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Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series that aired on Reese arranges for Fusco to spy on Carter by becoming her partner, but Carter Samaritan manipulates election results, triggers stock market crashes, kills . She and Reese have an apparently sporadic romantic relationship. John Reese is the alias of a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces and CIA as "John," yet it is not yet known what last name he went by during their relationship. . these persons of interest, he catches the attention of Detective Joss Carter, Owen Matthews, a programmer associated with an online drug market. Catch up on the second episode of Person of Interest with our recap. Meanwhile, Detective Carter (remember her?) is still trying to track down Reese, but when business relationship with real estate holding company Land-Dale, . in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid.

This results in Decima forces overpowering both teams and killing Finch. The second option swaps the destinations of the two groups, which ends up with a wounded Reese detonating a grenade, killing himself and everyone in the security room.

Person of Interest – Could Reese and Carter hook up?

Root professes her love to Shaw before dying. Both of these scenarios also show Shaw shooting the suicidal bomber and being arrested by SWAT teams. In the third option, the whole group non-violently takes over the security room and stabilize the market while Shaw talks the suicidal man out of bombing the train.

Left with little time, the Machine deploys the third option, even though it only has a 2. These odds increase to The elevator, however, stops functioning right as they are about to escape. Shaw is forced to leave it and press an override button on the other side of the hallway, passionately kissing a concerned Root before doing so.

person of interest reese and carter relationship marketing

But before she can return to the elevator, Martine Cara Buono catches up and shoots Shaw multiple times as the elevator doors close, while Root and the team watch in horror. The episode's narrative structure is significantly different from other episodes in that the majority of the episode is made of simulations, by the Machine, of various scenarios resulting in different outcomes.

The execution of this tactic was praised by several commentators due to its opportunity to include humor and more outlandish elements than what is typically allowed. Series showrunner Greg Plageman also voiced his initial skepticism over the idea until he realized the value of it, and went forth with it. The episode's most notable development is the supposed death of the character of Shaw - the event sparked rampant discussion and response from the cast and crew.

Carter finally sees Reese face to face and begins her work with the team. While their conversation at the beginning of the episode is fun: Carter and Reese meet at the Lyric Diner a second time to discuss the current case. Reese is missing, beaten, shot and currently burning in a torched car. He frees himself from the trunk, rolls out to safety and there stands Carter. We waited twenty episodes to find out how Jessica died and what led John Reese to the suicidal homeless man seen in the Pilot.

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The one scene the two do share is on the lonely stretch of highway as Carter tries to stop Reese from doing to Jennings what she is certain he did to Peter Arndt. Carter learned an awful lot about who John Reese is in this episode. There are times that Carter gets the best lines. She also managed to knee cap a guy in this episode as well as T-bone a vehicle.

Reese has definitely made an impression. Elias is determined to revive and unite the crime families of New York City and to eliminate the Russian mob. Elias was arrested following an attempt to kill the heads of the Five Families but continued to run his organization from jail. HR and the Russian mob removed Elias from prison to murder him, but Carter saved him and helped arrange for a safe hiding place. After Carter's death Elias arranges for her murderer to be killed as he watches.

He is eventually shot by a sniper sent by Samaritan, but is revealed to have survived the attack with the help of Reese, Finch and Fusco. In season 5, he is confined to a bed in one of Finch's safe houses. In "Sotto Voce" he helps Finch track down and eliminate the mysterious Voice and joins the team as they are the only friends he has left. Although not a "good" man Elias was generally seen as a source of order and stability in the underworld and considered the lesser of two evils. Brett Cullen as Nathan Ingram, Finch's collaborator on the Machine who died from a suicide bombing attack set up by the government.

Ingram acted as the interface between the government and his company while the Machine was under development. Finch and Ingram became best friends while they both attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Annie Ilonzeh as Harper Rose, a drifter and opportunistic con artist who first appears in " Blunt " as a person of interest when she tries to independently double-cross both a drug cartel and The Brotherhood. At the end of the episode " Skip ", it is revealed that The Machine is starting to anonymously use her as an asset. In " Synecdoche ", it is revealed that Harper has become part of a second team working for The Machine in Washington, D. Luke Kleintank as Caleb Phipps, first introduced in an episode midway through Season 2 as a genius teenager with a difficult past who Finch assisted by guiding him away from a suicide attempt while posing as his high school substitute math teacher.

Phipps later returned in two episodes of Season 4 as a successful computer coder as well as Root's boss, and provided the crucial compression algorithm to help Finch, Root and the machine survive a major offensive by Samaritan in the Season 4 finale. He attempts to hold Elias's empire together while Elias recovers from the Samaritan attack but is eventually killed by its agents and discovered by Fusco in a dumping ground for Samaritan victims.

Ken Leung as Leon Tao, a former financial criminal and three-time person of interest who has assisted in some cases with his forensic accounting skills. He has a penchant for get-rich-schemes which always land him in difficulties with gangsters. Susan Misner as Jessica Arndt, Reese's deceased lover. After Jessica's relationship with Reese ended, she married another man, but remained in contact with Reese. She is eventually killed by her husband during a domestic dispute.

In "return 0", Finch returns to her after the destruction of Samaritan.

John Reese

Wrenn Schmidt as Dr. Iris Campbell, a therapist assigned to speak with Reese, working undercover as Detective John Riley, after his involvement in shooting incidents as an officer. At the end of the episode "Skip", she develops a romantic relationship with Reese. Jimmi Simpson as Logan Pierce, a tech billionaire and person of interest in the middle of Season 2, who returned towards the series finale in Season 5 that together with two other former persons of interest, Joey Durban and Harper Rose; they have formed a second team also working for the Machine, that is based out of Washington, D.

Paige Turco as Zoe Morgan, a "fixer" who specializes in crisis management. Finch and Reese first meet her as a person of interest.

person of interest reese and carter relationship marketing

Later, she works with them on cases that require her skills. She and Reese have an apparently sporadic romantic relationship. He is easily identifiable by a large scar on his right cheek, thus his nickname. Scarface almost always seems to be smiling, another identifiable trait. He is captured by The Brotherhood and interrogated, wherein he sacrifices himself to protect Elias. Government[ edit ] The following characters are tied to a government project related to the development and use of the Machine: Elizabeth Marvel as Alicia Corwin, a liaison between Ingram and the government while the Machine was being developed and a former member of the National Security Council.

She is killed by Root. To protect The Machine, she sanctioned " Asylum " the suicide bombing that killed Ingram and caused Finch's injuries. When the plug is pulled on "Northern Lights", she is unwittingly installed as puppet head of Samaritan, a position in which she becomes more frequently uneasy.

She confronts Greer and is taken away to an unknown fate by his men. He is killed in a confrontation with Decima forces. Sanders as Special Counsel, a shadowy figure from the Office of Special Counsel who appears to be coordinating the activity regarding the Machine and sees Reese as a threat. He is killed by Hersh on Control's order. He is killed by Root. Brown as Detective Cal Beecher, a narcotics detective with whom Carter had begun a relationship.

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Beecher is Alonzo Quinn's godson, but was unaware of Quinn's activities. Beecher is killed by operatives sent by Quinn. He is killed by Quinn. HR[ edit ] The following characters are involved in the HR storyline, in which a group of corrupt police officers work to control organized crime in New York: