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Shallan And The Chasmfiend by emmgoyer7 on DeviantArt Rpg, Book Art, Fanart , Character See more. If i had to choose, monk, rogue, or paladin. Those 3. The Way of Kings is an epic fantasy novel written by American author Brandon Sanderson and The story rotates between the points of view of Kaladin, Shallan Davar, Trained in his youth as a surgeon, Kaladin volunteered to go to war for the army of a local lord to watch over and protect his brother on the field of battle. Kaladin doesn't seem to have a need to create romantic relationships. with another Alethi lord - a Shardbearer (later revealed to be Shallan's brother, Helaran.

During a later battle, Kaladin succeeds in killing an enemy Shardbearer, and could claim the enemy's Shardblade and Shardplate by right, becoming a lighteyes himself. However, he rejects the Shardblade and Shardplate and is then betrayed by Brightlord Amaram, who takes the weapons for himself and brands Kaladin a slave to hide the theft.

This event cements Kaladin's hatred for nobles and leaves deep emotional scars. After a number of escape attempts, he is forced into service as a bridgeman in an army battling the Parshendi on the Shattered Plains. Bridgemen are used strategically as bait for the opposing armies' archers, allowed to die so that the trained army can attack more easily.

Kaladin manages to rally the other men in his group and turns them into a team that can survive. However, after he accidentally ruins a battle by changing tactics, he is beaten violently and left outside during a Highstorm to die. He manages to survive.

As a result of his unlikely survival, he begins to discover that he possesses the Surgebinding ability. As he struggles to find a way for his men to escape their lives as bridgemen, he comes to terms with his powers and begins to learn how to use them. Shallan, a minor lighteyes woman whose family and lands are in danger, hatches a daring plot to switch a broken Soulcaster a device that allows people to change objects to other things with a working one belonging to Jasnah Kholin, sister of the Alethi King.

She petitions Jasnah to become her apprentice, and through persistent effort she manages to gain Jasnah's confidence and becomes her apprentice. After successfully stealing the Soulcaster, she is frustrated by her inability to use it until one fateful day, when she accidentally turns a goblet into blood.

Knowing Jasnah will soon arrive on the scene, Shallan breaks a pitcher and cuts herself to make it seem as though the blood was hers, which Jasnah mistakes for a suicide attempt.

Shallan soon discovers that Jasnah's Soulcaster does not possess the ability to transmute, but instead hides her uncommon inherent ability to Soulcast. When Jasnah learns that Shallan also has the inherent ability to Soulcast, she forgives the girl for trying to steal her Soulcaster and begins instructing her in the proper use of their shared power. She also reveals her research into the origins of the Knights Radiant and Voidbringers and prepares Shallan and herself to travel to the Shattered Plains to meet with Jasnah's uncle Dalinar.

Setting[ edit ] The backstory of the novel revolves around a recurring disaster known as the Desolation, where monstrous Voidbringers ravage the world and human survival hangs in the balance. To counter the threat, the Knights Radiant so named for their glowing aura and eyes possess magical armor and swords known as Shardplate and Shardblades as well as magical powers.

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The last Desolation was believed to be the final one, and has become a time of myths and legends, in particular as the Knights Radiant left behind their weapons and armor and disappeared into obscurity. In reality, the Knights Radiant could no longer bear the great burden and lied. Their discarded armor and swords remain as some of the most priceless heirlooms. The magic of the world is based on gemstones that glow with light for many weeks after recurring, powerful storms known as highstorms.

These commonplace gemstones are also used as mundane currency in merchant transactions, as well as interior lighting at night in wealthy houses and palaces. Drawing in this "stormlight" energy is what fuels the magical talismans of priest-wizards the gem encrusted gloves called Soulcasters that convert matter into another form, such as stone into grain, or people into stone, and powered gemstone constructs known as fabrials, such as a fabrial that creates red light and heat to replace wood in a fireplace.

Soulcasting and fabrials are typically only owned by the nobility. The nobility is also based on eye color, blue eyes being seen as the purest royalty due to the association with the legendary Knights Radiant, who had glowing eyes.

The world itself has flora and fauna which is based on surviving the common, and extremely powerful highstorms. Most animal life is based on crustaceans, most of which can burrow into the ground to survive a highstorm.

Plant life is also mobile in that it retracts into the ground to survive highstorms. Because all highstorms come from the eastern ocean and travel west, the western side of rocks and mountains harbor plant and animal life. Also, spirits called spren exist and react to the emotions of people and the environment.

High wind will have windspren in the form of ribbons of light that flow with it. Suffering from pain will cause red painspren to appear around the wound, and giving a noble, heartfelt speech will have gloryspren of golden, twinkling lights form a halo around the head of the speaker. Spren are so common that many people take them for granted, yet it is revealed that intelligent honorspren who bind themselves to a mortal person are actually the source of a Knights Radiant's magical powers.

Viewpoint characters[ edit ] The primary chapters within the book are told from the viewpoint of several major characters, while the book's interludes are told from the viewpoint of other characters not all of which repeat.

Main[ edit ] Szeth-son-son-Vallano: An assassin from the land of Shinovar. He refers to himself as a "Truthless", who must serve those who bear his Oathstone. Bearer of an Honorblade and wielder of Stormlight. His Windrunner abilities are granted by his Honorblade. He hates being forced to murder and weeps as he does.

A darkeyes from the nation of Alethkar, who is forced to serve on a bridge crew in the army of Highprince Sadeas.

Formerly an apprentice learning surgery from his father and a member of the army of Brightlord Amaram, he hates lighteyes because of Amaram. Amaram betrayed Kaladin by first causing the death of his brother, Tien, and after Kaladin saves him from a man in Shardplate, forcibly takes the Shards for himself, killing all of Kaladin's close friends in the process.

Kaladin is able to use Stormlight to heal himself and make himself stronger and faster than any normal human being. He is accompanied by an Honorspren named Sylphrena, or Syl for short. She came to him because of his innate honor and kindness in the face of the evil and betrayal that seem to surround him. Kaladin's connection with Syl is what gives him his power with Stormlight; it also gives Syl the level of sentience she possesses.

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A minor lighteyes from the nation of Jah Keved. She turned and looked to him. Of wishing they'd hurt you instead of those around you. Of screaming and scrambling and hating as those you love are ruined, popped like a boil. And you have to watch their joy seeping away while you can't do anything.

They break the ones you love, and not you. Can't you just beat me instead? Shallan nodded, holding his eyes. It would be nice if nobody in the world knew of those things, Kaladin Stormblessed. With everything I have. The anguish, that frustration. The terrible nothing that clawed inside and sought to smother her.

It was there, inside. She had been broken. It was the single most beautiful thing he'd seen in his entire life. I swear, this scene brings me back to tears every time. Quote Adolin searched her eyes.

She bled from one, to the other, and back. A moment of Veil. A moment of Radiant. Shallan peeking through- Adolin's hand tightened around her own. That's the one I am. Now, we have been wondering, how he did it, but we know have had Sanderson confirm, that it has something to do with visual cues and Lightweaving.

I suspect eye color changes. When Adolin searched Shallan's eyes, he didn't look beneath the surface. He stayed on that. He saw what was beneath that. He looked deeper and he didn't just see an eye color change or something, but her feelings. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Kaladin saw Shallan's soul - that broken mess. And this physical vs. When Shallan thinks of Adolin, she basically only thinks of his hair and beautiful grin and strong strong arms, etc.

She says different things. She praises him for his kindness and nobleness, but that is something, that basically everyone praises about Adolin. What she thinks is, that he is actually kind of simple-minded and bland, the only positive thing she thinks about him is that he is physically attractive. Well, and the kicker is, that Shallan wants to quickly marry to get sexually active. At least, that is what is implied.

If I were to compare Shallan's relationship with something out of our modern society. I'd call it good friends with benefits approved by the Holy Vorin Church. She feels comfortable in his arms, thinks he's hot and wants to have sex with him, but is there anything deeper? No, I don't think so. When Shallan thinks of Kaladin, well, she thinks about: Passionate, with an intense smouldering resolve.

A leashed anger that he used because he had dominated it. And a certain tempting arrogance.

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Not the haughty pride of a highlord, instead the secure stable sense of determination that whispered that no matter who you were, or what you did, you could not hurt him, could not change him. He was, as the wind and rocks were. This is much, much deeper than just physical attraction. She describes Kaladin really well. After a few hours together in the chasm. This description of him describes the way he feels, not just how he always looks good.

Same goes for Kaladin. When he looks at Shallan he often thinks about, what she might be thinking now. Or when this thing with the safehand revealing is, he doesn't dwell on the physical scandal of the situation, but rather immediately gets what she was trying to do with it.

When he looks at her in flight, sure, he does notice her grace and beauty, but also that she is happy and that he'd very much like to keep her that way by showing her how to really fly. When she is full of fear after the encounter with Ashertmarn, he knows exactly what he needs to do to calm her - make a punny joke. When she beings to talk about her theory regarding those mandras in Shadesmar, he immediately catches, when she grows excited. That is not to say, that there are no indicators of physical attraction between Kaladin and Shallan, but even there is a tiny, but important difference.

Adolin and Shallan need one of them to make the first step for physical and eye contact. With Kaladin and Shallan, this comes naturally.