeworthy manner, each bloc asks for ridiculous things, while Piper — the privileged white woman — asks for "substantive" things to improve living conditions. More often than not, Piper gets what she asks for and even some things she didn't request including a rare furlough period for her grandmother's funeral, causing prisoners from all racial backgrounds to steam about the system's favoritism toward white privilege, and affirming something Taystee had been saying all along — in Litchfeild, the game is always rigged.

poussey and taystee relationship advice

Let's talk about health care, Mackenzie. Oh, Amanda, I'd rather not. Well, did you see that wonderful new documentary about the best sushi in the world? Of course, now that I'm vegan, I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have before. You know, I just don't have the time. Did you hear that new piece on NPR about hedge funds? Amanda, let me ask you — do you like my bangs these days? I mean, do you like them straight down, or should I be doing a sweep to the side?

Sweep to the side, oh my god! This scene is one of the series' best because it demonstrates that marginalized people have to understand the nuances of every group, including the majority, while the white inmates in the scene fail to understand people of color. The complicated marriage of Sophia Via: Netflix via YouTube Sophia struggles with the consequences of her incarceration, which impacts her ability to access necessary health care and complicates the relationship with her ex-wife and son.

Just when the audience thinks they understand Sophia, they are challenged in their preconceptions when it's revealed that she was in a heterosexual marriage and has a layered, emotional and loving relationship with her wife, who is supportive of her transition, although hurt by the end of their marriage.

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That loving relationship and desire to do what's best for each other and their son makes Sophia's struggling marriage a TV first, captivating because it's not only unique, but is also a circumstance so many people can relate to. Not only is Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren in the scene "playing a role" and convincingly reciting Shakespeare, Poussey and Black Cindy are performing stereotypes of scary black women — but it's completely unconvincing to even the troubled young woman in a wheelchair.

Poussey says menacingly, "So what's up!

poussey and taystee relationship advice

You think you tough because you in a wheelchair and shit. During this period, Morello stops being her usual glam self and no longer wears makeup, until she ended up meeting a prison pen pal and marrying him from behind bars.

poussey and taystee relationship advice

Nicky returns from solitary confinement and where most people would be bitter, extremely angry and disappointed, she forgives her and remains friends with her as normal. There are few characters in this show with the patience of Nicky.

Sophia and Sister Ingalls Source: Netflix Sophia originally befriends Sister Ingalls in order to try and get some of her Estrogen but the pair get on very well in the end.

oitnb - poussey & taystee/janae/cindy [s4 spoilers]

She makes a huge sacrifice to try and keep Sophia company and relay information to her from maximum security by deliberately assaulting another inmate in order to get access to maximum security, where Sophia had been close to breaking point before her arrival. The scene in which she hits Gloria is easily one of the funniest moments from the last season. Pennsatucky and Boo Source: Netflix One of the more unexpected pairings of the series, considering that in earlier seasons Pennsatucky asked Boo with complete sincerity, how the gay agenda was going to take over the world.

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Boo even donates a doggy sedative she had saved for if she wanted to fake a seizure or take a vacation to the hospital with the hopes that it could help them get revenge on the guard who had abused Pennsatucky. Poussey and Taystee At times when Piper was insufferable and the storyline got slow, Poussey and Taystee kept this show alive.

poussey and taystee relationship advice

Poussey was one of those characters that you always just want the best for and she was always good humoured except for when she was getting her heart broken.